How does Sun- Surya and Rahu affect a natives married life | How to match horoscopes for marriage

Match horoscopes for marriage

It is  a well known principle of astrology  that Mars-Chevvai-Mangalik dosha is said to arise when Mars occupies the prohibited house namely 1st, the 2nd, the 4th, the 7th, 8th and the 12th because of the fact the Mars would be afflicting these houses either by its location in or aspect on them. The lagna stands for self or individuality from where Mars will aspect the 7th (Marriage) and the 8th (Widowhood). Mars from the  4th or the 12th  will aspect  the 7th while from the 2nd, he will aspect the  8th. The 2nd house stands for extension of family among other indications.

Houses of Mangalik Dosha

Houses of Mangalik Dosha

The 4th refers to general happiness, while in a female chart, it indicates her chastity. The 12th house refers to sensual enjoyment. It is said

that if there be no Mars Dosha existing in one of the charts of the proposed bride and bridegroom, the proposal for marriage in generally accepted, because such a Mars causes the death of the wife or husband as the case may be.

It will be interesting to note that the 5th house stands for love affairs, will be aspecting the 8th house (death), which is the 2nd house to the maraka house of the 7th (husband or the wife).

Read Rahu in the houses

However the placement  of Mars in the 5th house is not considered as Mars Dosha at all. Mars does not necessarily cause  the death of the life partner, unless he or she has no longevity and therefore while matching the charts of the couple, the foremost thing is to look into the longevity of the couple.

Mars is a planet of quarrels and mischief, causing misunderstanding  between the couple and even separation or divorce, if the affliction is more aggravated. It is said that Mars in the 7th House gives a quarrelsome and domineering wife or husband. There is  likelihood of frequent separation of the husband and wife due to quarrels and misunderstandings. However benefic aspect or  association modifies the gravity.

Venus stands as the Karaka of the Kalatra House(7th house).

We are required to consider the planetary positions not only form the Chandra Lagna as well as from Kalatrakaraka Venus. Mars-Venus conjunction spoils the  marital happiness. Venus and Mars exchanging  their place or Navamsas in a female chart are productive of a tendency in her to attachment to the other persons. However  unless her 4th House(chastity) and its lord are also afflicted and the Sun(Atmakaraka) and Jupiter(Charitra Karaka) are also bereft of strength and benefic influences, her character does not get tainted. It is not only mars that is chiefly responsible for causing the death of a life partner, or causing mishaps in married life,but there are many other combinations that mar the marital happiness.

Let us consider how the Sun-Rahu combination of opposition plays its import role in the married life.

Rahu is said to be like Saturn and hence a delaying planet. It is incendiary planet too. The Sun is the soul-force. He rules  the 5th House(love affairs) of the zodiac. Sun and Rahu in the 7th House give a bad speech to the female. It is said that  a female with the Sun in the 7th aspected by an unfriendly planet will be neglected by the husband. The Sun-Rahu combination is nothing but the eclipse of the Sun;  as both are natural enemies of each other. Both have a separating tendency and so this combination plays its  significant role in creating misunderstanding, separation and even divorce.

Match Horoscopes before getting marriage

Match Horoscopes before getting marriage

How to foresee marital misunderstandings and disputes.

Marriage is an important event in ones life. One has to analyze the ten compatibility factors and Dasha Sandhi and match horoscopes for marriage. Apart from this, it is very essential to examine the strength of the horoscopes of both the Bride and the Groom. This is to avoid  the tragedy of separation or divorce, after the marriage when  the problems arise between the couples.

Vedic Astrology prescribes  certain rules to be followed for Marriage compatibility. houses 2, 5, 7, 8 and 12 are to be observed. These houses and lords should neither get afflicted nor receive  malefic aspect, In addition to this 7th and 8th and also 2nd and 7th must not get interchanged. More importance should be given to Venus and its position. When the Venus is in a friendly sign or itself, a Yogakaraka, marriage will happen at the right age. If the Venus is weak, then marriage may get delayed.


Let us study a few combinations that need to be taken care of while arranging marriage between individuals;

  1. Malefic Mars(Mangalik Dosha): position and conjunction
  2. Rahu Kethu Dosha
  3. 2, 5, 7, 8th House
  4. Venus and its position
  5. Jupiter and its position
Malefic Mars(Mangalik Dosha): Position and Conjunction:

Mars/Chevvai/Angaraka/Mangal plays a vital role in both male and female horoscopes. When Mars positioned in any of the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and the 12th house from the Lagna in Rasi chart, Mars Dosha is formed. But in some cases the Dosha can be given exemption, if it fulfills any one of the following conditions;

  • If Mars occupies its own house(Aries or Scorpio)
  • If Mars is in Exaltation (Capricorn ) and in Debilitation (Cancer).
  • If Mars is in Conjunction with Jupiter or aspected by Jupiter.

More importance is given to the 7th and 8th  house because 7th  is related to Married life and 8th house is for Longevity of the partners life. For example. if Mars is in the 7th house and aspected by a malefic, there will be frequent quarrels in the family, misunderstanding and chance for separation or divorce. In the case of the 8th House early death for any of the partner. If benefic aspect is there on the 7th house or lord, separation will be temporary and re-union will happen.



  1. Hello Sir,

    I have Rahu in my lagna and my astrologer said I can get married only to a person who has same Rahu/Kethu in lagna. Failing which, will result in death of the person that I marry. But apparently I am in love with a person and his horoscope doesnt have Rahu/Kethu in the lagna.

    Is there any other parigaram or alternative to getaway from this threat.
    Kindly help. Please.

    • Hi,
      There is nothing to worry about Rahu in lagna . You can marry any other person whose horoscope matches with yours. Rahu in lagna has nothing to do with marriage

  2. Hello Sir,

    It’s been one year since I got married.There hav
    Have been so many issues between me and my
    my wife and we got separated. Let me know
    It will be solved smoothly or wat.

    My Name : Supreeth A S
    Date of Birth : 15-08-1986
    Nakashtra : Jeshta
    Rashi : Vriahchika

    Please let me know.I am really worried

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