Taurus Moon Sign 2018 Predictions – Vrishabha Rashi 2018

Vrishabha (Taurus) – Krittika (2, 3 & 4), Rohini and Mrigasira (1 & 2) – Year 2018

Saturn Transit to the 8th house, Jupiter to the 6th is not a favorable time. So it is better to keep a watch on your behavior and actions. Past Karma will catch up and these 2-3 years will surely be taxing.

Rahu- Ketu transits your 3rd and 9th house 

Jupiter transits your 6th house and then to your 7th house/ Scorpio

Saturn transits your 8th house

Taurus Moon Sign 2018 - Vrishabha Rashi 2018


Jupiter transit indicates troublesome period for you up to July. Watch your behaviour, as you will be irritable, rude and rash during the adverse transit of Jupiter and Saturn. Try to maintain your calm at this time. Relations with family or spouse will be strained. Avoid arguments with family and friends. If you do not watch your behaviour, you will lose many of your trusted friends and increase the number of enemies. Avoid travel as much as possible as this will not give the desired result, turning out to be tiresome and wasteful. Be careful while driving, as it is an accident prone period.

Finance:Ashtama Shani for Vrishabha Rashi - 2017-2020

Your finances need a close watch. Be extra careful about money and valuable, as loss due to theft is likely. Stay away from vices and bad company, lest you may get imprisoned due to Ashthma Shani.

Outflow money will exceed inflow. Expenses of children, parents and siblings may compel you to go for loans. Income generated from fixed assets and investments will become handy to you, to come out of financial crunch this year. You need to borrow heavily for running the show in status quo position. But things will show improvement from July onwards, with entry of Jupiter to Scorpio.


You have to be extremely careful at work, as your superiors and coworkers will not be favourable. Theft, fire, loss of property at your workplace is likely. Postpone all new ventures, as it is a long time to start anything new. It is not the time to look for any advancement, but hang on to what you have. Saturn’s transit indicates the period of disappointment to you. There maybe loss of reputation and and position. If you get distracted in your work, then maybe loss of reputation. Avoid all illegal activities and be careful with your commitments and written documents, as you may get into trouble with those in power and face legal action or imprisonment. There will be unnecessary arguments and disputes at the workplace, which are very difficult to avoid.

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This requires a close watch, as you will have constant health problems. You will be tired and exhausted with a lazy lack-luster feeling. Your health requires special attention. Watch your diet. Regular exercise keeps you healthy. Ailments relating to liver, knees, private parts and eyes are indicated. Surgery may become a must. But recovery with considerable medical expenses is very much indicated.


Domestic harmony is likely to be disturbed. Disputes and disagreement with in-laws and husband/spouse are very much indicated. You need to cheer up and be in the good books of your life partner and very much watchful of your words, lest they may affect the marital bond. Also watch you are digital payments. Your shopping spree is likely to become a point of disagreement and displeasure to your spouse.

Birth star Predictions:

Krittika (2, 3 & 4):

Diseases which was suppressed long ago by using strong medicines are likely to relapse. Every care is necessary to avoid accident and injury. Marriage indications for eligible bachelors and extra marital affairs for the married are very much likely. Friends will create a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. They would give impracticable and boring suggestions. Disputes are likely to crop up with regard to hereditary property. Quarrels and arguments mar marital bliss.


Distant travels may not bring any result. Chronic health problems will surface, which requires long time medication, but will be under control. Sickness will persist. Opportunity will be available to learn Occult Sciences. Consultation with astrologers is indicated. Success will be achieved with sustained efforts in a systematic way. A windfall gain or unexpected wealth is expected from hereditary quarters. A legal issue, which is expected to be sorted out, will not come to a conclusion. It will drag on further.

Mrigasira (1&2):

There will be profitable Journeys. Relations with the public and participation in public services will be improved. Betterment is indicated in career. Money from insurance companies and savings will be received in the right time. Children will Excel in their studies. Pleasure trip and falling in love are also indicated. Favor and help from government and those in power are indicated.

Vedic remedies:

  • Reciting Hanuman Chalisa and Dasaratha Kritha Shani Stotram
  • Worshipping Lord Balaji on Saturdays
  • Wearing yellow sapphire in a silver ring on Thursday will appease the afflicted planets.
  • Advise Shani Homa

Lal Kitab remedies:

  • Not to accept any talisman from anybody.
  • Take a dip in any holy River on Sankranti days. (When sun changes sign- each month.)

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