Pisces Moon Sign 2018 Predictions – Meena Rashi 2018

Meena (Pisces) Purvabhadra 4,  Uttarabhadra,  Revathi – Year 2018

Rahu- Ketu transits your 5th and 11th house

Jupiter transits your 8th house and then to 9th house

Saturn transits your 10th house

Pisces Moon sign 2018 - Meena rashi 2018 predictions


Watch your behavior as you will be irritable, rude and rash during this time. Try to maintain your calm or the relations with your spouse and in-laws will be strained. Rahu transit indicates grief due to children. Health of your spouse and parents will be the cause of your concern. Mentally you may suffer from agony and confusion. Conjugal bliss will be affected due to occasional ill-health and unnecessary misunderstanding with spouse. Those applied for divorce will get it without any further delay. Some of them can aspire for remarriage this year itself. There will be hurdles in your each effort and getting over the same will make you tiresome.


Hold tight your finances as it is likely to be spent an unnecessary purchases. Some of your experience unusual ups and downs where you may get unexpected financial gain. Those in service will get barely sufficient income. Businessman will face delay and stagnation in getting their dues. However judicious spending will save you from further borrowing. This year travel is going to benefit you more and relief is expected from all legal cases. Speculation will yield moderate gain and stock market investors will get small gains from the old holdings. Share obtained from primary market would fetch better results.


This is a period of disappointments and necessary arguments and dispute at the workplace. If you get distracted and cannot concentrate on work there will be loss of reputation, honor and shame. Avoid all illegal activities and be careful of your commitments as you may get into trouble with the authorities and my face legal action or imprisonment. Lots of extra effort needs to be put up for completion of work as per schedule. You may be forced to change your job and the new job also will be troublesome. Your commitment integrity and hard work will save you from getting fired at the job front.

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Health would need a close watch as you will get health problems of fun. You will be tired and exhausted with the lazy-luster feeling. Health will deteriorate for a few of you. Events related to stomach, diaphragm, legs and reproductive organs may bother you. And timely food will lead you to us gastric trouble. You may be vigilant in your movements and also during travel to avoid theft in injuries. Fever due to mosquito bites will make you sick. Stress in managing family affairs may impact your health negatively.


Housewives can expect domestic harmony despite some squabbles in the family affairs. Birth of a baby boy is foreseen. Relations with your spouse will be on medium note. Working women will find the year promising in spite of some problems. Promotions and transfers to distant places are very likely. You would exhaust your savings by spending on ornaments. Hospitalization for travels in bowels, menstrual cycle and acidity is foreseen for a few.


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