Jupiter Transit 2017 – Dhanur Rashi Palangal – Sagittarius Moon sign Predictions

Jupiter Transit 2017

Dhanus (Sagittarius): Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada(1)

Jupiter transit 2017 into the 11th house is an excellent transit. This will bring you wish-fulfilment first. All those things you rightfully asked shall now be given to you. All those dreams which were legitimate, shall now be fulfilled one by one. Your spouse or the partner shall be the medium through which your wishes are fulfilled.

Guru’s aspect on 5th brings better luck. Creativity shall improve, children will be a source of joy. Those who are seeking progeny can now be blesses with a new member in the family. This is again a very good transit for financial gains. This is also a good aspect for relationships.
Jupiters transit 2017 9th aspect on your 7th brings better times with spouse. There will be harmony in all partnerships. Those who are wishing to tie the knot can now do so. Some of you who have been wishing for a commitment in relationships can get it now. This is also a good time to book profit from your investments. Wait for the right opportunity and book the profit. There will be unexpected financial gains and inflow of money now.

Home environment will cause unnecessary worries and anxieties to the natives of this Rashi. They will be disliked by others. They have to face opposition from all angles. Friends may even turn to be there bitter enemies. They should try to learn to control the negative feelings. They should learn to guard their tongue. They will neither have mental peace not happiness either at home or outside. Disagreement with wife, parents and elders and separation from family will add more worries and disturb the mental peace. They will have untimely meals and disturb sleep. Help will come from brothers and brother-in-law.

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The natives do not pay too much attention to the finances. They will enjoy the finer things in life. It would be wise to prepare for the future financially. Patience is the key word for all financial stability harmony and peace at home. Success in all efforts on relief from all difficulties will be there. Expenses will outweigh the income. However those will be auspicious expenses only. They will not enjoy the Comforts, convenience and conveyance as they desire. loss of money through speculation, horse race, gambling and lending is also predicted. Some of them will get implicated in litigation. They should guard themselves against enemies.

The natives of this Rashi would want to be more comfortable in their work area. They should be does tinder work to gain more power. They should learn the art of adjusting and accommodating with coworkers and subordinates. Periodical review of their work will have them alot to succeed in their career. By nature they are born to climb the ladder of life. They want to have control over every aspect of their lives, a weakness indeed. Co workers at work spot will give them trouble.

The natives will be preoccupied with the world around them as they may forget or find no time to take care of their health. This will lead to deterioration in health. Chest pain owing to wind and cold will affect them. Devil sometimes get affected by liver complaints on stomach upset or heart ailments. Fear of accidents and suffering from incurable disease to a few will worry the natives. A feeling of insecurity will rise in then which will affect the health. But, things will come around for but things will come around, in favour of the natives as Jupiter aspects Saturn in janma Rashi.

Women born in those Rashi will be bold, adventurous and masculine in speech, appearance and behaviour. Women employees will get troubles from their masters, criticism from superiors, sudden transfers and financial stress and strain. Saturn in the 1st house will cause health problems. further, this is the time of Sade Sati and they will be under the grip of Saturn. They should be careful in their utterances. A few of them will also have problems owing to wind and kapha. Enlargement of glands will also be there in a few cases. The help of their partners will also get affected. If the Dashas and Bhuktis are good the transit results will be moderate. They should refrain any unnecessary disputes with their life partners to avoid separation.

Instead of Jumping into every opportunity that they come across, students should plan systematically and move things accordingly, it should not be mere planning, but planning must be followed by perfect execution. Sticking to the commitments is important. hurdles and obstacles in the way of success with baffle them, but hard work and sincere perseverance will make them achieve their goal.

Birth star predictions:

Mixed results will be experienced by those born in the star. Jupiter in the 11th will help them overcome obstacles and reward them in the end. They have to realise that there are no freebies in life, in order to overcome symptoms of disease. In a few cases accidents and ailments wil make them realise that they lack the necessary humility.

A few of the letters of the star will get indirect income and extra remuneration for work. Some will have a sudden revelation of Secrets of life. Problems at workplace will cause mental worries and anxieties. Purchase of new electrical or electronic household appliances will be there. Saturn in the 1st house will often give you mental worries. Unexpected expenses will pinch the purse of the natives.

Home environment will be disturbed. Worries in the areas of comfort, convenience and conveyance will dominate the minds of the natives. trouble from unexpected quarters we’ll also rise. But there will be a little consolation at workplace. Bad effects of Sade Sati will be there but they will be minimised by the sextile aspect of Jupiter from the 11th house. On the whole the natives will have moderate results from the transits of planets.

Vedic Remedies:Jupiter Transit 2017

  • Lord Hayagreeva (Lord with Horse face) or Lord Dakshinamoorthy can be worshipped.
  • Thursdays will be good for worship.
  • Offering of Bengal gram (chana dal), ghee or yellow Silk clothes to the temple or to the poor will do good to the natives.
  • Recitation of Hayagreeva shlokas or Dakshinamurthy shlokas will ward off of the evil effects of the transit of planets.
  • As the natives experience the effects of Sade Sati their advice to propitiate Saturn by offering black clothes and sesame rice to the poor on Saturdays.
  • Participate in the Jupiter Transit 2017 Homa.

Lal kitab Remedies:

  • Help and respect your father and Guru.
  • Keep yellow coloured handkerchief.

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