Kamal Gatta Mala for Lakshmi Japa- Lotus seed Rosary – Please Goddess Lakshmi

Kamal Gatta Mala to appease Goddess Lakshmi

Kamal Gatta Mala to appease Goddess Lakshmi

Kamal gatta mala is also known as dried lotus bead mala.

Poverty is the worst curse of life. To banish this curse that could be haunting a house for generations one must try this mala. Lakshmi is also called Kamalvaasini – i.e one who sits on a lotus.

What is Lakshmi Kataksham- Understanding the symbols of Goddess Lakshmi
This is why for the Sadhana and Mantra chanting of Lakshmi we use a special rosary made of seeds of lotus which is called Kamalgatta mala.

B U Y   H E R E

Kamal gatta rosary is a symbol of Godess laxmi. If you are desirous of getting much wealth in your life, then you must perform japa of Godess laxmi with kamal gatta mala.

The Goddess is easily appeased if one uses this rosary for the chanting of her Mantra and she bestows upon him wealth

Kamal Gatta Mala

Kamal Gatta Mala

and comforts. There are other rosaries too that are prescribed for Lakshmi Sadhanas and with them too Lakshmi Sadhana can be accomplished. But using a Kamalgatta rosary helps one secure the blessings of the Goddess faster.


Procedure– Keep a photo or idol of Shree lakshmi and “Shree Kubera and Maha-Lakshmi Yantra” on red/green cloth and offer red chandan/sandalwood, red flowers, itar/perfume, Dhoop, oil/ghee lamp etc. Mantra jaap should be done with Kamal gatta Mala.

For better results worship should be started on Friday and a four/five sided ghee lamp should used in her worship.

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Gomukhi for Japa Mala

Gomukhi for Japa Mala

This mala is well polished and in good condition to start pooja and japa immediately. It has 108+1 beads and is a sturdy piece. Comes in a special bag only for you. F R E E | F R E E | F R E E

No charges for the silk bag, it is complementary from us.

The pure silk single colored Gomukhi bag is specially hand made for such energized articles. Read here to know how to do Japa Available in 4 colours, you will receive one random-colored piece on booking for the Kamal gatta mala. Dimensions are: L= 10″ and B= 6″ Color: Available in 4 colors (Red, orange, pink, purple) Material: Pure silk- single colored with “OM” Screen-printed on the bag.

This energized Kamal Gatta mala is available in limited stock and do avail the opportunity to evoke the Goddess with this Abhimantrit mala.

Poweful Lakshmi Mantra - Lakshmi OwlSuper Astro Tip:

Keep an owl figurine in your money cupboard,  safe, house locker or anywhere where you keep your money and valuables. Being Lakshmijis Vahana/vehicle and Lucky Mascot, so the Goddess of wealth and Properity is sure to follow her favorite mascot into your home and office.

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