Tarot 2018 – Taurus Tarot 2018 Predictions

Taurus 2018 (20 April to 20 May)High Priest- Tarot 2018

Tarot 2018 for Taurus – Keywords : Contemplation, Renewal and Awakening.

A “Wake up and smell the coffee year“. Stay flexible and keep your wits about you, as you may find the events begin to unfold in surprisingly beneficial ways.


On the career-front, promotion or change of some kind will lead you to a radical reassessment of your professional situation. When taking the lead on projects on group situations, make sure that you are respectful of other peoples conservative prospects. You may need to put a hold on some projects, in order to devote more time to important ones. Towards the second half of the year good opportunities will present itself.


Your plans for saving money and with investing money will temporarily come to a halt. This will force you to seek alternatives. Someone may coerce you towards tempting Investments. In the last quarter of the year, a wonderful financial opportunity will help you, to ameliorate your financial position in a perfect way.


Travels in the family may have you talked with the idea of moving or at least making some changes in your household. Someone close to you might not have been honest with you, and you will feel a bit down. Avoid getting confrontational.


Relationships will take a productive turn this year, as you will begin to examine the purpose and function behind your relationships. Singles need to face their fears and cut through the non-essentials to discover an abundance of new possibilities.


Your health takes a dramatic turn for the better, be alert and capitalize on it by correcting bad dietary and Lifestyle habits. You may have a vulnerable nervous system, so when you feel tired or not well, take it easy and slow down.

Cosmo tip:

Wear a lapis lazuli bracelet on your left hand.

Angel’s message:

Move through your fears to bring on change.


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