Common House hold Tone Totke to strengthen planets- Remedies in our kitchen

The daily common kitchen is a Gold mine for Lal Kitaab remedies. You will think that the  complicated science of astrology and how can remedies or pariharams be found in the common kitchen and daily food articles?

This is no surprise, infact the Indian kitchen is a virtual storehouse of  astrological remedies.

We get innumerable mails from people asking us to include common tone totke for daily use that can help themBuy here at achieve their hearts desire. As a continuation of the Lal Kitaab series of remedies, here are some commonly used tone and totke that are readily available in our household kitchens, things you see and  ignore in daily basis can now help you strengthen your weak planetary positions and strengthen planets.

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  • Donate wheat every Sunday to a poor man/temple.Surya
  • Donate wheat sack to temple.
  • Feed wheat flour to red ants every day.
  • Feed Jaggery to the monkey
  • Cast jaggery in running water for 40 to 43 days.
  • Donate things related to Sun such as wheat,  jaggery and brass on Sundays.
  • Do not extinguish stove fire or  the lamp light with water, instead use  the cream of milk. This will increase marital happiness.


  • Donate Milk ,silver to propitiate Moon.Moon-Chandra
  • Strike Silver nails in the feet of the bed.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Drink water in a silver glass.
  • Drink milk or increase the intake of calcium to please the moon.
  • Donate sugar, rice to the needy preferably, on Mondays.


  • Donate chana dal to temple/poor man on Thursdays.Guru-Jupiter
  • Take a pinch of haldi and mix in a glass of milk and drink it daily.
  • Make yellow turmeric rice and donate to poor people.
  • Make  Kabuli chana(chick peas) garland and offer to Lord Dakshinamurthy on Thursday.
  • Planting of yellow-flower plants.
  • Feed an Ox with Gud (Raw Sugar) and gram pulse on Thursdays.


  • Eat misri(candy sugar)/Khadi shakkar everydayVenus-Shukra.
  • Donate curd or yoghurt on Friday.
  • Donate silk clothes and silken articles.
  • Doante barfi, white sweets to children.
  • Serve one-eyed people, pledge to donate eyes
  •  Offering white sweets to the birds.
  • Having one Jalebi daily in the morning, is a very good astrological  remedy to strengthen the planet Venus.
  • Donate Ghees, rice, cinnamon, misri, white flowers, sandalwood and Kapur/camphor.
  • Eat Makhanas(Gorgon nut or Fox nut) in any form. You will achieve bliss and be able to enjoy life better.


  • Distributing Sugar Powder (Khand), butter oil, grams to needy persons and fodders to animals will appease Mercury.
  • Eat one aamla daily.
  • Donation of Alloy utensils.
  • Bury honey in a mud pot in a lonely place.
  • Clean your teeth with fitkari (alum)


  • Wash 400g of raw rice grains in milk and cast it into running water for at-least seven Tuesdays.Navagraha-Mars- Kuja- Angaraka
  • Keep a glass filled with water beside your pillow in the night and in the morning cast it in a clean and nice place. or into a potted plant.
  • Make sweet chapatis in tandoor and feed them to dog for 43 days.
  • To strengthen Mars (only, if it is good for you), then eat Masoor Daal, otherwise, donate it on Tuesdays.
  • Throw Masoor or honey or sindoor in running water.
  • Donate hot tea to beggars on Tuesday
  • Make lemon rice and donate to the poor.


  • Distributing Til and mustard oil on any Saturday.Saturn-Shani
  • Distributing loafs of bread with mustard oil on it to dogs & crows.
  • Make black til rice and distribute to poor
  • Make curd rice and distribute to the poor
  • Take a wooden flute, fill it with castor sugar and bury in deserted place on a Saturday evening before sunset. Do not look back after doing it
  • Take an iron kadhai(frying pan), put mustard oil in it, look into the oil and see your reflection and donate both  the pot and the oil to a dakot at the shani temple.


  • Give red Masoor(red pulse/lentil) to the sweeper or help him in other ways.Rahu
  • Donate barley or wheat equal in weight of the person and drop in the running water.
  • Keep Gangajal.


  • Put radish by the bed-side of your wife at night and offer it at the temple in the morning.Navagraha-Kethu-Ketu
  • Take kesar-mixed milk.
  • Flow milk, rice, desi khaand and aniseed in the river.
  • Flow yellow lemon in the water.
  • Flow Jaggery in the water.
  • Dip thumb in the milk and suck it
  • Distribute all seven cereals to needy and poor on any SaturdayBuy here at

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  1. I have been seeing too many fights in my house btw my mum n dad n btw my brothers since my child hood……is there any remedy for it..
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hlp me.
    Do reply

    • Best bet is talk to them how this fight making you feel. BTW i did talk to family and many many prayers done and did myself some people are born aggressive. Anjai I will pray for you and your family. Every time they fight do Jappa in mind Shantam Paapham don’t count conti dooing that. May God bless you and your family.

    • Put 2-3 tps salt in a bowl in the room where there spend more time. And every 5 days throw the salt in the water and put the new salt again do this 7 or 9 times.

    • Salt cures bad energy . also mop the house with salt water or take a bath.

  2. Dear Anjali,

    Seek out a mantra from this blog postings that does home and family healing
    blessing. Do it with faith. But remember, sometimes karma must be played out
    and you must learn to find healing comfort within yourself regardless of what
    is going on around you. I hope that gives you encouragement. Find a quiet
    place at home to make it peaceful. Ear plugs help too.

    Peace and blessings to you little one.

  3. well wisher says:

    To bring the happiness in the family, to avoid Conflicts, arguments and envy that makes the environment in the house very unhealthy. To cast off enmity, jealousy or harshness in order to bring happiness in the family, do the following totka. – Take an earthen pot on Sunday and put some coal in it. Put pigeons shit on the lit coal. When it starts smoking, rotate this in all rooms of the house. By doing this, there comes unity and intimacy amongst the family members.

  4. what is pigeons shit

  5. hi my name is neha my dob is 25/10/1987, time 1.44 pm, place of birth delhi. I have been looking for a job, esp govt job for many years but even after paonstaking hardwork no success till now. pls advice me what to do?

  6. Ravi Solanki says:

    Hi neha, u should try make this planets strong -rahu n sun. By lalkitab remedies. It available on net easily. It will greatly help in get positive response from gov.

  7. Hi sir ,my name is revathi,my date of birth is on 9/03/1990,i have done my msc,but still i didn’t have any job ,please do needful sir

  8. Hi my son born October 18th 2000 and daughter born July 24 1998, they fight too much with each other. It’s like they hate each other and can’t stand any word from each other. I get really upset seeing it. Please someone tell me any remedy for them. Thanks

  9. Hello Sir, My husband does not support me at all. He never believes in what I say and instead fight with me. Please suggest some remedy so that my husband starts to understand me and support me completely.

  10. Ghar mein ekdum se bahut cheetey ho gye h..kya upay kar sakte h

  11. Hello sir
    My name is puja arora ,d 26-11-1978 time 19:40pm place is Delhi .My husband name is ankush arora ,d .o.b is 10-10-1978,time is18:40pm,place is Delhi .I m not happy with my married life since 11yrs I have done many upay also. I m going in depression now .my husband always criticise me and get attracted to other women. The main cause of tension is other women. Please.please tell sum strong remedy

  12. Hi,
    My name is Venkataramarao, My date of birth is 17-sept-1984. And I’m facing lots of issues from childhood at home and emotionally. Can you please suggest some remedies?

  13. Ricky Malakar says:

    i want to know when i get job

  14. When will I become a mother

  15. poonam vadehra says:

    there is no progress in our house ,all doors are locked..can we get light from somewhere .plz reply

  16. my shelf chikku i run furnitur business from last two years i am in loss staff doesnt stay they dont come on time but they good people do you do lal kitab remidies?
    were shall i send details

  17. Hello sir my name is neha
    Dob 6 march 1987,time 14 hrs,place Simla hp.I have been going through rough bd uneven phases since years now.have a problm in my all spheres of my life.marriage love career and my confidence pls provide me some insight

  18. My name is Ritvik my DOB is 2/11/1998 l am preparing for neet in 2017 I can’t get seat now I have dropped can I get seat In 2018 in govt medical college plzzzzzzzzzzz reply I am v hard working but not getting good markd

  19. Hlo Im Jyoti
    My prblm is thrs alwys fight in my house
    I hvnt seen my grndmthr and mthr talking to each other
    One more thng There are many sources of income in my house but still thre are no savings
    My fathers business dosent work well
    each tym he face loss
    what to do
    Pls rply

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