Buri Nazar – how to ward off evil eye- Simple techniques and procedures

The term “Evil Eye”, Buri Nazar,  “Drishti”, “Malocchio” has references all over the world. It is a popular term to believe any unexpected turn of

Evil eye

Evil eye

unpleasant events. When we have a normal, routine life going on and suddenly, out of the blue, the apple cart is tipped by unprecedented unpleasant activities, with no plausible explanation, our elders assume it to the be ill-effects of the “Evil Eye” or the eye cast out of jealousy and envy.

Some common symptoms of Evil Eye or Buri Nazar that you may have noticed your self:

  • Sudden vomiting and Diarrhoea
  • The drying up of the milk of nursing mothers and livestock
  • Problems with the blood, eyesight
  • Tensions and unnecessary expenses
  • Souring of milk frequently, food going bad too soon
  • Continued business losses
  • Break down in office automation and machinery
  • Excessive unaccounted theft and expenses in home and work place
  • Impotence in men and fertility issues amongst women
  • Total head and back of the neck pain and the feeling of heavy eyes.
  • An acute uneasiness or apprehension: everything seems to go wrong.
  • Frequent quarrels amongst husbands and wives
  • Total breakdown of communication amongst married partners and lovers
  • Stomach ache accompanied with dizziness and a feeling of vomiting.
  • Amongst the babies, they cry without reason and have terrible stomach pangs and pain.
Pa Kua mirror

Ba Gua mirror

Various Remedies in different cultures.

In China the remedy for the evil eye is the Pa-Kua mirror, a six-sided mirror that is hung on the front door or placed in the front window to reverse bad energy back to the sender. Some of these mirrors are convex to reflect back the bad “poison darts” or “arrows” of multiple ill wishers and some are concave to reflect energy in a definite direction back at, for instance, a nosy neighbor, whose gaze may have lingered on your home for too long. In Feng-Shui, mirrors are often used as a cure all to reflect negative energy back at all kinds of things – people, bad architecture, traffic, neighbors, physical obstructions such as trees or rocks or anything else that might considered to be a conductor of Har-Shui (negative vibrations).



Black eye protection for child- 

Indian women wear kohl to prevent themselves to get affected by the evil eye or the Buri Nazar. The new born babies are also placed a small black kohl dot on the forehead near the the hair, Black eye protection for child- Kohl dots on forehead and cheekshalf-hiding in the hair to ward off evil eye. In India cords strung with blue beads are placed on newborn babies. When the cord breaks and the beads are lost the child is considered to have a strong enough aura to protect him or herself from the evil eye. Red cords worn upon the wrist or neck are thought to have a powerful effect against ocular malevolence or the “Evil Eye” or Buri nazar.

nazar battu- variant II-largeAnother effective way  of warding of evil eyes in homes and businesses is to keep a Nazar battu hanging over the front main door of our homes, from where people enter.

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The Turkish Evil Eye charm is quite famous all over the world. It is a ceramic charm to be worn on the arm, neck, waist. or simply to hang outside homes and as a car key chain to ward off evil eye.

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Some popular symptoms and their remedies are as follows:

Salt-mustard seeds-red chillies to ward evil eye

Salt-mustard seeds-red chillies 

Symptom 1: Child crying incessantly without reason, looks like a stomach upset or the reason is unknown.

Remedy:Take 2 red dry chillies, some rock salt, mustard seeds and a few strands of the mothers hair and rotate over the child clockwise thrice and then anti-clockwise thrice, from top to bottom, front and back. Now take a hot plate/tava and put all of this on the hot plate.

If the red chillies fumes irritates your nose and makes you sneeze then the evil eye was not  there, but even after the red chillies have burnt to black cinder and there is no irritation, then the evil eye was strong. The baby will start to feel fine in no time.

Symptom 2: Adult is feeling sluggish, irritable, sickly and loss of appetite for no reason.

Remedy: Take  some rock salt and the do the above clockwise and anti clockwise rotation over the head and immerse in a glass of water kept close by. It is believed that as the  salt mixes with water, the evil eye will also dissolve away.

Symptom 3: A particular member in the family suffers from chronic illness? The reason could be very well due to evil eye of neighbors or relatives.

Burning Coconut to ward Evil Eye

Burning Coconut to ward Evil Eye

Remedy: Take sea water in a bottle or can and distill the water using a white cloth. After distillation, take the distilled water and mix a small proportion of ” Gau Mutra”(cow’s urine). Store it in a bottle and spread the water inside every rooms of the house during Tuesday, Friday, Full moon day and new moon day. This remedy will burn the evil eye and its resulting illness.

Symptom 4: Frequent illness and loss of appetite for livestock’s. Domestic animals are also in unrest and seem agitated.

Remedy: Do you know evil eye can also affect domestic animals? One of the way to remove this evil eye is by bathing the affected livestock’s using turmeric powder mixed in water. Another effective method is to rotate a burning coconut over the animals body to remove the evil eye.

Symptom 5: Is your business running a bad patch, not getting the deserved success in business? Then it might be due to the evil eye of your business competitors.

Keep lemon in water to ward evil eye in office

Keep lemon in water to ward evil eye in office

Remedy: To ward off evil eye by business competitors or neighbors, place lemon in a glass full of water. Make sure the glass is a white transparent one. Keep the glass in a place which is very visible to people who visit your place. Also, change the water every day. On every Saturday, remove the lemon and replace it with new one. By doing this, you can ward off evil eye that affects your business or profession. Also read about the green chillies and lemon totka for Business establishments.

Symptom 6: Misfortunes, Bad luck, loss of fortune and jobless situation. These are some of the common evil eye effects.

Remedy: One of the common and well known method to remove evil eye is by keeping an aquarium in the house. Aquarium should be kept in the Hall of the house, and should be placed in the south side of the Hall. You may also install the Shoolini Durga Kavach Yantra to ward off evil eye.

Panchamukhi Hanumanji available at Ebay

Putting up a photograph of the famed Panchamukhi Hanumanji is also a sure-shot way to remove evil eye and safeguard from negative energies. Vastu Dosha can be removed and nullified by this rare photograph. Other articles for Vastu Dosha nivaran

Pregnant woman- protection from evil eye

Pregnant woman- protection from evil eye

Symptom 8: Evil eye can easily affect pregnant ladies when they go out of the house and such envious thoughts can affect the health of pregnant women.

Remedy: While going out, take a two to three neem tree leaves and keep it with you. After returning to home, burn the neem tree leaves, thus burning the evil eye that was cast on you.



  1. NEHA Dosa says:

    was nice reading simple methods can i be told from wher to buy durga kavach yantra

  2. What if the lemon which is kept in a transparent glass turns red before 1 week?

  3. Hi can I put the Nimbu Mirchi Totka in my house or outside of my house. Not sure

  4. Hi where to put punchamukthi hanumanji in home.

    • Astrologer says:

      At temple altar or above main door, if the door is south facing. Wherever you keep, let it face south direction.

      • Outside of the main door or above the door on the inside…??
        Also basically Wich disha should Hanumanji be facing…??

  5. I did the lemon and chillies and when I went to thro it the cotton cut and the chillies were on one and the lemon on the other, what does this mean

  6. Hello

    I went out after eating a sweet n crossed several places that day. I have chronic pain since then which isnt going after all types of medications. I suspect that, there’s something evil with me

    Kse thk kru ye situation ab?

  7. .sea salt

  8. I have problam with anger issue that’s. Why i dont have any friend

  9. What if the lemon comes above the water filled in glass is it a bad

  10. Pratik Nag says:

    A day or two I was having a good concentration but just a night after felt I’m not having even one. This was strange. And please do provide me with any remedy. For it instantly.
    Please notify.

  11. What do you do with the lemon that is taken out to change on Saturday? Throw it out or use it?

  12. What if my baby didnt drink powdered milk

  13. rahul singh says:

    Aftter attaining a party last night.soddenly in the morning I suffer from vomiting..and feeling weak and don not want eat anything..please help me what to do?

  14. I read to ward off evil eye one has to place a lemon in a place of water and so and so. The doubt is that whether it has to be kept inside office or outside the office.
    Secondly should I tie nazar battu at such a place at my shop so that after closing the shutter of the shop nazar battu remains outside for protection.
    Thirdly where should I hang pa kua. Is it outside thex shop so that after closing the shutter of the shop pa kua remains outside for protection.
    I intend to buy stuff from your site. Please provide me the reply so that I can move ahead and order for the stuffs.

  15. Respected Guru ji,
    1)Regarding the lemon in the glass upaya, has the entire lemon to be kept in the glass or a piece of lemon to be kept in the glass..
    2) when nazar battu and pa kua are kept outside the shop, cant they be affected by rain, water, and air outside. In that case how to shield them.
    3) our shop is surrounded by iron grills on front and left side with each side containing an opening like ” chaukat”. After some gap from the front “chaukat” comes the main entrance with steps to enter the shop. In this case where can nazar battu and pa kua be hanged.
    4) I have noticed that after 6 pm in the evening the sale of our bakery lessens. Some times in the morning or afternoon too this problem happens. I have noticed people changing their mind regarding entering the bakery from the iron chaukat itself. This might be due to evil eye of our competitor. We have been subjected to black magic from the past 1.5 years.
    5) can anything be kept in the cash counter so that the money incoming increases and never stops and isn’t subjected to evil eye.
    6) can all these upayas be done on the same day or some gap has to be kept in between.
    7) has the lemon and lemon+chilly to be thrown at a chauraha ?
    8) our competitor enemy is doing all kinds of black magic most of the days specially on Amavasya to lessen our sale. Please provide directions to counter these.

  16. Neelam Acharya says:

    I read to ward off evil eye one has to place a lemon in a place of water and so and so.has the entire lemon to be kept in the glass or a piece of lemon to be kept in the glass..where to throw the lemon.

  17. My son has lost too much weight and lost appetite, I ignored thinking he is busy with school work and due to teenager. But eventually he is getting weaker and weaker. Gets unwell quite frequently, misses classes. I am very worried. Please suggest me.

  18. Dear Guruji and portal Friends,
    I am working in import export under small company in UAE, my office desk and my facing is south from 3 year, when i joined new after 3 days was requested my boss to change my desk facing as other having north facing, I could not make any more request, I lost every thing what I have – money health, luck. now i lost my baby boy in mothers womb after 9 month 2 days in month of May’2015 i and my wife feels something very bad where we are not getting successes…

    Problems with the blood
    Tensions and unnecessary expenses
    Continued business losses
    Excessive office politics and expenses in home and work place
    head and back of the neck pain and the feeling of heavy eyes.
    An acute uneasiness or apprehension: everything seems to go wrong.
    Frequent quarrels amongst husbands and wives.


  19. Namaste sir ,

    i have cousin sister, she is married and have a boy kid . Happy with success and wealth . She is in good govt position , kid is intelligent etc … but at the time of birth of the baby she noticed a swell in left hand and we taught because of lifting kid, later she continued to get sudden swell in different parts of body with huge pain especially on every amavasya night … because of this all the members in family are tensed and worried … the whole family is very polite and good and always do good to others why the hell anything happening bad to them . she took treatment from Mumbai to Karnataka still suffering same why? Doctors had lift there hand on this and said sorry to them , but she strongly wont believe in black magic . she only believe n god and goddess and does her pooja every day a lot. every next day of amavasya i could find many lemons on their house and around house , she says think practical some one is throwing it .
    Is it black magic or practically any allergy . but how come swell come only for 2 or 4 hours and go suddenly?


  20. Asha Maurya says:

    Pranam Guruji,

    My husband established a Marketing office of real estate business in 14 jan 2014. But we are not getting success as we shall. Continuously we have to face hurdles in every step. Please let me know the upaya so that we can get wealth and prosperity.


  21. digvijay Singh says:

    Sir/Ma’am – my husband is suffering from evil’s eye. He falls sick after 10 p.m everynight these days. He stays fit whole day but at night his body pains and eyes becomes heavy. Please help me. Our new pet died within 6days. I donno whats happening and why. We are going through financial crisis also, we really need your help..

  22. Hello I am Ashwitha I have completed my Bpharm. I have a issues when ever I have to do something good always there has to be breakage of glass when I joined bpharm during entrance it started with breaking a glass of water mean while during the course also it had happened several times and recently it happened when I was above to confirm my result which was not positive. And also I come across some people after which my results turn out to be bad as a result it brought break in my academics unacceptably

  23. Suggestions are great, in today’s life when we hardly have time for communication with elders such thoughts are supportive

  24. praveen jaiswal says:

    we are in into online business of garments since 2004.in the beginning it was running very good but after shifting our office from home to new address we are not growing.we are facing financial crisis too.pls help.how we can check who is responsible for this?thanks

  25. Namste Guruji.,
    I shifted to my new flat and immediately after shifting I lost my job, I was really doing good and was made to leave job fir silly reason. Management eho believed me the best employee did not bother to help me out. Since then I am not getting job anywhere.. I feel someone has done some black magic from team to put me in thay position..I tried all but still not getting out of the loss. Now thinking of leaving thos house. Please advice.

  26. If husband and wife affected by Nazar dosh or something like that after it they started fighting and not speaking even separation occur then what to do please suggest some remedie.I believe something different is with my husband.He always remains confused and does not want live with me.I suspect his mother because their is a reason.my mother in law demand our clothes of mine and husband and I come to know earlier my mother in law’s father was a sometype of ‘jadh full ya Tina karne wale the.Please suggest something..I am not leaving with him because he doesn’t what this but still confused with his marriage and not talking even a single word.Please suggest.

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