Rahu in the 1st House

Rahu is a shadowy and supernatural planet. It is similar to Saturn (Shani), Jupiter (Brihaspati/Guru) and Mars (Kuja). Deep blue in color, Aquarius is its abode, Leo its exile, Taurus is its house of exaltation and Scorpio its fall or house of debilitation.

Cold and barren, it influences the central nervous system and the brain, corresponding to its position in the natal chart, it gives rise to abnormal and unnecessary events. Under its influence, the native behaves like a maniac, a psychic and indulges in unnecessary activities of which he will have deep regret for later. Overall the results, based on the other planetary positions in the natal chart is quite disastrous and catastrophic.

The planet represents selfishness, troubles and plays a major role in the natives life. Mentioned hereon are the effects of Rahu in the different houses of the natives natal chart and some Lal Kitaab remedies.

Position of Rahu in the 1st house/lagna or ascendant of the natives natal chart:

Rahu in the 1st house of the native gives him distinction and a name of repute, sometimes even bad. This is rahu-in-1st-housegood placement for Rahu but on different side Ketu is extremely bad in 7th. If Rahu is well-placed in 1st, then it gives suddenly worldly fame and wealth. Someone who likes being in front and center of things or in lead position like the Sun, Rahu gives that in a very easy way. Well-placed Rahu makes a politician in this house, But completely damages the married life. Marriage can take place happily if Venus is well-placed & when Jupiter is in the 7th house sitting with Ketu. It gives sharp mind and if Rahu badly-placed then greediness also. This type person is short-tempered and ambitious if they do not achieve something in life, then they eye other`s money. Sometimes they are totally dependent on other’s wealth if debilitated Rahu is present here.


In the 1st house, Rahu bestows the native with a good personality, strong physique. It makes him obstinate and crazy. In the airy signs it gives better results that in the earth or fiery signs.

The native is a man of convictions and has original and peculiar ideas, stubborn, self-willed and does not submit to  anyone’s ideas easily. People around him may be surprised by his un-bashfulness, but the native keeps moving on without hesitation and achieves his objectives with great ease, reaching dizzying heights of distinction.

The native achieves his ultimate goal of success and power, fame and wealth on his own. His thoughts are chaotic and actions are filled with hatred and fierce competition and revenge. Rahu makes the native a self-centered and egoistic being.

Lal Kitaab  and Vedic Remedies:

Effects of Rahu on different Houses of Astrology

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  1. S.C.kaushik says:

    The exaltation of Rahu is Taurus not Scorpio and debilitation of Rahu is Scorpio not Taurus

  2. Rajesh Parikh says:

    My Rahu placed in 1st house lagna chart been sun sign. DOB 3/7/1960, 10.50 am, Mumbai born. Pls let me know both good and bad effects.

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