How to worship Ketu – Southern Node of the Moon-shadowy planet-chaya graha



Ketu of the southern point of the Moon also known as the “Chayya Graha” or shadowy planet is considered a worldly malefic and spiritually benefic planet, as it causes a mild amount of sorrow, loss and thus turns a man towards God and Spirituality.

Ketu signifies spirituality and represents the spiritual process of evolution. Unlike its counterpart-Rahu, ketu also does not have any material embodiment. Known as the Shadowy or Chaya Graha, it simply acts as per the bhava or the house where it is seated.

But like its counterpart Rahu- the northern node of the moon, it also signifies sudden actions like an accident or lottery gains. It indicates  secrecy, dissatisfaction with the materialistic world. hidden enemies, greed, proficiency in foreign languages, and artificial languages like computer. It represents foreign or alien languages beliefs, obsessive personality, mass tragedies, mysterious diseases, abortions, rifts in the family, domestic problems etc.

The only difference between the effects of Rahu and Kethu are simply that the effects caused by Kedhu/Ketu/Kethu are to a large extent milder that the one caused by Rahu. However the mental agony and uncertainty and the fear of the unknown is greatly felt. Book Your Pooja Here…

Effects of malefic and benefic influence of Ketu Bhagwan

Persons afflicted by Kethu dosham are stricken with fears of dacoity, bad habits, loss of property, loss of face, putra-dosham. By praying to Kethu Bhagavan, one can be rid of the doshams. Evil effect of Ketu will create obstacles in one’s endeavors, enemy and ill – health.

Moksham, good eye-sight, property, land, gold, vehicle, fame, wife, children, happiness, unexpected property gains are the beneficial aspects of Kethu Bhagavan. Kethu signifies intelligence, liberation, wisdom, non-attachment, deep insight and psychic abilities. Regular propitiation of Kethu removes possibility of accidents, insect bites, allergy etc. As in the case of Rahu, Kethu also being a shadowy planet showers blessings on the house it occupies.

His colour is red and his Vahana/Vehicle is the Eagle; the grain associated with him is khollu (horse gram); the flower – red alli (lily); fabric – multi colored cloth; gem – Vaidooriyam/Cats Eye; food – rice mixed with khollu (horse gram) powder.

How to worship Ketu Bhagwan

For pooja of ketu
Take smoky colored flowers in you hands and do the following dhyana(meditation)
“Ekotarshatam keuridivyam bhumyantre stitha|
Eteshyam cha grahaananch shantibhichachasu te sada”

Now recite the mantra:
“Aum praam preem proom sa: om bhur bhuva wah: om ketunkrsuhavann ketave peshompryyaapeshe|samush dibharjaytha: om swah bhuva bhu: om sa: proom preem praam om ketave namah:||”

Pariharams for Rahu and Ketu have been discussed in earlier posts

How to worship ketu :  
  • Worshipping and fasting on Tuesday and worshiping in the night will relieve the ill effect of Kethu if one is undergoing a difficult Rahu Mahadasha or Antardasha, to a great extend.
  • Fasting on this day will help; you should take sweet potatoes and fruit juice once a day and avoid salt and spices.
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  • A Rahu- Ketu Sarpa dosha yantra is good remedy for the malefic results of this Mahadasha.
  • Install the Shwetarka Ganesha for immediate relief from ill-effects of the Ketu Mahadasha

Temple of Ketu Bhagwan in India:

Kethu Temple at Keezhperumpallam

Kethu Temple at Keezhperumpallam

He is located at Keelaperumpallam about 20 km from SriKali Here, there is a Temple for Naganatha Swamy. In the temple there is a separate sannidhi for Ketu. Here Ketu is facing  North-West direction and  is enshrined with his consort Chitralekha. This is an ancient Saivite shrine where legend has it that Kethu, one of the 9 supernatural bodies central to astrological beliefs worshipped Shiva.

This place is also called Vanagiri. Ketu prayed to Naaganaadhaswami and was blessed and rid of his sins by Lord Siva. Ketu Bhagavan did severe penance towards Naganadhaswamy the presiding deity of Tirunageswaram temple. He was blessed by Lord Shiva and was relieved off his sins. Ketu is seen as worshiping Naganadhaswami with his folded hands held high. He is seen with his head which is very rare image. Book Your Pooja Here…

Mantras and Shlokas- How to worship ketu

Good effect of Ketu and when ketu bhagwan is pleased, will improve financial position, good health, mental peace and happiness.

Mantra. Aum nring nring nring narsinghaye (Nrisimhaye) namah aum.

Ketu Moola Mantram: Aum Hrim Krum Krura Rupine Kethave Aim Suh Svaha. Kethu.

Ketu Gayathri: AUM Chitravarnaya Vidhmahe, Sarparoopaya Dhimahi, Tanno Kethu Prachodayath .

Effects of Ketu in Bhavas (in different houses)
  • 1st House:
    Signifies the person and his personality, so the transit of Kethu in the 1st house indicates that his personality will be changed soon i.e. old personality will end and new personality will arise.
  • 2nd House:
    Deals with money maters. So a person will experience an end to his previous money mater life and a new turn will be happening soon For ege; If he is extremely rich,  he will face a down fall in fortune and vice versa;  a poor fellow will become a rich from now. Some other factors do have importance like how is second house placed and how is moon is placed because these factors are karakas of second house but whenever ketu is placed in second house there will be a sudden change in his financial position.
  • 3rd House:
    The third house third house is house of courage and initiative and co-borns so a transit of Kethu here will mean that there will be a change in your initiative or you will leave your work which you were trying to do and for you there will be a change in the direction of your initiative and there may be a change with your brothers or sisters.
  • 4th House:
    When it is placed in fourth house you can tell that there will be a change in regarding fourth house maters like you will sell some property or asset and buy a new one or say like that there will be a change with your mother life.
  • 5th House:
    Fifth house is a house of relationships so you can tell there will be change in your relations.
  • 6th House:
    Sixth house is the house of service so you can tell that there may be a change of service in your life.
  • 7th House:
    Seventh house is house of marriage and business tell there will be a change of wife or business, now here you should have intuition power like a person comes with a wife it is understood that they are having good relationship so tell there may be chances of a change in your business. The other factors also matter like placement of 6th lord in seventh and the eight house the house of bond is weak or being accepted by ketu you can tell that you will be separated by your wife or husband.
  • 8th House
    If ketu is placed in 8th house the ketu will affect 8th, 12th and 4th house so there will be a change of his assets or something will end regarding these houses and something will start new concern with these houses.
  • 9th House:
    In ninth house goes the same with first house and fifth house.
  • 10th House:
    In tenth house it goes same as in second house 6th house so there will be a change in profession service and his financial position.
  • 11th House:
    Suppose it is placed in 11th house you can tell that your initiative will be change there may be a change in seventh house affairs so these things will affect yours gains.
  • 12th House:
    And the 12 houses the house of moksha you can’t say that when ketu is placed in 12 housez the person will get moksha instead his expenses can go to such heights or unexpected loss in life. You know that ketu boosts the affairs where it is placed or that person can go to hospitals or to far-off countries for work or he can renounce the world it depend upon the circumstances of the person is concerns.


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