Major transits of planets in Gemini and Libra in 2013

Transits of Planets

On the 5th July 2013, Mars will ingres into the sign of Gemini, Jupiter has moved to the sign of Gemini on the 31st May 2013 and the planety Saturn has already been in Libra. Major transits of planets in Gemini and Libra in 2013. Thus the superior planets will transit Airy signs of Gemini and Libra from the 5th July 2013 to 19th Augusut 2013, a period of 47 days.

Planets in Transit in 2013

Planets in Transit in 2013

Let us study the various events that will happen in the next few days;

  • On the 5th of July, when Mars enters Gemini, Saturn (R) and Rahu are already in Libra, while Mars, Jupiter, Sun and  Mercury (R) are in the sign of Gemini.
  • Saturn and Rahu are in the Airy sign of Libra will receive the 5th aspect of  Jupiter from an airy sign of Gemini. Six planets in the zodiac sign (as per Vedic astrology) will transit the airy sign of Gemini and Libra.
  • A very interesting astrological point on the day of the 5th July 2013, of the ingress of Mars into Gemini is that Sun and Jupiter transit Swati, the constellation of Rahu. On the 14th July 2013, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will transit the constellations owned by Rahu.
  • The phenomenon of Superior planets transiting the Airy sign will last from 5th July 2013 to 19th August 2013,  a period of 47 days.
  • Mercurys retrogression(backward transit) in Gemini will be over on 21st July 2013, whle Saturns retrogression will be over on the 8th July 2013, i.e Saturns retrogression will be over just after Mars ingress into Gemini.

Let us see the implications of this unique movement;

  • As the sign of Gemini ruled by Mercury and the sign of Libra ruled by  Venus are implicated, there will be a good development in air transportation and space exploration, including exploration of the deep space and commercializing of the travelling space industry.
  • As the sign of communication(Gemini) is involved and transited by Jupiter, Mars, Sun and Mercury, a new product may be introduced in the market, especially involving communication, computer industry, hand phone etc. A form of competition will prevail between major production companies and there may also be an attempt to merge some companies.
  • As the sign of Gemini is double-bodied and a mutable sign, which rules expecially the United States, ths country will become the focus of the world. Some development may be noted in the currency, banking system or monetary affairs.
  • Since the conjunction  happens in Gemini ruled by Mercury and Mercury happens to transits its own sign of Gemini, along with Jupiter, Mars and Sun, a good  development may be noted in the NASA administration.
  • Gemini the sign of Mercury indicates scholarly works. Jupiters transit in this sign with Sun, Mars and Mercury will certainly call for recognition in the notable field.
  • Exact conjuction of  Mars and Jupiter will happen on the 22nd of July 2013, in the second Drakkana of Gemini in the constellation of Arudra (2nd pada). The 2nd decante of Gemini is a human decante and also a Bird decante. The conjunction forms while a full moon is starting  to occur  in the sign of Sagittatarius, in the constellation fo the Uttarashada 1st pada. The sign of Sagittarius is also a mutable sign and the Full moon may have a strong spiritual and religious implications as the 9th house of the zodiac sign is involved.
  • Since superior planets form a trine with Saturn and Rahu in Libra and the airy signs are involved, a notable event of nuclear explosion may be conducted especially by North Korea.

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