Aries Moon Sign 2018 Predictions – Mesha Rashi 2018

Mesha Rashi (Aries) – Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika(1) – Year 2018

Rahu- Ketu transits your 4th and 10th house

Jupiter transits your 7th house and then enters the 8th house/Scorpio

Saturn transits your 9th house this entire year.

Aries Moon Sign 2018 - Mesha 2018


There will be peace and tranquility at home and your relationships with spouse, children and elder will be enjoyable. You will be able to solve all the domestic problems. You will have a good social life and enjoy good reputation, status and order in the social circles. You will take a lot of interest in religious activities, Yoga, meditation and get the blessings of gurus and saints. It is a very good time for singles to consider an engagement or marriage and a very good time to plan a baby too. Saturn transit in the 9th ensures good relations with the opposite sex, peace of Mind, social success and enjoyments. It also denotes bodily material comfort and happiness. Students can expect good results in the examinations. Those having backlogs may need to double their efforts to clear them in the next semester. At home, your siblings with would be more cooperative and affectionate than ever. There is a possibility of meeting a higher government authority.


Your investments will be profitable. Income will be good, plentiful and continuous. It is a very good time to buy property. But the growing expenditure will become a cause of worry. Those in business can expect a good jump in profit, in spite of challenging situations. You will try and succeed in expanding your business empire. But partnership business may not run smoothly. Speculation appears to be good. Stock market investors need to be brisk to enjoy short term gains. You will be able to save some amount for further investment.

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This is an excellent period for professional and financial growth. Work-front environment will turn to your favour in July 2018. Your bosses will be favourable and appreciative and you can expect a good promotion and increment. This is a very good time for people in teaching, writing and publishing line. Recovery of arrears due is indicated during the second half of the year. You are likely to be interested with additional responsibility, which is going to turn to your favour.


Some chronic health hazards will get subdued are completely cured. There will be overall improvement in your health condition. However visits to hospital for health checkup the treatment cannot be avoided. The suffering from heart lungs and intestine problems will have some respite. Those suffered health issues because of Ashtama Shani up to October 2017 would begin to get relief and experience betterment.


Avoid travelling as Travels will be tiresome and will not yield the desired result. Attitude of family members will change positively towards you. Domestic harmony will be maintained by you. Working women are likely to get transferred to the desired place. Income will be promising. You are likely to meet your childhood acquaintances. Problems related to uterus may cause some trouble. Financial gain and purchase of precious jewellery is indicated.

Birth star predictions:


Uncontrolled expenditure is indicated. Hospitalization and recovery from ailments are foreseen. There will be game from unknown and unexpected persons. Enemies will be defeated. But, domestic disturbance, claims of co-borns for sharing if their dues and disputes in that regard are indicated. Sale of property or a vehicle is indicated.


Friends will benefit a lot. Cordial relations with spouse and other members of the family are foreseen. This is the time for unmarried persons to enter into wedlock. Success at distant places is likely. Ire of those in power may result in payment or penalty/damages. Dishonor or disrespect will be point of concern for some. Getting higher position will miss in the last minute for some people.


You may be promoted. Jobless used will be absorbed in government jobs are in some prestigious firms. There will be delay in getting money. Carelessness would lead to loss of money. Sane advice from friends and well wishers will be available on time. Long drawn disputes will be favorably settled or compromise. Many difficulties are to be faced to get success in real estate. Responsible posts would adorn some people.

Vedic remedies:

  • Perform Ganapati homam on the day of your birth star. Worshipping Vellerukku Vinayagar is advised
  • Recite Om Gan Ganpataye Namaha 108 times in the morning daily.
  • Visit Goddess Durga temple on Thursday then distribute lemon rice to devotees there.

Lal Kitab remedies:

  • Drive carefully and be careful while traveling.
  • Not to wear black clothes.

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