Effects of Saturn placement on different Houses of Astrology- Seventh House of Astrology

Saturn/Shani Graha in 7th(Seventh) House of Natal chart

With Saturn in the 7th House, the native is plunged in grief and sadness in matrimony. Particularly if this house is occupied by saturn in a females horoscope, then the spouse i.e the husband will be a jealous and self-centered person, thus causing grief to the girl.

It also indicates a late marriage and the husband will be a widower or much older to her. But when the planet is favorably aspected by say Venus, then it indicates a happy marriage. but threat to the husbands life is indicated.

The 7th house affects business alliances adversely as Saturn is not favorable to business alliances and such partnerships may break up in  a court case or litigation, if aspected by Sun or Mars.

Lal Kitaab Remedies:
  • Donate til oil and black til(sesame seeds) to a Shani temple every Saturday.

Effects of Saturn placement on different Houses of Astrology

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