Pooja and Vedic rituals – Frequently asked questions


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Pooja and Vedic rituals – Frequently asked questions

Astropeep.com performs Pooja and Vedic rituals like homa and havan along with japa for patrons all over the world. We understand the limitations of people when they write in to us that they are hard pressed for time, are short of resources and most of all do not have the right people to do these rituals for them. Astropeep has a team of highly specialized South Indian Vedic Agama Shastrys who  perform these rituals for patrons far and wide with much sincerity and devotion.

We perform an array of poojas and highly specialized homas known as Peyarchi Shanti/Preethi (Important Transit fire rituals) for Loka Kshema (general well being for the Universe). Remedial poojas and homa are also performed with utmost sincerity with the clear intention to provide the necessary relief to the patron/patrons from the existing malefic planetary transits and positioning.  No one else we know of, does these specialized poojas. We urge you to book these poojas and leave the rest to us. Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to write in and inquire if you feel that these questions have not sufficiently addressed your doubts

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Fruits offering

  • What is a Pooja, Homa and Havan?

Normally,this is a fire ritual involving around an hour of japa (chanting of moola mantra), avahana (invoking the Lord, Gods and Goddess), kalasha pooja and several other vedic rituals other including sankalpam and Ganapathi pooja. Every Pooja begins with invoking Lord Ganesha and then the specialized moola mantra japam and other rituals help the Vedic Bramhin assigned the task to achieve your hearts desire through your sankalpam (your wish is conveyed at the fire ritual ceremony).

  • What Poojas and Homa do you specialize in? Where can I see a list of your services?

We have a wide range of Vedic ceremonies that are conducted for our patrons allover the world. you can view our basket of services here.  Pooja/Homa and Havan Services from astropeep.com.

  • How is the costing determined?

Each Pooja or Homa has samagri or articles that are unique to that particular pooja. Then there are other costs involved such as pooja articles, Dana (articles of charity), Dakshina(to be given to the Vedic pundit perfomring the pooja), specific samagri, the tamboolam, the  costs for videography, photography and other logistics and arrangement charges. In some special remedial poojas, the specialized Bramhin is given a certain fee to also perform the “Parihara Pooja” or the pooja that succeeds the remedial poojas to get rid of Karma that he gains out of doing the poojas for the patron. In other other words, certain Homa or poojas also carry the aftermath of Bad karma for helping others get rid of them, and these have to be removed by doing certain rituals all over again. There is Havana(fire ritual) samagri, various offerings like fruits, flowers, camphor, sweets, milk, navagraha vastra, navagraha dhanya etc. dakshina, daana, tamboolam, karma removal, moolamantra japam, Vedic Karya siddhi, postage and courier of prasada (in some cases only)

Yantra energization rituals(charge seperately if need be) and such are taken into account while quoting the cost of the Pooja for an individual.

  • How will I know that the ritual has been done for me?

There is full transparency in the vedic rituals being done for you specifically. Major events are videographed and photographed and archived for our records. You get a detailed mail before the event informing you when the pooja is proposed for you, with the time and tithi etc. Then you are pre – informed about the rituals that you may have to perform at your end to establish a connection to the pooja being performed here for you. After the event is over, you promptly get a mail informing you that the event went went off successfully and initial photographs are released to you. Later on, the  video linkup of  the pooja is sent to you via e-mail.

As it is a pvt link on YouTube, only those who have the link are able to watch it. We maintain full privacy of our patrons identity.

We do videography and photography of the Group Homas only 

  • If I don’t participate in the Homa in person, do I still benefit?

Yes, the Moola mantra Japam for the planetary influences that are done by our learned pundits have extraordinary powers to grant peace and tranquility. The full phala or result of this mantra japam and the homa is transferred to the horoscope holder/jataka by means of Sankalpam done under the guidance of Vedic System of Karma Vidhaan and Vedic Astrology.

  • What happens during the Homa ceremony? I am curious and want to know the various rituals.

The common rituals for every Havan/Homam are as follows :

  • Pavitra Dharanam & Prarthana
  • Achamanam & Siromarjanam
  • Sthala Shuddhi
  • Mahaganapati Puja
  • Kalasha Puja
  • Sri Bhagavati/Bhagavan Pooja
  • Agni Pratishtapanam, Dhyanam & Agni Alankaranam
  • Sankalpam
  • Pradhana homa
  • Jayadi homa
  • Purnahuti homa
  • Pradakshinam, Namaskaram & Prasthanam

Havans are age-old sacred rituals to invoke and propitiate various deities using the sacred fire as a medium for the attainment of various wishes and boons in the materialistic and the spiritual world as well.

  • What do I have to do on my part when the pooja is being performed?

After you have booked for a pooja for your yourself, the Logistics team sends you a mail wherein all details of certain rituals and oblations to be observed by the Yajaman(person/family for whom the pooja is being conducted) are written. Sometimes mantra and specific acts are mentioned that the person has to carry on the day or before the pooja/homa date. After the homa has been performed, a follow-up mail is sent to inform you how the ceremony was conducted.

  • How do I know what poojas or homas are right for me?

From time to time we do send mails and newsletters informing our subscribers and readers about poojas and homas that are being conducted for specific reasons. More so when there are specially organized Transit homas like Shani Preethi and Guru Preethi, we do ask people to participate along with their families and friends through mails and newsletters. If you are not subscribed to us, you can do so HERE. We will keep you abreast with all the latest happenings at astropeep.

Other than this, you can send us your details through this form wherein our in-house astrologer will study your natal chart for planetary maleficence and suggest pooja remedies.

You can also leave us your query through this link and we will get back to you for your requirements.

You can also write us a mail here: admin AT astropeep.com

  • What is a sankalpam? I received a mail asking me to send my sankalpam.

Sankalpam or the Intention is undertaken by the Vadiyaar on behalf of the Yajaman. The names, Nakshatra, Rasi and Gotra are called out aloud and all the Gods, the Nine Planets and the 27 Constellations are invoked to come and witness the event and bless the family and shower their bountiful blessings upon the family organizing this event.

The Sankalpam involves chanting and calling out aloud in Chaste Sanskrit the prayer that the Yajaman and his family wish to get fulfilled- Dosha Nivaran, Studies Abhivritti (multi – fold increase, compounded returns), Aishwarya (wealth), Shaurya (strength, valor), Kutumba (family) unity, Sarva Arogyam(Good health), destruction of all enemies, early achievement of all endeavours and to go overseas and get good job, early placement, fast approvals, easy govt sanctions, favored match for marriage, easy child birth, child yoga. All the Sanskrit verses aim to provide Poorna Palan(complete result) and Anugraha(benefic) positive energy. Every time the Vadiyaar says “Sidhyartham“, it is a favor asked from the Gods for success and full accomplishment of the goal intended to be achieved by the Homa.
Thus completes our Prayer- actual intention for this Homam/Havan/Puja. This intention of the Homa is termed as sankalpam. We insist on individual sankalpams as they are most important to the ceremony.

  • What details do I have to give in order to participate and how do I pay?

All we need is your Name, Rasi, Nakshatra and Gotra. If you do not know them, you can send us your DOB, TOB and POB and we will calculate all these on our own and also inform you for your future reference. If you are placed out of India, we send you a PayPal link to pay either by Debit or Credit card.

If you are in India, our most preferred mode of accepting payment is through Ebay, where again you pay by your Debit or Credit Card. You can write in to us in case of payment difficulties.

If you want to read about our Poojas and other rituals, click here…



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