Marriage and gemstone to wear- for a happy married life and marital success

Marriage License

Marriage License

In the modern era, many marriages are problematic and troublesome. There are obstacles in the settlement of a few marriages due to the adverse planetary influences. it is believed taht Venus is signifactor of marriage for males  whereas Mars and Sun signify marriage for females.

Now if these basic planets are afflicted due to negative aspect, placement or conjunction, the marriages will be delayed, denied or obstructed. Due to adverse planetary vibrations, marriages are either broken, or on faces the tragedy of  loss of a life partner. Precious gemstones do play a benefic role in the prevention of obstacles and problems in marriage. the horoscope would be examined carefully before suggesting any remedial gem.

If Rahu is placed in the 5th House, the prescription of Gomed (Hessonite) will further  intensify the adverse results  of Rahu in the 5th House. This should be understood  in the same way for all other planets and their concerning gems.

If  Sun  is placed in the 4th house and is aspected by  Saturn or is conjoined with Rahu or Ketu, wearing of stone for Rahu will expedite the marriage.

Diamond Gemstone for Happy Marriage

Diamond Gemstone for Happy Marriage

If Venus  is afflicted in the 7th House due to to the conjunction of Rahu, Mars, Ketu, Moon, the Sun or Saturn, one will be highly benefited ans will lead life full of conjugal bliss, provided he wears the Diamond or its substitute- the Opal.  The auspicious results will further be multiplied in regard to the  children, comfort, luxury, happiness and fame in addition to conjugal bliss, if hte ascendant is Aquarius, Capricorn, where Venus happens to be a Yoga Karaka.

Blue Sapphire or Neelam will be useful for the persons born in the Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius

Blue Sapphire Gemstone for Happy Marriage

Blue Sapphire Gemstone for Happy Marriage

Ascendant, provided Saturn is well placed in the 3rd, 6ths, 10th or 11th House etc to nullify the adversity and to get the best result of Saturn. For Scorpio ascendant, Moon happens to be the 9th lord and if placed in the 7th House under any aspect or conjunction of any malefic planet, the Pearl would be suggested to get a beautiful wife, early marriage and happy married life.

Wearing Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire) is not always beneficial. This is universally taken for granted that  Pukhraj will be useful, for all females alike or  if they are  facing problems in marriage. If Libra or Taurus is the ascendant and Jupiter occupies  the 6th, 8th or 12th House, Pukhraj should not be suggested.

Ruby should be  worn, if the 7th Lord is in the Sun and that is aspected or conjoined by malefics. Wearing Ruby will strengthen the Sun

Ruby Gemstone for a Happy Marriage

Ruby Gemstone for a Happy Marriage

and obstacles will automatically reduced and that will prevent one from all problems regarding the 7th house. Same situation will arise, when the Sun occupies the ascendant, 2nd , 3rd, 10th or the 11th house, but the Sun is afflicted. One will be benefited by using Ruby, not only in regard to marriage, but also other spheres of life.  The Sun and Moon will always  influenced the marriage aspects. If any of these planets are afflicted, problems or delays in marriage is bound to come, even if the 7th and 2nd houses are well disposed.

Emerald Gemstone for Happy Marriage

Emerald for Happy Marriage

Emerald is a stone, which is worn to make the Mercury strong. Mercury is the significator of brain, intelligence and illegitimate marriages. Affliction of Mercury creates havoc in marriage. Mercury also plays  a vital role in performing more than one marriage. Many times there is a secret affair and illegitimate children, where it is afflicted, in regard to concerning houses. It may also be noted taht Emerald must not be worn by newly married couples as it brings impotence.

Gomed and Cat’s Eye should be used, only if these planets occupy the 3rd, 4th, 9th 10th and 11th houses, or if these planets are afflicted by Mars or Saturn or luminaries. Thus the prescription of stone is not an easy task, as the so-called astrologers are doing it today.



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