Jupiter Transit 2017 – Meena Rashi Palangal – Pisces Moon sign Predictions

Jupiter Transit 2017

Meena (Pisces): Poorvabhadra(4), Uttarabhadra, Revati

Jupiter Transit 2017  for Meena rashi is not in a very good positions, it being the rashi lord and lagna lord in 8th house for pieces will probably affect your health, they coming transit will slow down your things and pace of life for sometime, there is will stagnancy phase for some time now. Saturn in 10th house will really make you work hard but the benefits of this will be reaped in next 3 years when Saturn transits to Makara rashi, your work done now will bear fruits in future. The Jupiter in 8th house signals you to take care of your health, take a break from the chaos of the world and relax in tranquility, shift your focus to meditation, yoga, healing.

Family life will be happy and prosperous. There will be auspicious ceremonies in the house. The native will be happy with his wife and children. Birth of a child is also foreseen. At times there will be quarrels and dispute with wife and children. They will even stay away from family. Unnecessary arguments with members of the family will worries a mind of the native. Fear from fire and enemies will torment the mind of the native. There will be no time for relaxation.

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The natives will get promotion on achievement of a position. Increase in business and investment in shares and stocks are predicted. There will be success in speculative activities. However, cautious approach in every activity as well as good rapt with partners is advised. Let them take good advice from elders. The transit will be more trouble some to the natives as they will get punishment for the faults committed by others. They will be unable to compromise with current trends.

It is difficult to the natives of this Rashi to climb up the ladder of career, this year. If they want to gain success they have to take risk from time to time to make the next step. It is better for them to improve the quality of work then to Aspire for a change in career advancement. Good opportunities will be missed and construction work will be stumbled. Fortune will be blocked but they stand to gain through Co-operative endeavours. Hard work and responsibility will increase. As some astrological text predict, they will become elevated and then reputation, one can take the moderate effects of this transit.

Wind diseases, dysentery, stomach ailments and digestive disorders will trouble the natives. They are prone to meet with accidents and chronic diseases. Partners Health will also get affected. A few will get affected with contagious diseases like small pox or skin eruptions. They should focus on the overall health, physical, mental and spiritual to enjoy the upcoming year.

Married women should be careful about that help if they are in the family way. They should keep an eye on their food habits. Spinsters will get married in the first half of the Year. Though it is good for love matters, the position of Rahu in the 5th is not considered very good comparatively. There will be break in love affair. They will find it difficult to adjust themselves to new conditions, either at home or at office. Employed women should be careful in their work. I should be careful while cooking to avoid fire accidents. They must take utmost care to keep their skin clean and oily, otherwise their skin will be decoloured.

Students will be interested in study of law, religion, philosophy and higher studies. The experiences will cope with the practical realities of life. Time is ripe enough for studies. However Jupiter in the 8 will create some problem or other. Meditation is suggested to keep the mind at peace. A few will get the chance to go abroad for studies.

Birth star predictions:


Those born in Poorvabhadra 4th Pada are wealthy, loved by their wives, respected by the world and supportive to many. They are self restraint and accomplished in all arts. They will have problems with the children and in their speculative activities. The health of the partners will be affected. They stand a chance of getting a promotion or change of job for the better and a chance of going abroad.


Those born in this constellation will suffer from fluctuation of funds and will be surrounded by many people. They will be affected by the imbalance of bile. Jupiter in the 8th will not get them the desired good results. They will get full support from the partners especially life partners which is a positive point. They will have a chance to travel a long distance. There will be a slow progress in the achievement in higher studies. They may suffer from heart problems occasionally owing to wind and kapha.


Businesses are handsome but are quick in taking decisions decisions. They should try to overcome their anger. They are independent and pursuing any jobs. They are very wealthy and learnt but fickle. They are endowed with good qualities. They will have control over their senses. They should be cautious about their speculative activities, take care of the health of the children and their education and control the expenses. The health of the partners will also be affected. They should be careful when they travel or drive a vehicle. Their health will also get affected by intestine trouble or bile.

Vedic Remedies:Jupiter Transit 2017

  • Worship Maha Vishnu – the fulfiller of all desires.
  • Do Ketu Graha shanti homa
  • Lord Ganpati will help the natives to overcome all hurdles, suffering, sorrow and bondage in life.
  • Recitation of Vishnu Sahasranama is suggested to keep the mind free from worries.
  • The donation of Bengal gram, rice and jaggery to a temple is also good.
  • Distribution of yellow Silk clothes to the poor and needy is also a remedy.
  • Participate in the Jupiter Transit 2017 Homa.

Lal kitab Remedies:

  • Not to refuse any beggar.
  • Donate 8 kg potatoes in any Temple.

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