Numerology- what does your personal numbers say for you in year 2012- Number 8

How to calculate your Personal Number for the Year 2012:

If you are born on the 07/06/1961, your personal number  for 2012 will be 07+06+(current year)2012 which equals to 07+06+05(2012 when added comes to 05)= 18, which when added= 01+08 comes to Number 09. Hence total your date of birth and your month of birth and add 05 to it. You arrive at your Personal number for the year 2012.

Number 8:

Number 8

Electrifying Eight-8

According to Numerology, this is a year to reap the fruits of the past  year. Businessmen will find big opportunities coming their way.You may buy a new property. Completion of many matters will happen this year. Thought  the prospects for the future are good, this is no the yer you should expand your  undertakings. You will develop new relations and contacts with those in power.

This year is  meant for expansion, growth and money. It is  a time to encash on the seeds that were sown seven years  back. Many matters will go your way; if you sell something, it will  fetch you a good  price  and if you buy, you will get a good deal.

Your vision and intuition will help you  in being more efficient and focused. Overall, this will be a satisfying year.

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