Tail Pooja/Puja for Hanumanji for 48 days: How to accomplish your hearts desire

Tail Pooja of Hanuman

Tail Pooja is one of the other important Hindu rituals. It is the offering of sandalwood paste and Sindoor with Jasmine Oil to the tail of Shri Hanuman’s image for 48 days.

Ritual to be followed:

1) After your morning ablutions and bath, clean the photo of Hanumanji, (an example photo is given in this post. We have a (L x B)- 12″ x 9″, beautifully laminted photo of Veer Hanuman for the Tail pooja purpose, which you can purchase at INR 499.

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Hanumanji Tail Pooja Photo by astropeepdotcom

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2) Make a thick paste of sindoor with chameli (jasmine) oil or chandan with water and with the middle finger of the right hand apply to the base of the tail, i.e start this ritual for 48 days continuously starting at the base (near Hanumanjis Dhoti.)

3) Apply some white clarified white butter (loni) to his chest where the photo of Shri Ram  with Lakshman and Sitaji is present and some to be smeared to this mouth as if to signify that he is eating it.

4) Start this puja on a  Tuesday or Saturday, a New Moon day or a Moola Nakshatra day and continue applying in small proportions till the top of the tail for continuous 48 days.

5) For ladies, if continuity is a problem, then it is recommended that someone else in the family continues it for them for the 4 days of their absence.

6) Show 3 rounds of camphor, and light 2 aggarbattis to please the lord.

7) Fold your hands and ask for your hearts desire and surely at the end of the stipulated time, you will be rewarded with your hearts desire.

8 ) Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa will doubly benefit you. Read here for the benefits.

Read here for the Likhita Rama Nama Japa

Read here for some first hand experiences of people who have benefitted


Here Sindoor does not mean Kumkum or  the  sindoor that women apply to their forehead, it is vermilion and  bright orange in color. The sindoor which is applied on Lord Hanuman is an orange colour sindoor called the Bhakra Sindoor in Bihar. This sindoor when mixed with Chameli tel or ghee is then applied on Lord Hanuman.

Read Story of Sindoor Hanumanji here

Dear Readers, I  have experienced it and I want all the good souls out there to experience his power.

Keep the Sindoor with the Chameli tel(Jasmine oil) in a small container and continue applying the same paste day after day. This is called as “Chola” for Hanumanji.

For people who are find it difficult to count the nos of days (48), it is advisable that you take small red sticker bindis (the one that women apply on their forehead. ) from the market and  stick 48 bindis on the tail and each day apply the sindoor on one bindi each.

It is simple really, one only needs the shraddha (devotion) and Hanumanji is the epitome of Devotion. Any ways you call out the name of Rama, HE will protect you.

Special tips for readers based outside India and with the paucity of time:

We have Special photos  for the purpose of this pooja showing Hanumanji’s long tail with a small bell tied in the end.

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Hanumanji Tail Pooja Photo by astropeepdotcom

Ordering from India?

Use the link below to Order

INR 499
(delivery free all over India)

Ordering from outside India?
Use this Button to Order

USD 12 only

For Patrons outside India, it is a $12  HD digital download of the full sized photo.

Take at printout and get it printed at a photo studio. Frame it and start your pooja.



  1. Hi. I have tried to find the photo frames for the Hanuman tail pooja but they are not available anywhere.
    I stay in mumbai. Can anyone please let me know as to where from can I get the photo frame for the tail pooja.

    • Astrologer says:

      Dear Mr Chetan, we have sent you a photo of Hanumanji that you can frame and start your pooja.

      • anagha Sid says:

        i want to know will u get the desired immediately after 48 days. and is it just one wish u can ask for? and moreover in other websites it is said that the pooja lasts for 45 days not 48 days.
        can u kindly send me hanuman tail photo at [email protected]. thanks a lot!! ITS URGENT!!!

        • Padmavathy says:

          i have started 48 days tail pooja and I have completed only 14 days. Next month I need to go to Kollur temple as I had prayed to Moogambikai that I would be coming there after my wish is fulfilled. My question is can I take Hanumanji photo there and continue the pooja there in Bangalore or can I go only after completing this 48 day pooja here. Please advise.

    • Sindoor is never applied on photo there is a separate murti which we call sinduri murti. On sinduri murti sindur is applied, firstly cover the murti wid sum parda then remove the langot then start putting sindur wid the palm of ur right hand nd continue it for as long as u can nd keep on chanting hanuman chalisa then aftr finishing put a fresh langot on maharaj ji nd then remove the parda. He will bless u wid evrythng u want. U will urself feel happy frm inside. Do it my way for any help u can call me 9034111386

  2. Respected Sir,
    Could you please send me a picture of hanumanji please? I would also like to do a tail puja.
    Thank you and God Bless You

  3. Avijit Chowdhury says:

    Respected Sir,


    I would like to be clarified regarding showing of 3 rounds of Camphor. Is the Camphor required to be lighted. Some blogs suggest that Hanumanji’s Tail Puja is to be started from the BASE of the TAIL and finished at the tail of the TAIL. Can you please clarify how it should be apportioned exactly so that it finishes at the TAIL on the 48th day.

    I shall also be obliged if you kindly send me the soft copy of the Photo required for Tail Puja.

    regards> Avijit Chowdhury, Siliguri, West Bengal

  4. hEllo, i have a murti of hanuman ji at home.. so on a particular tuesday i can do an abhishek and after that apply the sindoor paste??

    then?? sHud i wash it before putting his janev and clothes??? could you plz clarify? or shud i keep it like it is??

    fOR abhishek

    coUld u plz tell me which of the things shud b poured at first?? i usually do take the order in consideration but i dnt knw?? plz

    tHAnk yOu

  5. I have a question here. I am staying as a paying Guest so I am unable to keep Lord Hanuman Picture in my room.If such is the case is there any other remedy to please Hanuman Ji. Please guide me because Sani Bagavan is in my life for 2.5years.

  6. Krishna says:

    Hi can u please help me as I and my sister together started the puja on hanuman photo but the tail in the photo is not enough for 10 days i.e both of us 2 dots each day. I am really worried now what to do
    Shall I extend the tail on photo by pen or sindhoor or shall I start from the beginning of the tail each time I finish
    Please some one help ASAP

  7. hi !

    I have been hearing it since my childhood that a female should not touch hanuman ji .That’s why i have never put any sindoor or even touched hanuman bhagwan in my life .It makes me feel real bad . Can anyone advice me anything on this please.
    I hope all of the unanswered questions above along with mine will be answered very soon.


    • Hi,

      Its nothing like that, god created humans as two different categories mostly males and females. Both are important, otherwise there is no births, deaths, good, bad, greed, anything etc….Even hanumanji was born to an female (anjana devi). So it is completely an myth, there is nothing wrong for females in worshiping hanumanji. He is an devotee of lord rama and sita both. But i can say that hanuman tail puja cannot be completed by females within 41 days because, in Indian mythology there is an condition, during the menses times females should not enter into the temples and should not worship the god at homes, if you believe in this condition then you are not eligible to start the hanuman puja otherwise you can start the hanuman puja also. It only depends on the truth and honesty of your soul. btw i am not a pandit, my email id is [email protected] if you have any doubts contact me.


  8. Hi
    I have completed 1 round of hanuman 48 days tail pooja. Can I remove(wipe) the sindoor dots on his tail after few months of the pooja?
    Can I do the pooja agai? (next round).
    I am reciting hanuman Chalusa daily
    pls advise.tq


  9. lalitha msni says:

    Can you email me a lord hanuman picture please To [email protected]

  10. navanith says:

    please send me the photo

  11. anagha Sid says:

    i want to know will u get the desired immediately after 48 days. and is it just one wish u can ask for? and moreover in other websites it is said that the pooja lasts for 45 days not 48 days.
    can u kindly send me hanuman tail photo at [email protected]. thanks a lot!!

  12. Prateek Singhal says:

    Please mail me the picture of Lord Hanumanji . 🙂

    [email protected]

    Jai shri ram

  13. Please mail me the picture of Lord Hanumanji
    [email protected]
    Jai Shri Ram.

  14. To whomever it may concern
    Good day I am writing for clarification/information on this topic?

    1)Can anyone perform this puja or is it specific to horoscope/birth chart influence ?
    2) is this the exact procedure for the puja or are there other rituals to perform ? If so may you please inform me of it ?

    Can the Jaya anjaneya pic be used for this purpose ?

    I thank you sincerely in advance and May Lord Hanuman richly bless you

    • Astrologer says:

      Ans 1) Anyone can do the pooja, irrespective of male of female. Best benefitted are those who have mangal/mars afflictions and shani mahadasha, sade sati or other malefic positions of saturn/shani in their natal chart.
      Ans 2 ) The procedure mentioned is the right procedure to do the pooja. You may do an other prasada if you wish too.
      Ans 3) The idea of the pooja is to worship the form of Hanumanji in “Veer” or valiant form. If you notice the image on the website as we have given is the form of Hanumanji in his “Vishal” or huge form, with one leg in the air and with the Sumeru Parvat/Sanjivani booti mountain in his hand and mace/gada in the other hand. The tail is also in its beautiful and marvellous form to complete 40-45 days of pooja.
      This form gives the positivity of the greatness of Shri Hanumanji.The Jaya Anjaneya picture is a still hand folded picture of Hanumanji as in Bhakti form.

      We will suggest you use this VEER Hnaumanji picture as we have suggested on the website. If you wish to order it for yourself, pay the PAYPAL link and download the HD picture for yourself.

      Any other queries, you may address us here.

      • Thank you very much
        There are a few other questions
        Is this puja done the fulfil wishes ( do well in exams , attain the right girl ect )
        What is the cost of the picture ?

        I sincerely thank you once again
        May Lord Hanuman bless you

  15. Not more than one picture of each god .

  16. HELLO
    My wife is very trouble some and breaking all my relationships with my brother , mother , etc , she fights with me daily and sometimes hits me , bites me , etc and speaks very dirty bad words , and she does not listen to me at all so i want to take her out of my mothers house and make a different house can i control her and make her listen to me completely

  17. Hi, hello my Question is if we do Hanuman Tail pooja for statue (panchaloga) type. Hw? Because 48days I do abishegam so it’s wash everyday. Tq need guide plz

  18. Amita suvarna says:

    Hello i want to start this pooja plz tell me how to do it and do i need to fast for 48 days and even my hubby wants to do it so can we both use the same picture of lord hanumanji …plz reply on [email protected]

  19. what i have to do the picture after completing the pooja? i have to give the picture to any temple or keepit in home itself????

  20. KS Mahesvary says:

    hai i just completed my 45days sri hanuman tail pooja. i completed on 6 jan 2015, d 45days i went thru alot of depression . wht i pray n ask till hanuman not yet show me. pls any1 can help. each time i put tilak on his tail i read his tail mantra, n also chalisa n write sri rama jeyam 54x. any1 help me pls will i get solution for my prayers

  21. kalai selvi says:

    Can we keep hanuman photo in home n do pooja…?

  22. prashant srivastava says:

    Hi sir pranaam jai shree ram i want to know can i do this puja on parad shree hanumaan murti. please reply asap. i m in big trouble,,i,ll be great full to u.

  23. Pranaam ,

    Can unmarried girls apply Sindoor on the lord? I learned from elders that unmarried girls cannot offer sindoor to the lord. Can I apply dots of keaser chandan mixed with jasmine oil instead?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • I forgot to mention that the married women in our community uses the orange colour sindoor on their forehead after marriage.

  24. I have give some money to two persons the money is not recovering,i daily chant hanuman chalisa & shiv chalisa.

  25. I am a female and as you said that during menstruals somebody else can do this but what if there is nobody else to do this. What should I do?

    Please guide me.

  26. Suman Singh says:

    Jai Sree Ram Belief is everything have faith

  27. Please advice what to do with sindoor droped on extra on murati when it gets to big

  28. Hi could u plz send me hanumaan g photo my email address is [email protected]

  29. Hi Please email me hanuman photo to my email add:[email protected]

    I’m interesting to do pooja,Please let me know how to do.

  30. Hi,
    I need clarification i have started 45 days pooja by applying sindhoor on daily basis 28 days over, but 5 days i am not suppose to do so i had taken a break. and unfortunately my father has cleaned all the GOD photos including hanuman photo which i am doing pooja. So sindhoor photo also cleaned up, do i have to start from first or shall I have to put those 28 days sindhoor and continue. Please guide me I am worried

  31. mohana priya says:

    Can u please send me a lord hanuman Ji foto pls?? [email protected] com

  32. Can you send me the pic to [email protected]

  33. every day after pooj can we wear the shoe or chapla

  34. Hi , I bought a hanuman murti , I woudering can I do the prayer home and how can I start it as is not bless , or if you could send me a photo also .thank you

  35. ethenhunti says:

    Please send me the photo of Hanuman tail photo? to [email protected]

  36. Ihh bought the tail pooja photo of hanumanji.
    Is compulsory to start the puja on Saturday or tuesdays.

  37. Can u pl send me tail Pooja Hanuman photo email [email protected]

  38. hi..i did the 48 days tail puja and on the 47th days my visa was already approved ,stamp and send to me.i did the puja and i also read chalissa morning and evening.jai shri ram jai hanuman

  39. Can u pl send me tail Pooja Hanuman photo email [email protected]

  40. Hi sir , I would kindly oblique if you can send me tail pooja Hanuman photo by email.
    [email protected].

  41. Please send me the photo to my prescribed mail id.

  42. hi

  43. Shaimal Mohan says:

    I would like to try this Pooja could someone please email me the picture.
    [email protected]


  44. i have haruman swayambu moorthy in my pooja room how to apply sindur ?can i apply to whole body .im reciting hanuman chalisa daily

  45. I never thought hanumanji was so powerful after performing his Pooja only I came to know really lot of difference has happened in my life with his blessings many things can happen

  46. I am doing Hanumanjis 48 days pooja wearing wet clothes…. I want to know on the 48 th day as we have to make prasadam that is Vada garland, do I have to wear wet clothes still or should I complete it on 48 th day and then on 49th day I do the Vada garland pooja?

  47. Hello Astrologer, I have registered my name in a draw(lottery type but legal) and its been two years this is a daily quarterly and yearly draw for huge sum but I never won, can you guide me which specific Pooja I should to to win this, or if I can talk to you directly?

  48. If I go out of station then should I continue when I will come back and add those number of day??

  49. On the sindhoor that we apply to the base all the time or do we apply it for 48 days and it goes to the end of Hanumanji’s tail. The directions do not state where it should end at the 48th day or do we apply it to the base of the tail only for 48 days. Please clarify as I would like to start this puja

    • namaste Sarwan…i will tell u how i did it…i did it in mauritius bought sindoor that i got in pujashop…the sindoor i make a paste with ghee and the sindoor…i put it in a katori..i kept it aside my hanumaji murty..so morning i apply the sindoor from tail bottom(that is connect to his waist) to top that is near his head…but i apply it 5 times..so 5 times from bottom to top..and each time i recite hanumanji mantra..om hanumate namaha…then after i apllied plus mantra..i chant hanuman chalissa…but hanuman chalissa i recited morning and evening….so for 48 days i did it as a routine..i apply 5 times with mantra and also i specify that i am doing this tail puja for specific purpose…and i got success..but be veg and be brahmachari..and if possiible go do round of hanuman murti once a week in a mandir..u either do 5 times or 14 or 23 as u notice 14 =1+4 = 5 so this way you sure will get blessing of hanumanji…

      • Namaste Rastree, I bough the picture from Astro peep and it’s a bit different. So you started from bottom to top but the directions from Astro peep say start from the. Are which is the starting point of his tail. So would it be start from the base and end at the end of the tail. That is the clarification I need.

    • namaste sarwan…yes start base the tail touching waist then go to tail top..include the hair part also…hope this help…

  50. Umamaheshwari says:

    I would like to try this Pooja could someone please email me the picture & procedure for pooja.
    E-mail:[email protected]

  51. I would be interested to know about the tail of hanuman, can you show us the photo of this, or can we click photo of hanuman in a temple and do puja to it ? waiting to hear your reply

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