Iswarya kali Photo- to overcome vastu defects and invite wealth

Sree Vastu Iswarya Kali Photo

Symbol of Divine entry for Karmic cleansing, the divine mother’s legs bringing divine light for clearing negative energy/karmic darkness.The picture is with two golden brown color glowing legs with jewels. If you watch the picture keenly, you can sense the inner meaning of the same. The divine mother’s entry inside any place is bringing light and clearing karmic darkness in life.

It says on the photo- “Wherever I enter, all Vasthu/Karmic defects are cleared and all Iswarya (wealth and preosperity) enters”

Since leg is the first part of our body entering inside any place with good intention, the Devi’s legs are channelled here as Iswarya Padam with Golden color brightness and published as photos for sake of people suffering with karma and Vasthu Dosha.

Since the Divine Mother is governing our environmental force from all the eight directions, this symbol is energised with the asthadigyantras.

Where to place for maximum benefit

This is supposed to be kept inside the main entrance of our house (facing inside) for divine dispensation.  Gazing at the symbol and visualizing loads of money often with the specific mantra chanting for 108 times daily is welcoming good spirits of ishwaryam.

For overseas client, pls mail us here, we will work out a feasible shipping rate for this rare product. 

Divine mother Black kali’s energy coming from 8 direction is visualized as divine feet entering our house with enormous light energy to clear the existing negative energy and maintaining divine energy dispensation.

Along with this highly vastu energized photo that is hard mounted, you also get a yantra and special kumkum.

Pls hurry as we have extremely limited stock of this Vastu miracle.



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