Effects of Sani (Saturn)Peyarchi in Virgo 2011 on different rashis: Remedies to lessen ill-effects-IV

Capricorn: Uttarashada 2, 3, 4, Sravana and Dhanishta 1, 2 (Uthiradam II, III, IV, Thiruvonam, Avittam I, II)

General Predictions: You will have some simple ailments, financial problems and grief bothering you all the while. You have to curb a tendency to revolt and also avoid indulging  in questionable deeds. You can develop a philosophical bent of mind but there lurks a certain danger of flimsy accidents and death in the immediate family. Business Losses are predicted. Enmity or failures can make you secluded for a short time in your business circles. Legal difficulties or long journeys can add to the privations.

Vedic Remedies : Chant Ganesha Pancharatna or Bilvashtaka Stotram. Visit and pray at a nearby Shiva temple on Mondays.

South India Remedies/Pariharams: As Sani comes to 9th place of your Rasi, hidden obstacles will go. Worship family deity. Help poor people and their children for education. Worship Perumal (Perumal is also another name of Lord Vishnu), Anjaneyar (Hanumanji) on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

La-Kitab Remedies : Avoid wearing Blue colored clothes and donate Black-Gingili seeds to a temple every Saturday.

Aquarius: Dhanishta 3, 4, Satabhisha and Poorvabhadrapada 1, 2, 3 (Avittam II, IV, Sadhayam, Poorattadhi I,II, III)

General Predictions: Conventionally Saturn in the 8th is the most ominous Ashtama sani(transit of Saturn in the eight house from moon/lagna in the natal chart) which is thoroughly unfavourable to the native. It is conventionally believed that what a person undergoes in the intense period of 7 1/2 years is suffered in the 2 1/2 years period of Ashtama Sani.

You may have to face obstacles, ailments and financial debacles. Relatives and children suffer. Company of a culprit can take you to a severe conflict. Inclination to cheat others can fetch you humiliations and disrespect as returns. Dent in prosperity, ditching by a friend and dwindling finances can make you sulk. A close relative may die. The plethora of criticism for all of your actions can make you learn the realities, to which you were turning a blind eye, so far. Because of a trouble caused by a relative, a separation from family may become necessary. Finances can go tight. and help will not be forthcoming.

Vedic Remedies : Recite Mrityunjaya mantra or Shiva Panchakshari 108 times daily. Visit and pray at any Narasimha Swami temple on Saturdays or Tuesdays.

South India Remedies/Pariharams : Take Oil Bath on Saturdays and wear washed and ironed Clothes. Worship Anjaneyar (Hanumanji), with offering Butter. Light Agalvilakku (mitti ka diya, clay lamp) before Kala Bhairavar on all Saturdays with 19 pepper(kali mirch- saboot) tied in a white cloth in ghee.  Offer food to physically handicapped or Orphan on Sundays / Wednesdays / Saturdays.

Lal-Kitab Remedies : Feed any black dog every Saturday. Avoid keeping money in leather purse/wallets.

Pisces: Poorvabhadrapada 4, Uttarabhadrapada and Revati (Poorattathi IV, Uthirattathi, Revathi)

General Predictions: Though you can be agitated with great mental anguish, simple ailments and fear, you can become hard-hearted, to brave all the challenges. Losses, genital ailments and difficulties or losses in travels can make you forlorn. A change of place causing much inconvenience can happen. A liking to gambling or speculative deals can emerge.  Questionable association with people of opposite sex of low caliber or with subordinates may result and better be on the guard. Health of spouse needs care.

There can be some instances to inconvenience your mother. Health can get spoiled. Love affairs can land on rocks. Avoid

Lord Ayyappan of Sabarimala

Lord Ayyappan of Sabarimala(Swamiye Sharan Ayyappa)

speculative activities as they cannot help. Though debt conditions can get worsened, you can manage and come out of them. A long distance travel lurks. Mortgaged properties, if any, can be redeemed now.

Problems at work-spots can be solved. As your judgments are likely to be impaired and your decisions and credibility can suffer criticism, better think twice before taking any decisions.

Vedic Remedies : Visit and pray at any temple of Lord Ganesha on Fridays and recite prayers to Lord Ayyappa and also Ganesha Pancharatna daily.

South India Remedies/Pariharams: On Thursday, worship Dakshinamoorthy with offerings of yellow cloth, Vilva (Bilwa) leaf etc., worship Anjaneyar (Hanumanji) on all Saturdays. Worship regularly Perumal (Lord Vishnu), Narayanan, Kala Bairavar. Help poor people, handicapped, persons and help poor students studies.

Lal- Kitab Remedies : Do not to keep rusted iron items in house/office and donate food to the beggars/needy people, whenever possible.

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