Sagittarius Moon Sign 2018 Predictions – Dhanur Rashi 2018

Dhanur (Sagittarius): Moola, P.shada, Uttarashada  – Year 2018

Rahu- Ketu transits your 8th and 2nd house

Jupiter transits your 11th house and then 12th house

Saturn transits your 1st house

Sagittarius Moon Sign 2018- Dhanur Rashi 2018


Your Sade sati is at its peak point. Your relations with your spouse and children and other relatives and friends will not be good and there will be frequent misunderstandings. Ketu transit indicates disagreements with your spouse’s family. Avoid shady deals and harsh words. If not careful, you may face court cases and punishment. Amidst the above pull-downs you may also experience parental comfort, solace from divine Gurus / preceptors and timely support from well wishers. Pilgrimage to a holy place and taking Holy dips in sacred rivers are also on cards. Relief will be in the form of academic and financial success of a children and timely help from your co-borns. Some of our may feel discomfort, due to forced change of place. Tough time is expected for students attempting competitive examinations and undergoing professional studies.


Your expenses will be more and there could be a theft in your house. Efforts to raise loans to get over your deficit finance will be very much delayed. Pressure from lenders will make you suffocate. Pending bill from government will be cleared, only after meeting the demands of your bureaucracy. A portion of the property will be mortgaged to meet business needs. Your partners in business will not be co-operative. Stock market investors need to tread cautiously. However, by the end of the year you will have a sign of relief.

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Your enemies and competitors will receive you and you may have to paste transfer to a far off place on a punishment posting. Bosses will not be favorable. This is not the time to look for progress and prosperity, but to do a careful damage control act and hang on to what you have. But the transit of Jupiter in 11th house would control the damage substantially. You will get unexpected help from strange strange quarters. Stick on to your job /profession don’t experiment. Politicians will receive tempting offers, but need to think twice, before switching the loyalties. However, this is a good time for academicians, book publishers, writers, research Scholars, advocates and tax consultants.


Irritation and anxiety is well dampen your spirits. There will be risk from fire, injury from weapons and/or food poisoning. Health of your spouse will also be a point of concern to you. Travels will become tiresome and will not yield the desired results. Fever, body pains and swelling of joints and eye troubles are indicated.


Despite some squabbles and domestic front, housewives can expect overall happiness. You will drain your entire savings on luxury goods and ornaments. You will receive full cooperation from your house. Working women in general will find the year promising. Promotions and transfers to your place of choice can be obtained with a little effort. You can cheer up with the success news of your spouse and his achievements. Those in sports fields are likely to shine more this year. For those in politics good time to try for nominated posts.

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One of your friends will be a source of trouble. Increased expenditure will drain the purse. Your relatives will become Indifferent. Success in efforts will come after considerable delay. Frequent Journeys cannot be avoided. Success of a sudden and academic front will make you happy. You will face nerves and spondylitis related issues. Apart from hypertension due to work pressure. But with time any medication, yoga and brisk working, you will maintain your normal health.


Your subordinates will be a source of trouble. Their indiscipline my effect your performance. Conjugal displeasure, marital discord are indicated trouble from distant place are indicated. You are friends will extend the warmth and reality. Financial crunch and problems of children will worry you a lot. Adamant nature and arguments may lead to estrangement of some relations, friends and colleagues. Your urge to make a long pilgrimage will be fulfilled this year. Spiritual practices and devotion will bring peace. Good time is ahead for those in celluloid field.

Uttarashada 1

Acute / chronic health problems, if any may lead to hospitalization. Income accrues, will not be received in time, resulting in cash crunch. Reconciliation and reunion with friends and kith and kin are very much on cards. Prospects for travel and meeting relatives are very bright. Those of you in investigating and crime control department will have to work overtime to clear the pending files. Persons working Incognito need to be careful, to remain in disguise.

Vedic remedies

  • Enter perform Rudrabhishekam to Lord Shiva on Mondays.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha daily at home.
  • Visit Shaneshwara Temple at Shingnapur and annoint shaneeshwara with Til oil.
  • Don’t leave till, black grams, black colour cloth liberally.
  • Recite Shani Gayatri thrice a day.
  • Recite Ketu kavacham weekly once.

Lal Kitab remedies

  • Not to fall in the trap of fake Saints / soothsayers.
  • Be practical and don’t trust anyone blindly.

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