Ketu Mahadasha effects and remedies



Ketu Mahadasha – 7 years

The Moon’s nodes represent a Karmic axis around which all planetary forces impinge so as to bring radical transformation into one’s life. they play an important role in every horoscope, revealing the psychological problems of the individual and the evolutionary course earmarked for him or her.

Rahu and Ketu being karmic planets, have had always an element of surprise in bestowing results. If the nodes choose to give an inauspicious result, which may be the fruits of your previous bad Karmas, they will also be coming to you unexpectedly like “bolts from the blue”, one after the other. Many sad events surface out within a short period.

We all know that many Raja yogas, Mahayogas, dhana yogas etc give good effects like position, fame and money. these yogas arise our of placements of planets in a specific manner. The same position will also be capable of giving some adverse effects because the involved planet has many other effects. Actually all these 9 planets steer a native through various ups and downs.

Ketu is a mysterious planet. Ketu in the presence of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in the 2nd, 5th, 9th and 10th can make anybody rich. But on many ocassions, this Ketu Mahadasha and antardasha can also tear them apart!

Ketu’s mahadasha which lasts for 7 years in the native’s life brings about detachment form material world. Ketu originally represents detachment, spirituality, enlightenment, letting go of things we desire, interest in occult knowledge, isolation, psychic, and asharams. During the mahadasha of Ketu one experiences sudden fall from their relationships, material wealth, loss of status and reputation, unless the depositor aspects or sits with Ketu. Most people have always experienced some sort of hardship regarding the house where Ketu was placed in. They suddenly feel no interest towards the things where Ketu resides. They want to get to the truth of life and existence. This is why many seek astrological knowledge, occult knowledge and tarot knowledge during Ketu’s mahasasha or antra dasha because of the occult aspect.

Ketu is capable of completely satisfying or removing the interest on the house it occupies. Following results can happen in Ketu Mahadasha if it occupies the following houses;

  • 1st house – merging with the self, ascetic and realization of the Bramhan stage
  • 2nd house -detachment from home, furnishings, family money, let go attitude
  • 3rd house- distance from younger siblings, lack of will power, confidence, bravado
  • 4th house – distance from mother, luxuries and all things material
  • 5th house – distance from children and lack of interest in sex, hobbies etc
  • 6th house – increase in enemies, difficult stage and struggles
  • 7th house – detachment from spouse and lack of interest in the institution of marriage
  • 8th house – diseases, unknow occult knowledge etc
  • 9th house – detachment from father an perceptors
  • 10th house – lack of interest in job and career, futility in climbing the corporate ladder
  • 11th house – sudden bursts of philanthrophy and devolution of wealth
  • 12th house – renouncing world, ascetic living, confinement etc.

A Rahu-Ketu Sarpa dosha yantra is good remedy for the malefic results of this Mahadasha.

Siddha Shwetarka Ganesha

Siddha Shwetarka Ganesha

Install the Shwetarka Ganesha for immediate relief from ill-effects of the Ketu Mahadasha

Harshad Mehta- Big Bull

Harshad Mehta- Big Bull

We all know that Harshad Mehta became rich suddenly for the placement opf Mercury, Jupiter and Ketu in his 10th house, through stock exchange. Exalted 5th lord in the 2nd (Saturn/Shani) provided for the idea. But during the Ketu Mahadasha, he went to jail. His downfall began in the Ketu-Sun period. In the begining of Venus-Venus period, he was killed in prison, under mysterious circumstances. Ketu in the 2nd house in aspect to benefics like Jupiter, Mercury and Venus can invariably make the native rich. Venus-Ketu, Mercury-Ketu or Jupiter- Ketu in the 2nd house can lift ones financial position to dizzy heights, all of a sudden.

Harshad Mehta Natal Chart

Harshad Mehta Natal Chart

Ketu is known as “Dhaja” or the chariot. it elevated him to a dizzy height and then killed him under its wheel. Such is the whimsical manner of Ketu’s behaviour. Affliction of the 10th house, lagna, lagna lord and the moon by Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, 8th lord involves ones with financial scams. This gave his entire character and manner of functioning a “diabolical twist”.

Exalted 5th lord in the 2nd (Saturn), Ketu in the presence of two natural benefics Mercury and Jupiter elevated his status in financial fronts, through the stock exchange. But debilitated/neecha Ketu played its dual role. He fell from grace on the onset of the Ketu-Sun period. 12th lord (Sun) in the 11th house (Moon ruled) caused financial downturns, affliction of Sun an Moon by Saturn and affliction of Mercury, the lord of the Lagna (Virgo), and the 10th house (Gemini) by neecha Ketu involved him in financial scams.

Effects of Ketu in the 2nd house and Rahu in the 8th house

This placement attracts super powers. Such individuals often display tremendous energy which they utilize to achieve extraordinary results. They make their mark on the society, where they live. Under favorable planetary conditions, they create a niche for themselves and may become great scientists, doctors, bureaucrats, technocrats etc. The results of Rahu in the 8th are difficult to predict, because the range of the unseen world, which the house represents, is very extensive. If the 8th lord influences, Rahu in the 8th, then this combination can make sensational new inventions. Usually Ketu in the 2nd and Rahu in the 8th confer a long life to the native. if Ketu is placed in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) or Pisces (again ruled by Jupiter), then steady livelihood is assured. But even this placement makes sure that the native touches “rock bottom” or the abyss or poverty once in his lifetime. 

Albert Einstein had Ketu in the 2nd and Mars and Rahu in the 8th, The presence of Saturn, the Karmic controlling planet, being the dispositor of Rahu in the 10th house made him a legend within his life-time.



  1. Hlo my name is mamta .my DoB 30/11/1992 .. time of birth 4:00am … birth place himachal pardesh…. i did not be able to get job … my pandit told me u have rahumahadasha . Plz suggest me nivaran ..

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  2. rajan kalia says:

    I have leo ketu in second house and ketu mahadasha going lost job lost household belongings and kumbha rahu in eight house with mars and moon and tenth house sat. of aires retrograde suggest when I will have relief from ketu

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    I have rahu in 8th house and ketu in 2nd house.does it favor me or bother me

  4. when i will get job

  5. when i will get the job

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    Very Good information for plan et ketu

  7. Ketu may not have killed Harshad Mehta, Venus is his 2nd house lord, who is a maraka to him, he passed away during Venus-Venus period, he died mysteriously coz his maraka was placed in his 12th house.

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  11. I am Aquarian with poorvabhadrapada nakhatra. My Jedi mahadesha started in year 2011 and will last till July 2018. In there last 6 months I am experiencing lots of health and finance related issues. Please suggest remedies

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