Capricorn Moon Sign 2018 Predictions – Makara Rashi 2018

Makara (Capricorn) – Uttarashada (2, 3, 4) Shravana and Dhanishta (1 & 2) – Year 2018

Rahu- Ketu transits your 7th and 1st house

Jupiter transits your 10th house and then 11th house

Saturn transits your 12th house

Capricorn moon sign 2018 predictions- Makara Rashi 2018


With Saturn in 12th, the first leg of Sade Sati will bother you much in the initial days of the year. But Jupiter transit to Scorpio will provide you with some relief. You need to maintain cordial relations with your family members with school Temple. Avoid creating any unpleasant atmosphere at home. Avoid fights with your family members. You can have relief from travel in luxury vehicle, air travel, robust health, visit to foreign countries or other sponsorship government expenses meaning in elections of Non governmental bodies.


This is a tough time. Expenses may soar making a savings highly difficult. Unexpected and unplanned expenditure will wear outweigh means of finance. 12th House Saturn wishes to see the native as an impecunious medicant. Investments way clandestinely in earlier years baby dress by government schools. It is better to disclose them to government prior to it under VDS (Voluntary Disclosure Scheme) to avoid punitive charges. Your investments in this year on land and shares will show bearish trend. Of course your investments in bullion will be a lot of relief with value addition.


Avoid arguments and displays with your superiors as they will not be receptive to your views. No enemies will have the upper hand and you will use your position and honour. You may face disciplinary action for in-subordination and indiscipline. You will be safe from further damage with the favourable transit of Jupiter in the last quarter. Transit of Rahu also requires you to be more cautious in respect of raising loans. You may not be in a position to repay the loan taken at this time. Employers some of your trusted employees will leave you and you will have a hard time in finding replacement. Entrepreneurs need to shortcut short the expansion plans because a positive funds. Musicians singers and screenplay writers will have a promising time.

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Injuries or diseases related to head, neck and eyes are very much indicated which may require brief hospitalization. Narrow escape from accidents will drive you towards occult Sciences. Spiritual travel to a hill station will enliven your spirits and improve your health. Some of you may get in touch with the spiritual healer for getting released through meditation.


You are referred to keep the domestic environment comp will be successful. Brief illness followed by fast recovery is indicated. Women with chronic gynaecological disorders need to take extra question. Working women will receive normal results. Promotion which is already did you will be given point transfer if it is for a short distance will be given immediately. Women waiting to tie the marital born since long can get ready for the same this year with confidence. Good time is indicated for those in software telecommunications transport in service sectors.

Birth star Predictions

Uttara Sharada 2 3 and 4

Fulfillment of desires and aspirations is likely. You will try to be to keep the best of your health. Trouble from siblings, neighbors, journey is a likely. Success in items and settlement disputes and Cards. Domestic happiness is also foreseen. You will spend a lot of time in spiritual discourses. Income front and family affairs appear to be positive. People working in air, fire services, mining and water works need to take extra care at job front.


Trouble from enemies and disputes will become a cause of concern. They will be happiness from spouse and other family members. You will get mixed results regarding health. Your clients will extend wholehearted support in times of need. It is better to avoid sensual pleasures and speculative activities. Expected job promotion will be delayed. One of your children will be a cause of worry.

Dhanishta 1 and 2

Regular income and reduce expenses will result in small savings. You will experience improvement in family affairs point table from jomonte indicator in moderate terms. Progress of the children will be a matter of choice for you. You will improve your family relations with pleasure seeking tools valuable gifts and also with your care and concern towards them. They will be again of land house from litigation. Prospects for unemployed youth for getting a good job is highly probable. Delicious food, wealth and comfort can be expected.

Vedic Remedies

  • Recite “Om Namo Narayanaya” 108 times a day visit Vishnu Temple on Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Recite Jupiter Gayatri 16 times daily for 3 months.
  • Worship Rahu and Ketu and Tuesdays on Saturdays by visiting Navagraha.

Lal Kitab remedies

  • Every thursday pour water on to the roots of a peepal tree.
  • Not to indulge in any activity which is illegal, unethical and immoral.

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