Virgo Moon Sign 2018 Predictions – Kanya Rashi 2018

Kanya (Virgo) – Uttara Phalguni (2, 3 & 4), Hasta and Chitra (1 & 2) – Year 2018

Rahu- Ketu transits your 11th and 5th house

Jupiter transits your 2nd house and then the 3rd house

Saturn transits your 4th house

Virgo moon Sign 2018- Kanya Rashi 2018 predictions


Jupiter transit in your 2nd house ensures domestic happiness, all round progress and gain of wealth through speech. You need to spend some more time on the comfort of your relatives. You will receive help from unexpected quarters. You will be happy to see your aspirations getting transformed into actions and yielding positive results this year. Academic and career progress of your children would give you immense pleasure. Your efforts to get your children married will yield fruits this year. Those in industrial circles will have unexpected foreign travels. Transit of nodes gives mix results, like new opportunities with fiscal gain on one hand with restless and tedious work on the other. Avoid bad company to keep yourself away from mire trouble.


You will have secured income. You will be surprised to see the sources of your income increase multi-fold. Income is expected from real estate, speculation, trade, agriculture and also from your spouse. Businessman will get regular profits. Those who were hesitant to enter into stock market so far, can go ahead confidently. Existing stock market players will reap the unexpected gains. Those in partnership ventures would receive excellent co-operation from their partners. Expansion plans for LLP’s will be successful this year.

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Disenchantment with regard to work will be your main enemy. Unless you shake it off, you may face the displeasure of your superiors. You need to be innovative in your sphere of activities. Some of you in employment will go to far off places in search of greener pastures. Those in search of employment will get the desired job. Long journeys on duty are indicated to senior executives. Overtures towards opposite sex may land you in trouble. Pleasure trip with your colleagues is indicated this year. This is a very good time for those in medical field. Surgeons, architects, financial consultants and attorneys will have a fruitful year ahead. Share brokers, mediators and middlemen will have mixed results.


Extra care should be taken about your health and also the health of your spouse and children. Lethargy, stomach disorders, anguish, mental agony fear and general sense of disorientation will prevail during this period. Death of a close relative as possible. Saturn’s transit indicates danger to parents. Regular exercise and timely food are required to keep you hale and hearty. Avoid alcohol as far as possible, to prevent the ill effects of saturn’s transit. 4th house transit of Saturn is troublesome to alcoholics.


You will receive the support of your mother financially and morally. Improvement in family matters is very much indicated. The achievements of your children will make you proud. Marital life would be quite harmonious, with occasional hiccups. Working women need to exercise utmost care and balance of mind in job front. Increase in rank or promotion with perks can be expected. Loggerheads with your colleagues of opposite sex may affect your accession in career. Lovers can expect to enter into wedlock. Spinsters will be able to find a suitable groom.

Birth star predictions:

Uttaraphalguni (2, 3 & 4):
Your endeavours to succeed will be supported by your superiors. Spouse will co-operate in your efforts. Eligible unmarried youth must be ready to tie the marital knot. Favours and help from maternal uncles and aunts can be anticipated. Legal disputes will terminate in your favour. Success is guaranteed. Frequent short Journeys will result in seasonal ailments, which will be cured with timely medication. Pleasurable pursuits and love affairs are not ruled out.

Watch your words. You may lose your trusted friends, because of your outspoken attitude. Household electronics, goods, vehicles and electrical installations at your place may require frequent repairs. You may need to replace them with new ones. Fever due to mosquito bites and problems of other insects are indicated. Be careful while driving, lest you will be penalized for not fine following traffic rules. Relations with public and participation in public services well and live in your spirits. Career wise upliftment is indicated. You will be happy with the prosperity of your children.

Chitra (1&2):
Enemies will be subdued and Court cases will be terminated in your favour. Normal health will be maintained by following the health guide and the advice of doctors. Fiscal position and family life are going to be promising. You will be prone to eye related problems due to much watching TV and internet. Those with myopia need to increase the power of the lens. Birth of child will give you immense pleasure. Job in government or a reputed corporate house is very much likely. Pleasurable pursuits will result only in physical strain.

Vedic remedies:

  • Visit Saneeswara Shrine every Saturday and offer prayers and annoint Shani with til oil.
  • Recite Shani Stotra.
  • Recite Rahu Rahu Kavacham.
  • Worship goddess Mahalakshmi for financial prosperity.
  • Recite shri Dhanada Devi Stotra kavacham daily, three times, for 90 days.

Lal Kitab remedies

  • Wear gold chain a yellow thread around your neck.
  • Feed any three Street dogs daily.

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