Pooja and Abhishek to Lord Shiva – Shiv Linga: How to perform Puja to Lord Shiva

Abhishek to Lord Shiva – Shiv Linga Pooja

Lord Shiva, the divine consort of Goddess Parvati and Father to Ganeshji and Lord Kartikeya is the bestower of happiness and marital happiness. He is addressed as “Bhole Nath” as he is pleased easily and can give his “Bhakt” immense wealth and prosperity.

Lord Shiva

Abhishek and Pooja for Lord Shiva

The Pooja or Abhishek of Lord Shiva or for the Shiv Linga  is an elaborate process, mentioned below;

Install a Shiv Linga in a Copper plate and begin with a few simple mantras or a simple “Om Namah Shivaya”  will also do. Offer water, honey, curds and milk on the linga and wash with water again while chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” continuously.

Abhishekam is the process of bathing the deity. It may be simple by just using water or elaborate when it includes milk, curds, honey, ghee, sugar, coconut water, sandal paste, fruit juice get to see the benefits in your life as all the ancestors doshas- Pitru Dosha(malefic conditions) and all other doshas in Kundali (natal chart) gets abolished. Pachamrut Abhishek is a good way of pleasing Lord Bhole Nath.
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Devotees perform Jal(water) Abhishek and Dugdha (milk) Abhishek of lord Shiva. Abhishek means ” to have bath”. Lord Shiva gets pleased by this way and the desires of his devotees come true. Although there many ways of performing Abhishek but the Abhishek offered to Lord Shiva in the present time is called Rudra Abhishek.

Lord Shiva is also known by the name of Rudra, hence, his Abhishek is called Rudrabhishek. Devotees perform Abhishek of Shivalinga by chanting mantras. According to the ancient scriptures, stream of water is very much liked by lord. People performing Rudrabhishek always have the blessing of lord Shiva.

Offering the Bilva leaves during Shiva Linga Pooja is considered auspicious. Learn more about the Bilva or Bael Leaves here.

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If you do not have a Shiv Linga at home, worshipping the Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra gives equal benefits. Afterall the yantra has mantras embeddd on it

Lord Shiva grants them their wishes and give them mukthi(salvation). During Prodhosha time anointing Abhishekam the Shiva deity with the following is considered fruitful. Milk gives long life Ghee gives Moksha state Curd gives good children Honey is considered most sacred by Hindus and helps derive benefits of having worshipped all Devatas at one go. Pradhosha pooja is one of the most important among the poojas performed to the Graceful Lord Shiva

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