Sarpa Dosha Nivaran- Rahu Ketu Shanti Homa

Rahu Ketu Shanti Homa

Sarpa Dosha Rahu Ketu Pooja

Sarpa Dosha is considered when all planets coming between Rahu and Ketu. This results in failure and dejection because all the karyas don’t happen accordingly to the efforts put in often leading to negativity and inferiority complex. Rahu ketu Shanti Homa is done by Vedic procedure is very effective although very simple.

Rahu ketu transit 2016 Homa and Pooja
Participate in the Rahu Ketu Transit 2016 Homa. Limited participants. Click here to read


Why should you go for this Puja/Homam?

  • When all your work comes to a standstill and fruitless struggles indicated.
  • When you are failing in business.
  • You are in constant fear of losing  job or are unable to secure one.
  • Enemies are the prime reason for your loss in business, and obstacles in life.
  • When you have allergy problems, itching, skin problems.
  • Loss of child, miscarriage, no child after many years of marriage.
  • No marriage in spite of efforts and marriage cancellation at last moment.
Then you should go for this process of rectification, via specially trained Vedic pundits for this pooja/homam. The Puja will include Mantra Japa for sarpa Dosha, donation of a pair of snake (made in Silver) and a havan in the end. 

Here is a short video of the Pooja/homa being done. You can see Shiva LingaAbhishekam, an integral part of the pooja being done.

Send us a mail here to confirm participation charges and include names for the sarpa dosha pooja.

Rahu ketu transit 2016 Homa and Pooja
Participate in the Rahu Ketu Transit 2016 Homa. Limited participants. Click here to read

We need your name, rashi nakshatra, gotra (if possible). You can include names of close family members too.

It begins with worshipping Lord Ganesh. By doing this all the obstacles and danger is eliminated and the purpose is achieved sooner.

After Ganesh pujan, Lord Varun pujan also termed as Kalash pujan is performed. In this ceremony Holy Water is bestowed with the respect of God and is worshipped like one worships God.  All holy power, holy water and all God and Goddess are invoked through this Kalash (Pot). The worshipper is blessed through Swastivachan with Punyam, Kalyanam, Ridhim, Swastim and Shreeha.

In the main ritual, the sixteen forms of Goddess Durga/Shodasha Durga are worshipped as the second important ritual. To embrace all the powers and vitality one has to worship Goddess Durga. We commemorate our ancestors by performing Naandi Shradh to gain blessings of our forefathers.

In the principal ritual along with Lord Shiva Rahu, Kaal (God of Time), Sarpa (Golden Serpent), NavNag (Nine Serpents), after consecration of all Gods they are worshiped with faith and which embodies sixteen items due to which all the Gods are pleased and delighted.

Nine planets exude energy and is beneficial (Yogkarak) for us. By worshipping Planets/Stars humans gain strength, intellect and knowledge. Along with this they win over their enemy and make success out of it. Lord Shiva is worshipped for forgiveness for all the guilt and misconduct. We reap immediate results for an act after worshipping Lord Shiva and while worshipping all the flaws are eradicated.

Mantra of Ketu

“Palasha Puspa Sangasham

Tarakagraha Mastakam

Rowdram Rowdratmakam Ghoram

Tam Ketum Pranamamyaham”

Mantra of Rahu

“Ardakayam mahaviryam

chandraditya vimardanam

singhika garba sambootam

tam rahum pranamamyaham.”


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