Leo Moon Sign 2018 Predictions – Simha Rashi 2018

Simha (Leo):  Makha, Poorvaphalguni and Uttara Phalguni (1) – Year 2018

Rahu- Ketu transits your 12th and 6th house

Jupiter transits your 3rd house and then in the 4th house

Saturn transits your 5th house

Leo Moon Sign 2018 - Simha Rashi 2018 predictions


Distant journeys are on your cards, which will bring you joy. Children, health and education will bother you most. Your hidden enemies will trouble you. Health of your spouse will improve. Spiritual advancement and visits to places of worship will give you peace and tranquility. Avoid impatience and adamant replies, which will spoil your relationship. Exercise great restraint to avoid disputes with your co born, which will yield desired results. Students aspiring to go overseas for higher education will succeed in their efforts. You need to host foreign visitors this year, which will enhance your Prestige. Unfavourable transit of Rahu in the 12th spells laws of property, change of residence, number of litigations bothering your mind, defamation and humiliation. Handle your friends and acquaintances carefully, to avoid being forsaken by them.


You need to do careful budgeting and be ready for a tightrope walk. Inheriting wealth or property is indicated. You will have income for employment, business activities and personal efforts. Financial Institutions will grant loans liberally and this will be put to use properly. Businessmen can expect increased profits and recover the pending dues successfully. Stock market investors may benefit more from the old shares, especially from Pharma, hospitality and service sector shares.


Unfavourable transit of Saturn Jupiter and Rahu this requires extra care in handling your job. Avoid risks and new assignments during this period, as you may not get the desired result and the chances of losing your job or reputation is possible. Avoid arguments and what’s your behaviour and language at your workplace. You are Enemies will try to dethrone you from your position. But the transit of Ketu in the 6th would bring bring the desired relief. Some development in your work front will dampen in your spirits. You may gain through lending money to others. Those involved in agriculture, finance, software related activities are likely to prosper. Politicians will experience with results.


Your help need extra care, with regard to severe headache, hypertension, eyes, teeth, legs and ear related disorders. You will try your best to keep yourself fit. Despite proper diet and physical exercises, sickness is indicated. Chronic health ailments may relapse and will be kept under control, after proper medication. Relief will be felt from the third quarter. Be careful water borne diseases during travel. Those with dust allergy should be more cautious. Spiritual discourses and philosophical attitude will enliven your spirits.


Don’t give importance to trivial matters. Thread cautiously at home. Disagreement with your lover is indicated, which, if drawn beyond proportions, may lead to break up. You are likely to get property from your parents or distant relatives. Working women must be ready for a transfer. Unmarried girls can hear the wedding bells ringing, in the 3rd or 4th quarter. You are susceptible to fever, menstrual disorders along with renal and urinary troubles, which will be cured with timely medication and small time rest.

Birth star predictions:


Distant travelers indicator and you will enjoy life at secluded places. Some of you will be attracted towards occult studies and yoga. You will successfully rebut the act of your rivals. A friend, on whom you have relied more, would show her true colours much to your chagrin. Your contacts will expand widely. You will try for a political post, which will turn out in your favour. Be careful cash dealings. It will be a great time to make agreements, compromises and settlement of disputes.


Good health is indicated. Help from neighbours, Corporation from co-borns and short travels are most likely. You may have to involved in secret activity in your job front. Those in Public Service need to be more vigilant, to avoid disciplinary action from higher ups. You will get help from unexpected quarters. Don’t involve in underhand dealings which will land you in trouble. Fulfill your tax obligations obligations in time, lest you make face issues with tax departments.


Your efforts to know the new things will be successful. Your confidence levels will increase. You will receive required finances and time. One issue, over which you are pondering for a solution since long, will be settled this year. You will receive favourable orders from legal forums. An important document, for which you are searching, will be found suddenly. Don’t disclose your confidential matters to others, which may create other problems.

Vedic remedies

  • Recite Lalitha Sahasranamam Stotra and Lalitha ashtotram on every Tuesday.
  • Visit the shrines of lord kartikeya and anoint the deity with milk.
  • Recite Guru Gayatri- “Om suraaochaaraaya vidmahe devapujyaaya vidmahe thanno guru prachodayaath” 108 times daily for 16 days to appease the planet Jupiter.
  • Perform ganapathi homam to remove hurdles in your efforts.

Lal Kitab remedies:

  • Be humble and not boastful of your achievements.
  • Not to give unsolicited advice to others.

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