Jupiter Transit 2017 – Makara Rashi Palangal – Capricorn Moon sign Predictions

Jupiter Transit 2017

Makara (Capricorn) Uttarashada(2, 3, 4), Sravana, Dhanistha(1, 2)

Jupiter transit 2017 is in your 10th house. This is a mixed transit. This transit basically brings some hurdles to the professional enhancement. There can be a change in the expectations of your bosses in the workplace. This may not go well with your own expectations. This can cause some friction and stress. But on the flip side of the story, there shall be enormous scope for improvement and growth. If you can keep your ego aside, you can realize that you are an integral part of the workplace environment. But this is a time for some changes and nothing else really. So try to be one with the group even if it may seem tough. Do not let yourself get singled out, though there can be a very high inclination for that.
You are also entering 1st phase of Shani Sade-sati which will most probably affect your finance upside down due to aspect of Jupiter and Saturn both on 2nd house, both are connected with 12th house either by ownership or placement for your rashi hence finances will be an area of worry, those having a very good horoscope can also gain a fortune, but your wealth will most probably be squandered making it necessary to go for financial planning. Those investing in stock markets need to be very careful in coming 3 years, your judgements will most probably be wrong as sade-sati clouds your judgement first when you are bound to be dragged to doom.
There can be long distance travels for many of you. For some of you, it can be in unfavorable circumstances and to places less desired.

Jupiter in the 10th will not give good results. The home environment will not be good during this period. The native will get worries from wife and children. Separation from family by transfer to unwanted places is indicated. Health loss of property or someone dear to them is indicated of the children and wife will also worry mind of the natives. They will lose confidence. Loss of property or someone dear to them is indicated.

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Multiple loss of income and damage to eatables and grains and essential material material at natives posession are possible. Some loss through trade in shares and stocks as indicated. The natives are advised to be careful and all financial undertakings. The path of life might be asking for troubles. They should avoid purchasing anything new that they do not really need. They should build up a strong savings account. Clash of Clans that money is not the only criterion for happiness. Along with this it will be better if they think twice before investing anywhere. Lending and borrowing should be within limits.

Success in business is not predicted. Jupiter in the 10th will give occupational troubles, transfers to unwanted places, difference of opinion with higher officials will be there. There will be foreign tours and some gains from them. If the Dasa and Bhuktis are not favourable, the native will become selfish and is motive will only be on money. Money will become jealous of the natives. They should look forward for ways to be positive on the work and business front amidst negative influences. They will be reliable and able to climb the career ladder quickly. Professional ambition and advancement of status are the key notes of this transfer. Inflated Ego and domineering attitude will put the natives in conflicts with their superiors.

The health of the native will be affected by many ills. Eye diseases will be there. They will be affected by mucus or Khapha. The health of life partners and children will also be affected. Fear of danger to life to one of the children is also predicted. If Dasas and Bhuktis these are not favourable, some of them will be hospitalized. Health and occupation would become the key notes of the natives during this transit.

Married women will not be happy as they expected. They should be careful about the health, finance and reputation of the life partners and children. Where is connected with their brothers and sisters will vex the mind of the natives. Working women will get promotion or transfer and be away from the family. Spinsters will get married. Married women in the family way should take extra care of their health.

Students will face a difficult period during this transit. that was particularly, in education in each of their endeavor will be the result of their hard, sincere work. They have to Aspire for and sincerely try to achieve higher qualification in the field of education to contest and succeed in the sphere of their career development. Devil let the power of communication and they will find it difficult to exhibit the intellectual ability in full.

Birth star predictions:

Uttarashada(2, 3, 4):
Uttarashada natives will get mixed results during the transit. They will get an opportunity to travel extensively. They will be interested in cultural and current trends in educational and philosophical spheres. They will be interested in foreign arts too. A few will have prophetic visions. Health will generally be good but sudden headaches and digestive disorders will worry them.

Generally it is a good period for the people born in this star. Health will become a major issue. Bile, wind and kapha will be predominant in the body and ailments related to these doshas will worry the natives. A few will get help from their brother and sister. A few will invite troubles with their hasty decisions.

Foreign travels and contacts will favour a few. Those who are unemployed will get job opportunities. Jupiter on the tenth will not favor the natives to a great extent. Results will be moderate for the natives of this Rashi.

Vedic remedies:Jupiter Transit 2017

  • One can please Shani only by one’s hard and sincere work.
  • Donate black or blue clothes to the poor and lame on Saturdays. This will be sort of propitiating Sani.
  • A pilgrimage to Tirumala will also do good.
  • Also float six coconuts with husk once in every four months.
  • Worship Lord Shiva on pradosham days.
  • Participate in the Jupiter Transit 2017 Homa.

Lal Kitab remedies

  • Be worldly wise, not to trust anyone blindly.
  • Feed yellow colour sweets to the crows regularly.

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