Jupiter Transit 2017 – Kumbha Rashi Palangal – Aquarius Moon sign Predictions

Jupiter Transit 2017

Aquarius (Kumbha): Dhanishta (3, 4) , Satabhisha, Poorvabhadra (1,2,3)

The natives born and this Rasi are highly possessive and greatly intellectual. The symbol of this sign is a pot (Kumbha) filled with water. A man pours water from the pot to the thirsty world. His ideals in life are the brotherhood of man and the betterment of human race. In fact these natives are filled with humanitarianism. Water stands for knowledge. These people are by nature-detached, scientific, intelligent and communicative. Humanism nourishes in Gemini, blossoms in Libra and bears fruits in Aquarius.

This is an excellent transit. This is a time when your past good fortune shall pay hefty rewards for you. You will win over the confidence and blessings of preceptors and elders. There shall be lady luck shining on you in every aspect of your life. Professionally, financially, there shall seem to be a supporting hand emerging to  help you from nowhere. So any good initiative undertaken now shall meet with success if planned well.

A few will feel a breach within the relations with loved ones. Their bitter language could be one of the reasons for disputes. There will be quarrels and disagreements with wife and children. They should not engage in unnecessary arguments with others. They will have fear of enemies and difficulties. They will also worry about the health of a family member. Separation from the family owing to transfer or change your job to a few is indicated. Lack of essentials in the family will be there. All these are due to Rahu’s aspect to the 2nd house the house of family and Finance but Jupiter’s aspect to the 5th house will cause the birth of a child in the family and improve the financial conditions to some extent.

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If Dasa Bhuktis are not good, loss of wealth, health, profession and failure in all attempts are predicted. Lending and borrowing will land the natives into difficulties. Their conservative attitude towards money and possession will bring financial worries. If you will gain through corporate or joint venture. There will be sudden settlement of disputes over legacies and inheritances. Continuous pin-pricking from Enemies will trouble the mind of the native. Jupiter’s move to the 9th will bring a bright sunshine in the financial aspect of the native.

The natives of this Rashi will not simply sit at their work desk and waste the time and energy. On the other hand they would spend the time more intelligently to climb the ladder of career. They would gain success in business and benefits from partners. They will walk with the sacred aim. They will gain from foreign tours and travels. Derivation to achieve professional and career advancement where the desired effects. Their sweet words will get the favour of people around them. They have to share the personal knowledge and insight with those who struggle in the workplace. They must work with the team spirit to succeed in the endeavours. Everything depends on the position of Saturn in their horoscopes of you will get transferred to unwanted place or change of job.

Century digestive disorders and stomach ailments. Janma rash is aspected bike Jupiter from the 9th house and Saturn from the 11th house. If you will get ailments in private parts. They have to take care of their Physical health so that the other aspects of their bodies will align without any problem. This will give them a great mental relief. Some will have problem in the mouth; wounds in tongue and cancerous growth at the lower portion of the tongue. A few will meet with accidents when they travel all depends on the Dasa bhuktis

Jupiter’s transit will be good for women but they will have worries about the life partners and children. They have chances of getting additional income, but they will be forced to spend the money earned. Spinsters will find the life partners. Married women will be blessed with a child. Some will get into trouble with others by the unnecessary arguments. Sudden and unexpected health problems will also give them mental anxiety and fear. Employed women will face problems in the work place.

Though intelligent they (students) are, they will lack the power of expression both in speech and writing. Want of clear thinking will lead them to conclusion. They are advised to be careful in their association with friends. Hard and sincere work alone will bring them the desired success. They stand a chance of getting admission to higher degrees. Their analytical brain will at times fail to help in the hour of need. Jupiter’s aspect to the third house, the house of communication, will help to some extent. Saturn’s aspect to 5th and 8th houses will put some hindrances in the progress of students.

Birth Star Predictions:

Dhanishtha (3, 4):
Sudden and unexpected changes in lifestyle and status will favour the natives of the star. Free flow of money, let them be cautious in there borrowings, increasingng bank loans, will make them extravagant. They will be squeezed at the workplace. Better to be careful with friends as at times they may disappoint them.

Impediments and obstacles will frightened them at every stage in life but the natives will overcome all impediments. There will be delay in areas of speech, friendship, income from unexpected quarters, recovering from ill health and peace at workplace. They will definitely break the back of the beast in the end.

Poorvabhadra (1, 2, 3):
Transit of major planets will neither effect nor influence the natives of the star. They will be stable, if they do not aspire for things which they do not deserve at present. Desire for expansion in any field will land them into difficulty. Financial problem will be there; but that will be solved in course of time. It is better for them to pay attention to the health. Acute elements will turn into chronic disease later.

Vedic remedies:

Lal kitab remedies:


  • Daily go to any Temple
  • Be a pure vegetarian and tee-totaller.
  • Keep 6 silver balls in your pocket all the time – for good luck in all ventures.

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