Jupiter Transit 2017 – Karka Rashi Palangal – Cancer Moon sign Predictions

jupiter transit 2017



Kataka (Cancer): Punarvasu(4) Pushya and Aslesha

Jupiter Transit 2017 in your 4th house will prove challenging for your career as it will directly aspect the 10th, the hard work done during last transit will bear rewards in this year, there are indications of investment in property/vehicle or relocation for some of you. The Aspect of Jupiter on 8th and 12th has spiritual importance and it will also make you spend money on right things. Many of you will have the opportunity to travel abroad due to Saturn Transit 2017 and Jupiter both aspecting your 12th house from 2018 onwards, tells you to be alarmed for any health issues, do not ignore any body signals if you find yourself having some health problems. In career and social life you will gain recognition and importance.

Jupiter transit 2017  is in 4th house the, house of local environment. It is the house of comfort. Rahu is in the 1st house. Saturn is in the 6th house which will give confidence to the natives. Children’s health and education will vex the mind of the natives. Besides, their health will also get affected and they will have troubles with children. Their unpleasant speech will affect the relations to a great extent. They are advised to keep a check on the verbal or written communication as chances of being misunderstood will be on the higher side.

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Jupiter transit 2017 to the 4th house is not good in anyway but it aspects the 8th 10th and 12th houses. The native will get benefits of houses. Money from unknown sources or legacy, occupational success or promotion and foreign contacts are predicted. This is not a good time for speculation, shares and stock or lottery. Expenses will be very high. they should pay attention to reduce the debts and avoid expenses on unnecessary luxury items.

In the career field the native should find it difficult to do everything alone. Teamwork and co-operative endeavours would do them good. They must side-line the occasional hindrances caused by co-workers and authorities. Patience is the most required thing for them as their subordinates may not be ask co-operative as they are expected to be. Businessman should be careful and expanding their business as Jupiter and Saturn aspect their 8th house. Property developers are to be cautious as they will find sluggishness in the business. Business Travels will be successful.

The natives of cancer should be careful about their health. They will be passing through some stressful situation which would affect them largely. Some nervous breakdown, worries and anxieties will bother their body, mind and spirit. They are advised to meditate and pacify their mind. They should relax as much as possible from the routine to prevent any breakdown.

Lovers will find a difficult period to get their desires fulfilled. Disagreement between partners will arise. Deft handling of the issue is necessary. Working women will face some embarrassing problems at their work place. They must pay attention to the health of the partners as well as of their children. Women and the family way should be careful as misunderstandings may arise between the partners.

There would be some delays and hindrances for those who Aspire for higher education but the grace of God and sincere hard work will give good results. Those in the school level of studies would find the selling smooth however those aspiring for higher studies would feel the pinch. Some setbacks are in store around the middle of the Year.

Birth star predictions

The natives born in Punarvasu will face many difficulties, sorrow, loss of money and various illnesses are also indicated. A little amount of relief will be found before the transit of Jupiter to the fifth house. However results will be moderate. The natives advice to be careful in their communication both oral and written and in standing for surety. On a whole it is not a pleasant period for them.

Risky speculative activities should be avoided. The transit of Jupiter and Saturn in malefic or neutral constellations is not wholly good. Transit of Rahu and Ketu  2017 are not favourable fear of illness and worries will dominate the mind. Health hazards are predicted. Family finance children and help should be taken care of.

Saturn’s transit in Moola star will cause illness and worries to the native of the star. Though Jupiter transit in a favourable constellation Rahu in janma Rashi will check the good effects of Jupiter. The Cancerians are advised not to take any big projects during this period. They should be careful while traveling or driving. Careful and cautious speculative activities should be attempted. They should avoid any new venture this year. Eyes, throat and teeth are the seats of trouble. They should guard their self-respect and honour.

Vedic Remedies:

Jupiter Transit 2017

  • Worship divine mother in any form Lakshmi, Durga or Eshwari (Parvati).
  • Recitation of Durga Stotra or Durga Sukta is good.
  • Archana to the Goddess on Tuesdays and Fridays will give mental peace.
  • Distribute milk the poor children on Mondays, white clothes can also be given to the poor and the needy.
  • Perform milk Abhishekam to Shiva Linga.
  • Participate in the Jupiter Transit 2017 Homa.

Lal Kitab Remedies:

  • Not to share your financial problems with others.
  • Wear red colour vest.


  1. This prediction is totally bullshit and nonsense.
    Many other websites predict good times ahead for Karka rashi natives during all of the above transit. The natives have had a challenging past year due to Saturn in 5th house and Jupiter in 3rd house.

    • Viswanathan says:

      While Jupiter in the fourth is better than being in the third , it is still not the best as it impacts health . Wait till it moves to fifth . The predictions are too brief and does not explain many things . The fact that Ketu and Rahu will be ringing all the planets in the beginning is also not good for any body .

  2. I agree with WI, it’s strange!

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