Aquarius Moon Sign 2018 Predictions – Kumbha Rashi 2018

Kumbha (Aquarius) Dhanishta 3 & 4,  Satabhisha,  Purvabhadra 1 2 & 3  – Year 2018

Rahu & Ketu in the 6th and 12th house

Jupiter in the 9th house and then in the 10th

Saturn in the 11th house

Aquarius Moon sign 2018 - Kumbha rashi 2018 predictions


They will be peace and tranquility at home front and your relationship with your spouse children and the elder ones in the family will be cordial and enjoyable. Minor skirmishes will not disturb the domestic how many. You will take a lot of interest in religious activities, yoga, meditation etc and will get the blessings of gurus and saints. It is good time for singles to consider engagement or marriage and a very good time to plan a baby to. Those applied for divorce will re- think.


It is a very good time to buy property. Those in business can expect a good jump in profit. You will get money through life partner public dealing land, house, vehicle, friends, agriculture, service and also from distant trading. You may also go for borrowing for it or for expansion of your business units. Partnerships will be successful and you will extend your wings for overseas trading this year. Speculative activities will get beneficial results. You will be able to recover your dues this year.


This is an excellent period career advice. Your bosses will be favourable and appreciative and you can expect good promotion and increment. Promising time is ahead for teaching faculty professional writers and for those and research. Some of you will get International reputation through your research papers. Your efforts to get transfer to a place of your choice will be successful. Time is good for software professionals to fulfill the aspirations are getting H1B visa going abroad and project assignments etc.

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There will be a sense of well being in life. Except for some seasonal and contagious diseases you can be rest assured of being hale and hearty. However transit of Rahu indicate swelling up joints, rheumatic pain with fever and escape from accidents etc. Drive away lethargy and keep yourself out of depression by engaging in spiritual pursuits and developing philosophical outlook. Keep your emotions in control to reduce over flow of blood to brain vessels. Visit to hill stations will soar your spirits. People suffering from chronic diseases will notice good improvement in their health.


Smooth sailing in a domestic in such a way that nobody will ever criticize.  Chances are more for getting benefited by maternal uncle. Working women will succeed in the work from the corporation of colleagues and higher ups. Your enemies will be submissive and you would get over them. You would also be in a great shape. Your respect and honor in the society will see an upward move during the year. You are also likely to meet someone interesting from the opposite sex so will make you excited. Trouble in kidney stones and menstrual disorders are likely. However you will avoid hospitalization by taking preventive care.

Birth star predictions

Dhanishta 3 & 4

Public dealings will be successful and fruitful. Wedding bells will ring for the eligible ones. Disputes will crop up relating to inherited property. Friends may create a number of problems. Their advise is likely to boomerang. Trouble from vehicles would lead to use expenses at home. Support from parents and elders is a shot. Extra-marital relation may create problems in the second half of the year. Sustained effort will bring success in all ventures.


They will be marital happiness. Overseas travel is likely. Distant journeys and life interesting places are likely to be beneficial. Celebration of marriage is on the cards. Windfall gain or wealth from distant sources is very much likely. House land or vehicle will be acquired. Income from immovable properties will increase in this period. Chronic health problems will be kept under control.

Purvabhadra 1, 2, 3

You will realise your hopes and desires through your own efforts. A good position and power can be expected. Honor, good name and success is on the cards. Disputes will be settled in your favour. You will enjoy conjugal bliss. Increased income will result in savings. All your ventures will be completed in time. However you are likely to lose money because of your carelessness in public place places. Also renal related health issues, piles, dental problems and thyroid area are likely to bother you very much this year.

Vedic remedies

  • Recite Vishnu Sahasranamam daily at home.
  • Visit Vishnu Temple and offer prayers on thursdays.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha and decide Gakara Ganapathi Ashtothram.
  • Cattle can be donated to the needy.

Lal Kitab remedies

  • Once a month donate 8 kilos of potatoes in any Temple.
  • Treat your spouse respectfully and affectionately.

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