Jupiter Transit 2017 – Kanya Rashi Palangal – Virgo Moon sign Predictions

Jupiter Transit 2017

Virgo (Kanni): Uttara Phalguni (2, 3,4) Hasta, Chitra (1,2):

Jupiter Transit 2017 in your 2nd house will bless you with success in your career and finance, there will be abundance of happiness in family life, the aspect of Jupiter on 10th and 6th is going to be beneficial for wealth creation opportunities, recognition and success in job/career. The aspect of Jupiter on 8th house and 6th house gives protective cover in terms of health, but Saturn’s aspect on 6th combined with Jupiter can be bad for you in terms of health, legal matters etc. This is however good for success in competitions and promotions at work place. Give due attention to your health and keep healthy eating habits during this transit to avoid problems, some of you will fall ill due to stomach upset.

From this house, Jupiter aspects your 5th, 7th and 9th houses. Guru’s aspect on your 5th house, intensifies the relationships of all types and makes them filled with happiness. Parents will do very well with children. This is also a good time for extending the family. Those wishing for children shall be blessed this year. Guru’s aspect on 7th intensifies partnerships, marriages and committed friendships. It brings marriage to many of you. Guru’s aspect on 9th also brings better luck.

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There will be harmony in the family. Comforts and  luxurious living will make the natives if this Rashi enjoy health, wealth and prestige. However, they must take care of their health. Son’s, relatives and persons from government will not be cordial towards you. Auspicious occasions will bring joy to the family, some will enjoy aristocratic life during this period. Jupiter is to now move through the second house, linked with finance and family among other things. This transit of Jupiter will cause increase in domestic expenses which will be met somehow. Encouraging monetary gains are to accrue for you.
Generally the natives of this Rashi are known for their savings tendency for the future. They are to be careful in establishing stability in the financial front, though Jupiter is in the second. It’s time to start thinking about what would be important to invest in. Chances for the purchase of immovable property also there. Careful trading on shares and stocks will be advantageous for those whose Dasa Bhukti period are good.
Promotion in service and expansion in business are indicated to a few. Success and all efforts seen. Enemies will be vanquished. Those who are unemployed will get employment. There is scope for development of confidence and courage. The natives will be pulled in several directions and hence advised to learn self-discipline to focus on one area. They are not always career oriented. They are suited for research and scientific inventions. Writing and publishing will bring laurels. They will be very creative and well suited for intelligent position. They will be good at planning.

The natives of this sign need to worry much about their health, though they are always good at maintaining their well-being. They know what the body needs in order to survive. However they should be careful about the health of their partners. At times they will suffer from headaches. Indigestion will cause health problems, the natives are advised to keep the intestine and stomach clean to avoid risk of food poisoning. Negligence will result in chronic sufferings.

Married women of this Rashi should take all precautions about their health as well as that of their partners. At times they are prone to ailments peculiar to woman. A few will be hospitalized. Those who are in the family way should be careful and should consult the doctor periodically. Those whose Dasha bhukti periods are bad should seek for remedial cures. Sincere prayers will word of all evil effects of the planets. Women employees will have problems at work spot some of them will get transfer also, much against their wish.

Students aspiring for higher studies should work hard as they are prone to forget what they had studied. Some of them will lack quick wit to tackle problems. They will fear that their progress is very slow and thereby lose confidence in themselves. Saturn in the 3rd has been causing some obstruction in the communication skills. Prayers to Ganesha will give them confidence to overcome obstacles in their educational progress.

Birth star Predictions:

Uttaraphalguni (2,3,4):

Rahu’s transit in Ashlesha will be unfavourable. Sudden unexpected things will happen and disturb the peace of the native at home environment siblings will not be helpful. The natives will become Pessimistic in the attitude. They must face the problems, which may arise from partners and coworkers at work spot, with confidence.

Rahu’s transit in ashlesha promises promotion or transfer with additional responsibility. They are advised to be alert while driving travelling as physical injury is possible. They are advised not to stand on surety to anyone.

The natives to be Pessimistic and lose confidence. They will have to travel frequently. Sudden and an unexpected occurrences will often upset the mind of the natives. They will always be in a fix. Saturn in the 4th house and its transit in Moola star will not help the natives to overcome all obstacles. Expenditure will increase and the health will also deteriorate hence, it will be wise to work with patience and intelligence.

Vedic Remedies:Jupiter Transit 2017

  • Worship and prayers to Mercury will help the native to overcome all obstacles in their way of progress.
  • Lord Vishnu Lord of The Seven Hills can also be worshipped.
  • Green Dal or green clothes can be distributed to the poor on Wednesdays.
  • For any elements Lord Dhanvantari and incarnation of Lord Vishnu can be worshipped.
  • Watering The Pepal Tree and visiting a Shiva temple near by regularly will also be beneficial to redress of the sufferings.
  • Participate in the Jupiter Transit 2017 Homa

Lal Kitab Remedies:

  • Not to give unsolicited advice.
  • Donate food to the poor whenever possible.