Planet Saturn and its effects on different houses of Astrology: Lal Kitaab Remedies

Shani Dev/Lord of Planet Saturn

Shani Dev/Lord of Planet Saturn

Planet Saturn or Shani Graha is the slowest moving planet and the chief signification for longevity. Often described as barren, binding, cold, dry, hard, defensive and secretive planet, its effects and influences are felt with greater intensity and for longer periods than any other planet. Saturn is considered to be very favourable for people born in the signs owned by Venus, whereas Saturn is evil to those born in the signs owned by Mercury.
The astrological thesis of Lal Kitab describes Saturn as a serpent, whose head or mouth is Rahu and Ketu is its tail. If Ketu is posited in earlier houses than Saturn, the latter becomes a great benefic for the native. However, if the position is otherwise, the Saturn throws highest poisonous results on the native.

When does the planet saturn /Shani Graha give good results:

Saturn is considered good in houses 2nd , 3rd and 7th to 12th, whereas 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th houses are bad for Saturn. Sun, Moon and Mars are its enemies, Venus, Mercury and Rahu are friends and Jupiter and Ketu are neutral to it. Saturn gets exalted in 7th house and the 1st house is the house of its debilitation. Venus and Jupiter placed together act like Saturn in that house. Similarly Mars and Mercury placed in a single house act like Saturn in that house. In the former case Saturn behaves like Ketu, while in the latter case it behaves like Rahu.

Some combination’s and characteristics of the planet Saturn/Shani Graha:

Venus/Shukra gets destroyed if Saturn is being expected by the Sun in any horoscope. The aspect of Venus on Saturn causes loss of money and wealth, but the aspect of Saturn on Venus proves highly beneficial. Collision of Saturn and Moon causes operation of the eyes of the native. Saturn gives good results if posited in house earlier than sun.

Saturn in 3rd house deprives the native of the accumulation of cash money and kills the children of the native when posited in 5th house and 10th house is empty. It becomes highly benefic in 12th house if friendly planets are posited in 2nd house. Saturn provides very good results if placed in houses 1 to 7 on the condition that 10th house is empty. Saturn in 1st house and sun in 7th, 10th or 11th houses causes all sorts of troubles for native’s wife. Combination of Mars and Saturn gives adverse results all through.

Saturn in Ist House

1st house is influenced by Sun and Mars. Saturn in 1st house will give good results only when 3rd, 7th or 10th houses are not inhabited by any planet which is inimical to Saturn. If Mercury or Venus, Rahu or Ketu is in 7th house, Saturn will always give good results . In case Saturn is malefic and the native has a hairy body, the native will remain poor. If native celebrates his birthday it will give very bad results However the native will have a long life.


1. Abstinence from alcohol and non-vegetarian meals.
2. Burying Surma(kajal made at home) in the ground will be beneficial for promotion in service and business.
3. Serving monkey will lead to prosperity.
4. Offering sweet milk to the roots of a banyan tree will give good results as regards education and health.

Saturn in 2nd House

The native will be wise, kind and just. He will enjoy wealth and will be of religious temperament. However, whether Saturn is benefic or malefic in this house, it will be decided by the planets placed in 8th house. The state of finance of the native will be decided by 7th house, the number of male members in the family by 6th house and age by 8th house. When Saturn is malefic in this house, after the native’s marriage his in laws will face problems.


1. Going barefoot to temple for 43 days.
2. Putting a tilak of curd or milk on the forehead.
3. Offering milk to snake.

Saturn in 3rd House

In this house Saturn gives good results. This house is the pukka Ghar of Mars. When Ketu aspects this house or is placed here Saturn will give very good results. The native will be healthy, wise and very intuitive. If the native is wealthy he will have few male members in the family and vice versa. As long as the native abstains from wine and non-vegetarianism, he will enjoy a long and healthy life.


1. Serve three dogs everyday with rotis or bread.
2. Distributing medicines for eyes free.
3. Keeping a dark room in the house will prove highly  beneficial.

Saturn in 4th House

This house belongs to Moon. So it will give mixed results in this house. The native will be devoted to his parents and will be of loving nature. Whenever the native is suffering from bad health, the use of things associated with Saturn will give good results. In native’s family some one will be associated with medical profession.

When Saturn is malefic in this house drinking wine, killing of snakes and laying the foundation of the house at night will give very bad results. Drinking milk in the night will also give bad results.


1. Offering milk to snake and offering milk or rice to crow or buffalo.
2. Pouring milk in the well.
3. Pouring rum in running water.

Saturn in 5th House

This house belongs to Sun, which is inimical to Saturn. The native will be proud. He should not construct a house till 48 years, otherwise his son will suffer. He should live in the house bought or constructed by his son. He should keep articles of Jupiter and Mars in his ancestral house for welfare of his children. If the native has hairy body, he will be dishonest.


1. Distributing salty things while celebrating son’s birthday.
2. Offering almonds in the temple and bringing and keeping half of it in the house.

Saturn in 6th House

If the work related to Saturn is done at night it will always give beneficial results. When marriage takes place after 28 years it will produce good results. When Ketu is well placed the native will enjoy wealth, profitable journey and happiness from children. when Saturn is malefic bringing things associated with Saturn, like leather and things of iron, will give bad results, especially when Saturn is in 6th house in varshaphal


1. Serve a black dog and offer meals to it.
2. Offering coconut and almonds in running water.
3. Serving snakes will prove advantageous for the welfare of children.

Saturn in 7th House

This house is influenced by Mercury and Venus, both friends of Saturn. so this planet gives very good results in this house. The professions associated with Saturn, like machinery and iron, will be very profitable. If the native maintains good relation with his wife, he will be rich and prosperous, will enjoy a long life and good health. If Jupiter is in 1st house, there will be gain from government.

Saturn becomes malefic if the native commits adultery and drinks wine. If the native gets married after 22 years his eyesight will be affected adversely.


1. Bury a flute filled with sugar in a deserted place.
2. Serving black cow.

Saturn in 8th House

In 8th house no planet is considered auspicious. The native has a long life, but his father’s life span is short and native’s brothers turn out to be his foes. This house is considered headquarter of Saturn, but it will give bad result if Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are malefic in the native’s horoscope.


1. Keep a square piece of silver in your pocket always
2. Putting milk in water and sitting on a stone or wood while taking bath.

Saturn in 9th House

Native will have three houses. He will be a successful tour operator or civil engineer. He will enjoy a long and happy life and parents also will have a happy life. Maintaining three generations will protect from the bad effects of Saturn. if the native is helpful to others Saturn will always give good results. The native will have a son, though he will be born late.


1. Offering rice or almonds in running water.
2. Work associated with Jupiter-gold, kesar(saffron) and Moon (silver cloth) will give good results.

Saturn in 10th House

This is Saturn’s own house, where it will give good results. The native will enjoy wealth and property as long as he does not get a house constructed. Native will be ambitious and enjoy favors from government. The native should behave with shrewdness and should do his work while sitting at one place, only then he will enjoy the benefits of Saturn.


1. Going to temple.
2. Abstinence from meat, wine and eggs.
3. Offering food to ten blind people.

Saturn in 11th House

Native’s fate will be decided at the age of forty eight years. The native will never remain childless. The native will earn money by shrewdness and deceit. Saturn will give good or bad results according to the position of Rahu and Ketu


1. Before going for an important work place a vessel filled with water and drop oil or wine on earth for forty three days.
2. Abstinence from drinking and maintaining good moral character.

Saturn in 12th House

Saturn gives good results in this house. Native will not have enemies. He will have many houses. His family and business will increase. He will be very rich. However Saturn will become malefic if the native starts drinking wine and becomes non- vegetarian, or if the dark room in the house is illuminated.


Tying twelve almonds in a black cloth and placing it in a iron pot and keeping it in a dark room will give good results



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