Jupiter Transit 2017 – Thula Rashi Palangal – Libra Moon sign Predictions

Jupiter Transit 2017Libra (Tula) Chitra (3, 4) Swati, Vishakha (1, 2, 3)

Jupiter Transit 2017 is in your own moon house/1st house and from this house, Jupiter aspects your 5th, 7th and 9th houses. Guru’s aspect on your 5th house, intensifies the relationships of all types and makes them filled with happiness. Parents will do very well with children. This is also a good time for extending the family. Those wishing for children shall  be blessed this year. Guru’s aspect on 7th intensifies partnerships, marriages and committed friendships. It brings marriage to many of you. Guru’s aspect on 9th also brings better luck.

On the flip side of things, there can be conflicts in values in partnerships and relationships. Thula is ruled by Shukra who favors luxury, pleasure and comforts. Guru being the lord of wisdom , may bring some conflict within to all the Thula natives. The conflict will be about making a spiritual and a wise choice to sacrificing pleasure and luxury. This can get intense for a few of you. This may bring stress in marriage and relationships. For a few of you it may bring interests outside of marriage too.

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Separation from family owing to unexpected transfer is indicated to a few. The health of children will get affected. Depression would overcome as confidence is shaken. The desires will remain and unfulfilled. Disagreement among the kith and kin will vex the mind. There will be frequent disputes among the members of the family. The health of life partner will also be affected. Saturn in the 3rd house will inflict untold misery on the native, regarding their siblings. Shani in the third house will give courage and confidence to the natives to face all difficulties.

Financial problems will pester the mind of the native. The native will face disgrace and degradation in status. He will be held responsible for the misappropriation at workplace. All endeavors will go in vain. But income from many sources is foreseen. There are chances of getting immovable property and foreign travels.

The native is advised to take life and activity a little more serious than usual. They have to focus on the reality of life to take better decisions. Unexpected transfers to some will disturb the mind. This is the time for them to take decisions on important issues. Removal of negative energy at work will help the natives to overcome the obstacles.

Many ills will affect the natives of this Rashi. Diseases of phlegm well trouble the native. They will be able to understand their body signs and will make improvements, when needed. Eye troubles to some are indicated. Relaxation of both body and mind is necessary. Practice of yoga under proper guidance will help to some extent. Sicknesse will be cured improvement in health will be noticed as months pass.

Employed women will get transfer and will be forced to be away from the family. Their health will also get affected. Their home environment will be disturbed because of petty quarrels and disputes between the couples at home. There question to control their emotions and to be careful in their utterances. Things will be better, when Jupiter moves to the eleventh house however, they should be careful of Rahu the 10th (Cancer) and Saturn in the 3rd (Sagittarius). Financially they may find it difficult to make both ends meet. They need to be a little stingy.

Students of this Rashi are prone to forget things that they have learnt. they must concentrate on the studies instead of letting their mind wander over unnecessary details. Do they are intelligent lack of expression both and speech and writing will return their progress in the field of educational attainments. Group study and group discussions will help of you to overcome their weakness in studies. Meetings and discussions with experienced people will pay high dividends to them. They are sure to get positive results. They must put more efforts for the pursuit of higher studies.

Birth star predictions:
Chitra (3, 4):
All efforts will turn futile as Jupiter is in janma Rashi. Sudden unexpected delays a failure will trouble the mind of the natives. No harm in aiming high at the sky but they must place their feet firm on the ground to succeed. This is a period of ups and downs in their life. Saturn in Moola will give them courage and confidence to face difficult situations life.

Persons born in the star will have a difficult time as Saturn traverses in Moola. Jupiter in the 1st houseis also not favourable. Expenses will be beyond one’s control. If you will fall ill owing to indigestion, intestine disorders and next excess of bile secretion. If Dasa-bukthi periods are not good, a few will be admitted to the hospital. The ills will only be passing clouds beyond which shines the bright sun.

Vishaka (1, 2, 3):
Persons born in this constellation will have occupational worries. The cruel grip of faith will be loosened and the natives will breath the fresh air of achievement between October and December. Then again, difficulties may arise. Sudden and unexpected expenses will haunt the mind of the natives. Income will also shrink. Health will also be affected a little.

Vedic remedies:Jupiter Transit 2017

  • Worship and prayers to Shukra, Mahalaxmi, Durga or Rajeshwari will help the natives to overcome all obstacles in their way.
  • Lord Vishnu is in the reclining posture at Srirangam, Trichy district- Shri Ranganathar Swamy Kovil, considered to be to Shukra Kshetra, can also be worshiped.
  • Durga Suktam and Durga Saptasati can also be recited.
  • Beans (cow gram) and white clothes can be distributed to the poor on Fridays.
  • Participate in the Jupiter Transit 2017 Homa.

Lal Kitab Remedies:

  • Wear a gold chain around the neck.
  • Be humble and down to earth.

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