Tone Totke for simple day to day problems: Lal Kitaab Farman

What is Lal Kitaab?

Lal Kitab, termed as “The Wonder Book” of Astrology, was originally published in Urdu language, enshrines such effective astrological principles and remedial measures that it has rightly been. Lal Kitab has announced unique remedial measures called tone totke to solve chronic and critical human problems in day to day life. These measures do not require the practice of ordeals, Yagnas, Havans and other complicated and expensive rituals, which prove more troublesome for persons who are already in trouble because of the evil effects of certain planets.

Lal Kitaab/Kitab

Lal Kitaab/Kitab

These measures are again different from Yantras, Mantras and Tantras, which give various adverse effects if not followed rigorously in all their minute details. The measures suggested in Lal Kitab are effective in solving all kinds of human troubles and tensions, without inflicting harm on anybody i.e. these remedies are completely self defensive against the evils created by the planets without causing injury in anyway to anyone concerned.

Rashis are not considered or taken into account for predictive astrology.The ascendant is treated as the first house and it is regarded as the house of the first Rashi, i.e., Aries and counting progressively in a sequence up to the 12th house being that of Pisces.

Some day to day solutions for common problems:

  • For hyperactive and in-disciplined children: In order to stop children being unpredictable, the child should offer one oiled chappati  every Saturday to a dog.
  • For Removing evil spells: If a person believes that an evil spell has been cast on him, he should offer burfis (milk sweets) on Sunday and Monday to a cow. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Friday and Saturday he should give motichoor ladoos ( a ball like orange sweet) to a dog.
  • For Studies in Children: Students who want to improve in their studies should offer jaggery and roasted grams to monkeys, Hanuman temples and feed the birds.
  • To help a Stammering child: A child who stammers should offer green grass to a cow
  • To attain success in Job Interviews: While going for a job interview take a chappati and throw it in the direction of the crows.
  • For Professional Success: Soak black grams on Friday night and then mix with mustard oil. Give half to a horse or buffalo and half to a leper. Do this for forty days to ensure professional success.
  • If your business is sluggish: Make some besan laddoos, wave them round your head seven times and feed them to a cow on Thursday.
  • If you want a promotion: Offer the birds seven types of cereals. For your income to rise give wet black grams to monkeys.
  • To get married:  You should give two balls of wheat flour mixed with a little turmeric, jaggery and wet gram pulses to a cow every Thursday.
  • To cure a drunk Husband: If your husband is a drunkard, take flour of the same weight as his shoes and roll a chappati  just using your hands ( without a pin or board) and bake it directly on the fire without a tawa/hot plate and then give it to the street dogs. Do this thrice and he will become averse to liquor. (This is supposed to be foolproof)
  • To cure a wayward Husband: If your husband , under the influence of another woman, ignores or criticizes you, take 300 grams of ladoos made of gram flour(besan) two ladoos made of wheat flour, three bananas and wet gram pulse and feed these to a cow that is feeding its calf. Your husband will change.
  • For Family Peace and Serenity: Once a month cook more sweet chappatis  than the number of people and guests you have in the house and give them to any animal. This will save the family from quarrels and expense.

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  1. D M Dogra says:

    i wish to make my skin glowing and face attractive and charming. is there any remedy for that. pl suggest


      My brother is 45 years old. Since last 10 years he is staying in one room, not talking to any one and not coming outside the room. He eats whatever we give. He have not cut his hair and not shaved for 2 to 3 years. Whenever we try to talk with him he shouts and speaks awkwardly (gali). Now the position is he is unable to walk even upto toilet. He can not walk and bend because his muscles are got jammed and have a terrible paid. Last week we any how admitted to hospital. All the reports were normal. Psychiatrist said he is under depression and have to do excercise. He is taking medicine but refuse to do exercise. We are very much unhappy and in tension about his position. We can not see him in this position. Please any one help us. We don;t understand what to do. Please help immediately.

      • Siddhartha Mitra says:

        Arrange for warm water bath With raw lemon juice for 7 days.

      • Sharda Gupta says:

        The depression is a serious mental sickness,which takes a long time to recover with family and friends’s support. keep trying to keep him busy (going out of the home, doing charity work etc) and take him out of the home as much as possible. The lonelyness is very bad for depress person.

  2. hhrishikesh das majumder says:

    i am a businessman.iwant to start anew business like computer sales and service shop shortly. can i enable to make this ?my date of birth is19/01/1983.
    birth time-10.30.30p.m.birth place agartala (tripura.)


  4. Anu sharma says:

    I want to get a job. good job and a stable job plz help me.

    • 1.Vist ganesh temple and hanuman temple on Tuesday and Saturday

      2. morning before u take breakfast first feed small piece for cows or crows then u have this will surely brings improvements, I did I got better result

      All the best

  5. Ramawatar Sharma says:

    very useful tips for daily life.

  6. jay prakash yadav says:

    Jay prakash yadav
    My bussines in mumbai
    Verry bad condition readymade garments,
    I want solution for groth

  7. Nanda B. Thapa says:

    I have abusiness of concrete block industry in partnership.Since about one yera there is no profit at all. as i guessed the partner is cheating me. if so what would be the solution to control it. or what would be the way to know whethe cheating or not?

  8. Mukesh Kumar says:

    I want a govt. job. I am 34 yrs and Inter passed. Is there any remedy to get. I had tried a lot for a good and permanent job but everytime I lost.

  9. uday sood says:

    i wish to make my child inteleligent

  10. parijat gaur says:

    i wish my govt job as soon as poosibe and also want kid

  11. Past five years I am out of job. No work. My life is been still. Wherevr I hav put money in property hav got loss or stuck. Pls help me out. I am going to perform sabut badam remedies at shiv temple from tmrw . As I read tht in lal kitaab .thnk u.

  12. sach ka sath kabhi na chhore bado ko izzat de har jagah per safal honge

  13. My sister is not happy with her married life. Her husband is in bad company from 12 years like drinking smoking and all other activities. He has no love for his wife and children.plz help me to set their life

  14. Tell her to have patience and recite gayatri mantra as many times as she can

  15. nivedita tripathi says:

    Sir i have been selected for a job through examination..but after all paper work and verification the department said its illegal i filed a case in high the oppossition lawyer is just taking dates..please tell me some procedure so that the case can be soon finalised in my favour..
    Thank in advance
    Nivedita tripathi

  16. I suffer to bad effect of one time sneezing from last three month pls suggest totka to nullify its effect

  17. Hi
    Mere PATI 2 saal se jail me hai. Mere PATI ko wrongfully arrest Karr Diya hai. Me use JAMIN/bail pe chudana chahti hu. Koi upay batao pls!! Meta email hai [email protected]

  18. Sunil gupta says:

    Hi my daughter is not listening and she is not concentrating toward studies there is tension creating in house tell some remedy her name is Akriti my email I’d [email protected]

  19. hiiiii
    mjhe bchpan se stammering ki problem h ye problem mjhe 4-5 saal ki age mai strt hui mai jb bhi thandi cheez ya cold drinks pita hun mjhe ye prblm strt ho jati h n jb mjhe mn he mn dr lgta h tb bhi mjhe ye prblm strt ho jati h ……. plz tell me astological remedy ..plzzz help me…mail id
    [email protected]

  20. paranam guru ji, mera nam abhijeet hai, mera janam kolkatta main aur 5 saal ki umar se Hyderabad main hoon, business main bahoot loss aur koi aur source bhi nahi hai, pls mujhe koi rasta dikhaye aur marg darshan karaye.

  21. Pl. Give some remedies for
    1. Working in private insurance co. .how to improve sales and get promoted
    2. Wife have gyaenic health problem .how to cure
    3. Kids are not concentrating in studies. Pl. Give solution

  22. shruti wahi says:

    My brother are not concentrating in stdy pls give solution nd also wo ek ldki k pice lga hua pls help me brother ka name vikas wahi or date of birth 7 Nov 1996 mera mam shruti h

  23. Hello plz tel me the proper way of how a husband get cured of liquor .. As mentioned above is abt making flour chapatis n giving it to street dog and has to be done “TWICE” plz tell me what tis twice means? Is it twice a day. If yes till how many day? Plz write me on my mail id [email protected].. I need the help..plzzzzzz

  24. Hi I have job but I wana make it permanent. It’s per diem .so plz give me solution for this. Mine DOB is October 27,1986. Time of birth 5:00 pm and mine email id is [email protected]

  25. Namaste guruji…i have a doubt regarding that remedy for drunkard,..what do you mean by twice …is it the same flour to be used twice for making chapatis and offer to street dogs….please advise how exactly this totke has to be done,,i need it very badly…i have done weighing my husband shoes it was 1kilo 80grms than i bought the same weight of flour and did some rotis as you have mentioned with hands only and on fire…and offered to street dogs…than whats the next step ?????

    pls repli to my id [email protected]


  26. Ghr k shatru Ki vajah s mansik roop s kafi pareshan hai…ab tovpure family Ki Jan p bnbaye h….shatru akaran pareshan kar rhe hai….kya kre much smj Ni aaa tha…koi upay btaiye shatru vinash ka

  27. My son’s health is getting low day by day. He eats almost everything but not attaining a good health from last few days he is getting weak and stubborn. Please help. He is 5 Years old.

  28. My brother is not talking with me nor with my parents I am very anxiety

    • My brother left home after marriage he is not talking with us

      • Jyoti nair says:

        Me and my husband both dnt get attracted with each other very easily, my husband is short tempered so o also dnt feel totalk with him.but he takes care of me. To bring endless love and attraction between us pls tell a remedy.

  29. hi my brother dont listen to anyone at home he is 30 and unmarried. he is not working and use to drink alcohol so mch.. we dont have mother since last 23 years.. my dad is vry depressed and he had 2 times heart attacks due to my brothers attitude.. my brother comes vry late at night and when my father says anythng to him he use to behave wierd. he don’t wnt to tlk to anyone at home and loves his friends only.. please tell me some upay we have so many enemies due to huge property…

  30. im getting problems with mother in law and now im staying at my mother place please tell me what to do.

  31. Plz help kya videhs k astro shai jankari dehty hai mere money problem or love problem bhaut chal the hai 5 saal se

  32. Pranam guru ji.Hamere ghar mein shanti nahi hai.Padosi bhi pareshan karte hain.Ab to ham apna ghar bechne ki soch rahe hai.Par dusra ghar bhi nahi mil raha.Koi upay bataiye.Plz help.

  33. Muhamnad Jawed says:

    I desire to get benefits from Lal Kitab. I want to get unique tips from this book. could you help me in this regard.

  34. Please help…..

  35. I married to a manglik boy without any prior mangal dosh upay done by the boy before marriage…..I was a non-manglik girl….the compatibility between both of us is not good and I am suffering from chronic illnesses since marriage and my heath is getting bad to worse day by day….having problems like ulcerative colitis, severe infections in liver,intestine and uterus and nerves….and he and even my inlaws are is not concerned about it….even they are the reason to make me I’ll….I can’t disclose more…sorry!.I want to take divorce with him… This should be a good decision from the point of view of my health also…? As there is no love between us and would there be any change in my health conditions after the divorce? Boy’s d.o.b.- 20may,1980, time- 15:45p.m., place- Muzaffarnagar(u.p.). And mine means girl’s d.o.b.- 12july,1984, time-12:30p.m., place-Kannauj(U.p.). Hopefully you will respond….please…please help!

  36. MyMy problem is that im not getting govt job iam trying it from last 2 yearsyears plz help

  37. rohit mour says:

    I am really tired of life .As I had a family but I lost my dad in a car accident and my mother expired because of paralysis and she was bed ridden for 9 years.Now my wife divorced me.I lost my bank balance .I am doing a job which I never dreamt of .My son is with my wife I meet him once in a week .

    • Anonymous says:

      Use crsytal shree yantra at home/office, secondly offer water to sun daily and in south direction, thirdly donate some raw food on every amavasya and perform some pitra shanti puja at home. Things will improve soon

  38. Anonymous says:

    Some important remedies for peace, prosperity and wealth.
    1. Use crystal shree yantra at home/office/car for solving money problem and fight at home.
    2 Offer water to sun daily and recite mantra OM SURYAEH NAMAH then offer water in south direction and recite mantra OM PITRA SHANTI NAMAH to solve repetetive death and health problems.
    3 Offer food on every amavaya for peace and prosperity at home.
    4 Do sharad and pind daan on pitra paksh for ancestors.

  39. Vijay sharma says:

    Dear sir,

    I am 45 years old, I have worked hard my whole life, but never got professional success, didn’t get any promotions, or senior position which I have always dreamt of .
    wherever I showed my kundali, I get to know that RAHU is affecting me, how do I get rid of this rahu from my life so that I can be happy in life , I am tired of hearing that rahu keeps affecting in my life

  40. Vijay sharma says:

    Dear guruji,

    I also want to be very rich in life, this is my biggest dream, please guide me how do I do this . This is my most important wish in life.

  41. i dont have a work.. i am in financial problem… i am trying to get pregnant too but all hard work going waste.. please help me

  42. Hello i have a very weird problem my 7yrs old daughter blames her father that he misbehaves with her .he works abroad n when we went to stay with him there daily it was a tenesed up situation .my husband denies and says she is lying .i dont know whom to beleive n what to do .i have come back to india along with my daughterand staying alone i dont know what to do pls help.her dob is 4 jan 2010at 9am .

  43. dears
    My husband is suffering from a chronic kidney failures.Our business is shut since last 2 yrs.I have a small child who is 4.5 yrs old.
    we invested all our savings in starting a new busness which is hanging in between and not begun yet now due to his heath issues.all properities not getting sold and many are attarcting penalities due to non payments.Our life is in a mess.Pls guide.
    Our date and time of births are
    27nov 1973 lucknow 11.30 morning -husband
    8nov 1976 new delhi 9.15 in he night – self

  44. roveena says:

    Dear guruji
    My daughter is not coming home only want to stay with her dadi
    She does not listen to me or my husband .only listen to her dadi .please help i want my daughter back please.

  45. Dear guruji, I am married for the last 3 yrs and have twins. My husband lives far away from us due to work. Unknowingly he left me since I was pregnant. He no longer takes care of me or my children. In-laws also stopped to take care of us. I want my husband back. Please help…

  46. Aanal modi says:

    My daughter is of 21 months .She was v healthy till 9 th month .Post that she keeps falling I’ll
    Has digestion .She is v intelligent and active .But has stopped eating .Her DOB is 28 July 2015 .She got admitted in hospital due to convulsions during fever .Pls suggest me sm remedies.her birth time is 1.20 pm.

  47. Reshma Gaikwad says:

    Guruji, My concern is about marriage , Me and my partner are from different caste and Language so, his parents are accepting me to be there Daughter in law because of Samaj. please suggest me some remedies for my marriage and I have other issues as well at home. DOB – 5th May 1988 time 12.35 pm

  48. sipra sharma says:

    hi m.manglik, today visiting the guy whom.i love and his parents , her.mother has some.issues with.manglik.dosh .Kindly advise the.solution

  49. Hi I follow some of your simple remedies in my day to life. Now my concern is I hav to struggle alot for every dam thing. Fr eg.i hav one property to buy all documentation n procedure done but for silly small reason it got rejected. Same in job ppl coming bhind me r goin ahead. Can u plz advice how I can get success in my life.

  50. My son is B.E. mechanical. worked for 2 yrs. Left job. since five years sitting at home with the laptop only. Last year sufferd from spinal infection. treatment is over. Now gained weight because of not working any physical work & no movement. . DOB 23.2.1989. suffering from Rahu dasha . 2002 to2020. I don’t know what to do for him. He has no faith in God & any type of remedies.

  51. Guruji
    We have a house which we rented out for a year. Now we want the house for my motherland to stay in it but the tenants not vacating and are threatening us to file police case against us. My mother has no where to go as both her children are in armed forces and posted in far flung areas. Please help

  52. Sir, I’m in trouble, my husband is involved with some other lady and from last few days he is living in the back portion of the house and managing his daily course himself, taking nothing from me. please suggest me remedy for this. Moreover, sebaceous cyst has grown on all over my head and from last few months I am feeling that I am in the possession of some bhoot-pret which is causing me sometimes suffocation, insomnia and pain in full body without any cause. Please suggest remedy for this also. thank you.

  53. Sonali Yadav says:

    I am in a big problem I want solution of it one of my friend loves me and she is also a girl. Continuously she is forcing me to getting marry. I denied many times because m in relationship and going to with a guy… But this girl says that she ll die if I ll not b marry……and I don’t want to be make her sad….is there any solution to get rid of her… because she is telling she can’t forget me.
    Plz help me…m in deppression….and bcz of this m addicted of smoking m having asthma.if she ll would be a big problem for me

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