Mantra for all purposes-Tona Totka for Sarva Siddhi and Sarva Akarshan

Mantras are holy invocations directed to specific gods asking them to grant  the boon you wish to get fulfilled. We are providing a few important mantras to be recited as per the directions with full faith and rituals to gains ones objectives.

For Sarva Siddhi(Accomplishment of all work):

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is the most effective and auspicious in the Vedas. Daily recitation of this mantra is very useful to the Sadhaka and saves and helps the man in the many difficulties and hurdles that he is likely to face in his lifetime. It is a time tested mantra.

Click here for a video for the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.

Method of Puja and Sadhna:

In this Mantra, the Mantra Shakti Samput is added and the sadhaka should recite this mantra 1 lakh times. It bestows the person with  health, wealth and power. It saves the Sadhaka from untimely death or Akal Mrityu. the Mantra with the Samput is as below, it is called as the Amrit Sanjivani Nidya Mantra.

To attain hearts desire, vidya, education,  recite the mantra 1 lakh times and pour sweet milk mixed with  water on the Shiva Linga, in a thin stream, it is said that Lord Shiva likes a small stream over his head as it reminds him of his beloved- Ganges.

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra:

“Om Hoong Joon Sah Bhoorbhava Swaha

Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe

Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam

Urvaarukmiv Bandhanaan

Mrityormuksheeya Maamritaat.

Bhoorbhava Sawaroon Joon Sa Hoong Om”

Mantras for Education and Studies:

Another strong mantra for education, intelligence and wealth is as follows. This mantra has to be recited 1 lakh times to attain Siddhi.

(1) “Om Kreeng Kreeng Kreeng”

(2) “Om Sacheda Keem Bharm Hareeng Sachedakanek Bharm”

(3) “Om Sacheda Keemam Bhram”

The Sadhaka should recite one rosary (108 beads) for continuous 41 days without fail.



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