Shatrubadha Nivarana Shri Kunjika Stotram-Powerful Mantra of Goddess Durga as told to Goddess Parvati

Shri Kunjika Stotra -Navrathri 2017 – Sharadiya Navratri – 21st September 2017 – 30th September 2017

Navaratri is a festival of nine shakti. Navaratri meaning is nine night is Sanskrit. Navaratri = nava + ratri = nine + night. Into these nine days lots of Hindus pray to shakti/devi . Bengali’s do the Durga Puja in these 9 days. All nine days referred to a particular Durga Devi avatars.
Durga Devi

Durga Devi

Siddha Kunjika Stotram is a very powerful mantra dedicated to Goddess Durga–Goddess Chandi. The greatness of Siddha Kunjika Stotra was told to Goddess Parvati by Lord Shiva.

This is the essence of the Chandi, the Navarna Mantra, the constant reminder that change She will, change She must, because change is Her intrinsic Nature.

What is the meaning of ‘Kunjika’ in the Siddha Kunjika Stotram?

Kunjika literally means “something overgrown or hidden by growth or growing things.” Siddha means perfection. Stotram is the song. The Song of Perfection which is no longer hidden because of growth. That is, our spiritual growth and understanding of the Chandi exposes the hidden meanings of the bija mantras in the Song. will organise for a sankalpa ceremony and light an Akhanda diya in your name and maintain it for 9 days with a final culmination ceremony on the 9th day. You can pay here for the akhanda diya and your sankalpa/your hearts wish. 

On the 9th day- Mahanavami- the Durga Saptasati consists of 13 Chapters and 700 Shlokas or Mantras will be recited by our vedic scholars. Reading of these Shlokas is known as Durga Saptshati Path. On the 9th day, Homa or Yagna is performed. This ritual is believed to be very sacrosanct and it is said that the one who performs it will be blessed with desired boons. Read more here

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When to recite Kunjika stotatra?
Who do not want to undergo the long Durga SaptaShati/Chandi Path. The Siddha Kunjika Stotra itself says at the begining that no argala or kilak stotra and other related matters is needed if one recites Siddha Kunjika Stotra. In Kunjika, there is Devi in the form of Chamunda. Not only it works for Navaratri, it is to be chanted at the junction when Ashtami leaves and enters Navami . 24 mins before Ashtami ends to 24 mins after navami starts, is the time when Devi takes the form of Chamunda and had got to be chanted no matter the count to exhaust 48 mins .
How to Count 48 minutes?
Each Tithi lasts for 24 hours. If for eg the Navami starts at 21.30 pm in the night then you should start at 21.06 (which is Ashtami ) and continue untill 21.54 pm, that 48 mins is called Sandhi kshan or period of transit, when Devi in the form of Chamunda is killing Chanda and Munda (the demons). That is regarded as the most auspiscious time of Navaratri as Devi is ready to give boon after Sandhi kshan
yantra-locket-wick“Na Kavacham Na Argala Stotram Kilkam”
Na Rahasyaam, Na Suktam Naapi Va Dhyanam”
Na Nyaaso Na Vaarchanam.
Kunjika Paath Matreen Durga Paatham Phalam Labheta

This Yantra is very effective for removal of witchcraft and protection of the household from black magic and evil designs of enemies. Read More here

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