Jupiter Transit 2017 – Vrishabha Rashi Palangal – Taurus Moon sign Predictions

Jupiter Transit 2017

Vrishabha (Taurus) Krittika (2, 3, 4), Rohini and Mrigasira (1 & 2)

Guru transits your 6th house. Guru is not a benefic to your sign. Hence, stress levels can be really high due to this transit.

This is a mixed transit. This will be a time when your spiritual ability and aptitude might be tested. Guru is not friendly to the lord of your sign. So there will be restlessness created for you due to this transit. You are likely to get stressed with balancing between luxury and wisdom. Your spirituality and material pursuits shall bring conflicts which can make you feel drained out.

Preceptors or Gurus might be your enemies now. So it is advised that you take cautious approach towards spiritual pursuits. There can be a lot of expenses from spiritual side of your personality. There can be enmity with priests.

Those skilled and obstinate like the Bull the natives of Taurus advised to be careful this year in all matters. Saturn in the 8 also called the dreaded Ashtama shani for Vrishabha rashi and Ketu in the 9th will hinder their progress. Jupiter and vi is not good but its aspects to 10th, 12th and 2nd houses will help the natives to overcome occupational and financial. Devil have to spend an auspicious occasions. Problems connected with siblings and children will arise occasionally. Jupiter’s transit will give neutral results.

Home atmosphere will vex the mind of the native. The natives will suffer from ailments, if not attended at the right time, ailments will become chronic. Relationship with brother/ brother-in-law will become strained. The native must be careful in his speech, writing and standing on sureties for others. Servants and attendants will disrespect him.

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Financial stain will be overcome to a certain extent but not wholly. The natives of this Rashi will be tempted to spend a good amount of their hard-earned money on something that will turn to futile in the end. They are advice to be careful before taking any financial decisions, particularly in share trading.

In health and trouble from others will torture the mind of the Taurus natives this year. Physical ill health and headache will cause worries to the natives. At times there will suffer from unusual hunger and appetite. Saturn aspects 10th, 2nd and 5th house from the 8th and it is not good for health, comfort, conveyances, prospects and progress in general. They are susceptible to diseases like enlargement of liver, heart diseases and congestion of kidneys.

Change of job, loss of job or transfer to unknown place will take place. The native will lose self courage and confidence. He has to face delays or at times disappointments also in his efforts. Better to be careful against loss of self respect and humiliation. He will be forced to undertake unwanted and aimless travels. He is advised to focus on a job security. This is the period, when the employer and employee should feel at ease to avoid any itch.

Women born in Taurus should avoid unnecessary arguments with their parents in general and life partners in particular. There may arise occasions to think of separation. They should got themselves against any ailments that are peculiar to women. Women who are in the family way should be careful till child birth. Some may have to undergo Cesarean operation. Unpleasantness will cause disturbances in the mind.

Students will have ample opportunities to pursue higher studies with difficulty. This is the period when they can reveal their hidden talents and achieve their goals with great effort. They must be clear in expression and lucid in writing. Innovations in some specialised fields will be successful for some only after hard and strenuous effort. They should be careful about their friends who will sometime betray them.

Birth star predictions:

Krittika (2, 3, 4):
When Jupiter sojourns in Chitra (till 14th October), it will give rise to health problems connected with bile. Shoulders will be the seat of trouble. Gardening activities will bring wonderful nutrients into the body and will be a pleasant thing to share with others. Medical help will become necessary in certain cases, when the Dasha  and bhuktis are not good.

Those who are born in Rohini are advised to be careful in the communication, signing important documents and standing on sureties for others. They must try to avoid legal proceeding. Their health will get affected owing to skin allergy or enlargement of glands. They should be careful about their honour and reputation.

Mrigasira (1, 2):
Those born in Mrigasira should take care of their health particularly their upper right limb. General Health and health of children will become a major problem. This is not a good period for any compromise or agreement to enter upon. Relation with partners will at times be unpleasant.

Vedic remedies:

Jupiter Transit 2017

  • Taurus natives must try to conquer the attachments to worldly things.
  • Worship of deities Hanuman, Shani, Shukra or VenuGopala will help the natives get peace and tranquility.
  • White clothes and milk could be given in alms to the poor, needy and children.
  • Llight ghee lamps on Fridays and Tuesdays at the shrine of Goddess Durga, Shukra or Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Participate in the Jupiter Transit 2017 Homa.

Lal kitab remedies:

  • Donate dried turmeric/khadi haldi to the priest in any Temple.
  • Be a pure vegetarian.

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