Chinese Snake Compatibility with other signs


(1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)

Snakes are wise, philosophical, calm, and understanding. They are receptive and physically alluring, often fickle. Success and fame come easily to Snakes.

They can be treacherous creatures who delight in intrigue and who wouldn’t think twice about double-crossing someone in order to save their own skins.

Their calculating natures will never forgive or forget a slight. They can be lazy and self-indulgent. Their innate elegance can at times be ostentatious.

Subtle, secretive, elusive and enigmatic, there is an element of the mysterious that surrounds the Snake personality. Perhaps this is due to their intuitive faculties, or perhaps it is a consequence of their strong inner spirituality which can manifest itself in an interest in religion, mysticism or the occult.


In love, the Snake male is romantic and charming. He has a sense of humor and the female is usually beautiful and successful. but if a Snake chooses a partner, he’ll be jealous and possessive – even if he no longer loves her. Rejection is the worst blow his delicate ego can suffer. The Snake must be received, welcomed, accepted and approved by those with whom he comes in contact. They need a lot of security.

Male Snake:

In times of confusion and trouble, the Snake person is a pillar of strength because he maintains his presence of mind. The Snake can deal with bad news and misfortune with great aplomb. He has a profound sense of responsibility and an unsinkable constancy of purpose. It will be this constancy of purpose coupled with his natural hypnotic charisma that could carry him to the highest realms of power.

Elegant in speech, dress and manners, the Snake person does not like indulging in useless small talk or frivolities. He can be quite generous with money, but is known to be ruthless when he wants to attain an important objective. He has no qualms about eliminating anyone who stands in his way.

Female Snake:

The Snake lady is the original femme fatale. Her cool, serene and classic beauty will mesmerize people. She is confident and collected and although she oftentimes lolls around, giving the impression of indolence and love of ease, she is far from slothful. Her brain is never at rest.

Despite being finely tuned and high strung by nature, Snake people of both sexes are characterized by beautiful complexions. The Snake-born is usually not ridden with pimples or blemishes even when he or she does not give particular care to their skin.

She loves jewelry and chooses her accessories with care. If she can afford it, she will buy the real thing: diamonds, pearls, emeralds and rubies of the best quality. Besides being beautiful baubles, jewels are an excellent form of investment.

No cheap gold plating or imitations for her, please. She is definitely not a peasant and she would rather go without if she cannot have the real thing. You won’t find her decked out in worthless junk.

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