Sri Suktam Pooja at home- Friday ritual for guaranteed material success, prosperity and financial gain

Sri Suktam is a vedic sloka addressed to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and Fertility. Goddess Lakshmi, the eternal consort of Lord Narayana has been referred as ‘Sri‘ meaning the personification of auspicious and royal qualities.

Her description appears in the Sri Sukta, where she has been lauded in golden words and in glorious terms…Just as there is no difference between Power-Holder (Vishnu) and Power (Lakshmi)…She is the presiding deity of all divine manifestation.

Sri Sukta is one of the Pancha Suktam (5 Suktams), namely; Purusha suktam, Vishnu Suktam, Sri Suktam, Bhu suktam, and Nila Suktam.

Sri Suktam is recited to bring bliss to the family, to those who recite it with devout intent and discipline. It is widely believed that recitation of this powerful slokam bestows an unerring power unto the character and personality of those who recite it, and to their general well being.

The Sri Suktam is a never failing mantra to invoke prosperity, goodness, health, wealth and well being of the person as well as the whole family itself. I have personally experienced girls who were reciting Sri Suktams- getting married to good grooms, leading a happy life, boys securing good steady jobs, families coming out of problems of debts and miseries, wayward children getting corrected and excelling in studies.

Sri Suktam has the power to grant boons in the bountiful.
Mahasannidhanam, Shri Bharti Tirtha Mahaswamigal of Sringeri

Mahasannidhanam, Shri Bharti Tirtha Mahaswamigal of Sringeri

Significance of Sri Suktam

The presence of Sri Mahalakshmi on Lord Sri Venkateswara (at Tirumala) or Vishnu’s chest, at the Heart symbolises the embodiment of Love, from which devotion to God or Bhakti flows from. It is through Love/Bhakti or Lakshmi that the atma or soul is able to reach God or Vishnu.

Sri or Lakshmi is also the personification of the Spiritual energy within us and universe called Kundalini.  She is also called the Goddess of Fortune.

The Sri Sukta is recited during the 3-hour long Abhishek of Lord Sri Venkateswara, at the famed ancient Hill Shrine of the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Andhra Pradesh, India. The Abhishekam to the main deity is performed every Friday. Sri Suktam is also recited during the daily Arjitha Vasanthotsavam seva.

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The Significance of the Sri Sukta

The Sri Sukta of the Veda is recited with benefit especially on Fridays, together with formal worship of the Goddess, for peace, plenty, and all-round prosperity. Lakshmi, who is usually identified as the Spouse of Vishnu, or Narayana, represents the glory and magnificence of God. Narayana and Lakshmi, actually, stand for Being and Becoming. The Creator in all His glory manifests Himself in the variety in creation.

Lakshmi is prosperity, and all the wealth of life is nothing but prosperity. All forms of happiness, satisfaction, abundance and status come under Lakshmi, the Divine Glory. The Sri Sukta is the invocation of God Himself as the great glory of His creation, His lordliness, sovereignty and supremacy.

How to do the Sri Suktam Pooja at home:

Begin this pooja on a Friday preferably in the first half of the day.  You will need to have a bath and wear fresh clothes before doing the pooja.You will need the following;

  • Photo of Ashta Lakshmi and or Shri lakshmi  devi seated
  • Energized Ashta Lakshmi Yantra
  • Red rose garland
  • Camphor, Agarbatti, fresh water in a glass
  • 01 ghee lamp/Gaja Lakshmi lamp
  • Red kumkum
  • 01 fresh plate
  • Sugar crystals for prasadam/any other fresh prasadam you may prefer to make

Recite the Sri Suktam in loud and clear voice and while reciting each line, take both your hands and pour kumkum on a fresh plate at the Lotus  feet of Shri Lakshmi. All the time focus on your goals and your hearts desire. After the 10 minute suktam has been read, offer naivedyam prasadam and show agarbatti and camphor to the Goddess and meditate on her image for 5-10 minutes asking her to fulfill your desire. After the pooja is done, you can pour the kumkum into a nearby Tulsi Plant.

You can do this pooja standing up with the photo placed North, East or West direction. If you want to sit down, sit on a silk asana.



  1. leelasastry says:

    Dear sir .

    Yes . I do agree that recitation of sri suktham gives peace and prosperity . Even if you are in the spell of ashtama sani or sevenand half years Saturn period mere recital of sri suktham gives so much of relief from the insecurity and misery of uncertainity. Some how I feel it works on mental plane and you wouldn’t be crushed under the weight of fear and sorrow of facing the unfortune circumstances.
    regards leelasastry

    • Dear Mada, Can you please guide what is the process to recite Sri Suktam? Can I recite it dailly?? And also guide me that can my wife recite dailly the sri suktam & VISHNU SAHASRNAAM?

  2. Pari Shah says:

    I wanted to know that Sri Suktam Pooja has to be done only once on Friday ? Please let me know. And do we have to do fasting etc. Thank you . Waiting for your reply.

  3. deepmala says:

    srib sukt puja ki vidhi plz hindi me bataye

  4. I heard it is a very powerful prayer. So powerful that if it is done with even one mistake or even a slightly wrong pronoun citation , the Goddess is displeased. I personally believe this because I did it once where they told me to do it in the evening hours, with fire burning and at the very end of the 7 th friday
    I got news that I lost $ 10,000.

    • Jeyashri.G says:

      loosing money is different.You must always recite this in the early morning not after 9 am,most people do not perform this pooja in the evening,only during Deepavali it is done in the evg. Good luck.Faith is GOD.

  5. How many Fridays pooja it will take to see results ?

  6. Sir please guide how to do Sri suktam pooja

  7. Sir, please let me know if I can read the mantra in English meaning and have the same result and effect. Or can I play the MP3 chants?

  8. govindrajan says:

    sri suktam is a very beautiful vedic mantra

  9. dont forget. you also have to take efforts to acheive your goals. merely chanting sri suktum wont help. i have strong faith in sri sukta but i have also seen people performing pooja regularly but not doing thier bit.

  10. Poonam Sood says:

    sri suktam is certainly powerful, beautiful and ethereal.

  11. shrawanee mulik says:

    can i read the sri sukta in my pregnency time & how

  12. is the samput shrisukta is most powerful for prosperity at home.

  13. There are certain stanzas in Shree Suktam which should be recited carefully. For example, there is a line like this.. Alakshmeer me nashyathaam twaam vrune.. instead of chanting as “Alakshmeer” if you chant “Lakshmeer” the meaning is reversed.. and you are praying for the destruction of your prosperity.. it is better to get someone who knows the Suktam well and ask them to recite this and learn with their help or listen to music CD and learn it.. Thanks!!

  14. please shri sukta is very long slok, So, please guide me. I recited all slok or some slected slock.

  15. Sir,
    Sri Suktam can recite any time anywhere?

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