Jupiter Transit 2017 – Simha Rashi Palangal – Leo Moon sign Predictions

Jupiter Transit 2017

Leo (Simha): Makha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni(1)

Jupiter Transit 2017 for Leo or Simha Rashi natives is a time for hard work. You shall take some very bold decisions in your life. These shall be based on wisdom. But they shall not yield you any material benefits. There will only be improvement in finer aspects of life. Relationships with all shall improve. Relationships and friendships shall bring contentment. Friends and acquaintances shall grow in numbers. You shall be given many projects and initiatives. Life becomes very hectic. Those born in this Rashi (Leo) will be stately, proud, very possessive and inspirational they are large minded powerful, strong, loving and determined to achieve their goals in life. They will be capable of guiding others.


There will be problems in the family chances of separation from the family owing to transfer or change of job is foreseen. Some will face enmity of the relatives. Partners health will trouble the mind of the native. Worries connected with children will also trouble the natives.

The recent transit of Rahu and Ketu 2017 from your 1st and 7th house will now relieve you of a lot of pressures in relationships and you will find it easy going.

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Letters of the star she will find it difficult to make both ends meet during this year, they are not advised to borrow indiscriminately to meet the increased expenses. They should be careful in the speculative and gambling activities. Danger of shaft of valuables is also predicted. Finance is the most hazardous area for these people, however, they are advised to think positively to overcome the stress and strain in life during this period. Lost of all comforts and loss of lands and estates are also foreseen. They would become puppets in the hands of destiny. They should be very careful if they stand on surety to others.

Impediments in business and profession are seen. The enemies will conspire against the natives of those Rashi. Some have to face hindrances in every effort. There will be troubles during Travels. They should guard themselves against government penalty and mental tension. But chances of exhibiting their creative talents will make them thrive in the chosen job. Mutual trust and positive acknowledgments will allow the natives to succeed at their career front. Ability to be social and interactive will bring them success. They are born victims to praise or flattery. is important for them to praise others and make them feel happy, at times let them not bother too much about others opinions during this time. This is the best way to keep calm and live in peace; let them take interest in spiritual as well as religious activities to feel quite better.

the natives of this Rashi should be careful about their health. Rheumatic pains will bring discomfort to them. Tension and worries at work spot will also affect the health. They should guard against Stomach problems. Throat and Eyes what becomes centre of problem. In digestion because of overeating will be the cause of stomach ailments. The latest must realise that both mental and physical balance will have them a lot during this period.

This Rashi should be careful about the health of their life partners and children. Women employees will face problems at their work spot they may have to deal with intolerant people that subordinates will also be a little revolting against them. The health will also get affected of you will have uterus trouble. Checkups will do them good. women in the family way should take extra care about their health.

Students: students aspiring for higher education and research will succeed, after some difficulty. They will get good knowledge and new information in their studies. This is the time for them to realise the hidden potential in them. Even hard and sincere work at times will bring them to disappointment. Practice to improve their memory.

Birth star predictions:

Persons born in Makha face auspicious expenses and foreign contacts. Some will have the chances of going abroad. October to December will be a good time for them as Jupiter transits in Swati Saturn sojourn in Moola effect the health. Mixed results will be experienced by the natives.

Persons born in poorvaphalguni will face problems when Jupiter transits in Swati star, during October to December. Expansion in Every Walk of life is expected after December. Desires will be fulfilled. Only moderate benefits will be seen after October. They have to take care of the health. Unexpected expenses will upset the mind of the natives. Unexpected transfers of even of foreign trips seen for a few. Those whose Dasa and bhukti periods not good, will have a bad time this year.

Jupiter’s transit in Chitra and Saturn’s transit in Moola will give mixed results to the natives of this star. They will feel that everything is beyond the control and lose confidence, but they will overcome all problems by divine Grace. They are advised not to indulge in share trading and gambling.

Jupiter Transit 2017

Vedic remedies:

  • Yellow or orange clothes may be distributed to the poor.
  • Wheat should be donated to Vedic pandits.
  • Rice may be offered to the Sun.
  • Aditya Hrudayam can be recited.
  • Worship at Suryanar temple Dakshinamurthy or Shiva temple on Thursday/Sunday.
  • Offer a mixture of rice and milk to cow.
  • Participate in the Jupiter Transit 2017 Homa.

Lal Kitab remedies:

  • Worship goddess Durga with devotion.
  • Treat your guests respectfully.

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