Your lucky gemstone – how to select gemstone

In this Kaliyuga, if the first remedial measure to be adopted to alleviate the planetary doshas caused either according to the nativity or by the planetary transits is fire rituals, homa, havan, pooja, ardent prayers, the next would be the wearing of appropriate lucky gemstones. No specific rules  are traceable in our ancient texts ordaining he wearing of any specific lucky gemstones to alleviate the evil dispositions of planets found in  any natal chart. However some texts like Halaasya- Mahatmya, Jataka Parijata, Bhava-Prakasam, Madhaveeyam, Garuda Purana, Rasaratha-Samuchaya, Raasraja- Tharangini and Atharva Veda give some details regarding the efficacy of lucky gemstones to offset the malevolent planetary portends and their power to provide favorable trends.

Protracted studies point out that the lagnadhipathi-yogakraka-lagnathipathimitra method is the most efficacious one, for determining the appropriate gems. It has been the experience that most of those who select and wear lucky gemstone according to this dictum have been benefited. A correct horoscope is the primary requirement for the selection of any lucky gemstone. The Ascendant lord, the 5th lord, the 9th lord, the friendly planets of the lord of Ascendant and in special cases, even the neutral planets of the Ascendant are to be considered for selecting the suitable gem. The responsibility for selecting it must be left to a conscientious and erudite astrologer.

Best formula for Lucky Gemstone Consultation

Sr No Ascendant / Lagna Gemstone
1 Mesha / Aries Red Coral, Red Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, Moonstone
2 Vrishabha / Taurus Emerald, Diamond, Blue Sapphire.
3 Mithuna / Gemini Emerald, Diamond, Blue Sapphire
4 Karka / Cancer Pearl, Moonstone, Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral
5 Simha / Leo Red Ruby, Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire
6 Kanya / Virgo Emerald, Diamond, Blue Sapphire
7 Thula / Libra Emerald, Diamond, Blue Sapphire
8 Vrischika / Scorpio Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire, Red Ruby, Pearl, Moonstone
9 Dhanur / Sagittarius Yellow Sapphire, Red Ruby, Red Coral
10 Makara / Capricorn Blue Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald
11 Kumbha / Aquarius Blue Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald
12 Meena / Pisces Yellow Sapphire, Topaz, Red Coral, Pearl, Moonstone

It is imperative that the prescription for the gems to be made, after assessing the strengths of planets found in any horoscope. It is not advisable to prefer the gems of the lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses from the Ascendant. However, the gems attributable tot he friend  of the Ascendant lord are recommended.

As the moon has no enemies, Pearl can be worn by anyone. However, those with Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius as Ascendant are advised not to prefer the Pearl.

The general rule is that the gem attributable to the 11th lord will be favorable. According to this, whose with Virgo Ascendant can prefer Pearl or Moonstone. Likewise Aquarius can prefer Yellow Sapphire and Pisces the Blue Sapphire. For others, adoption of this rule is not more powerful.

In cases, where the Moon is more powerful than the Ascendant, the above rules can be adopted taking the Moon sign, for selection of the appropriate gems, instead of the Ascendant. Some told that for those who are aged above 40 years, such assessments should be in accordance to the Moon sign.  The astrologer will be the proper person to advise you on this, based on the horoscope of the concerned person.

It is not necessary to wear the Gem of the planet that is not retrograde, eclipsed or combust and is exalted. For eg, one born in Leo ascendant with the Sun exalted need not wear the Red Ruby.

The gems energize the aura of the human body. Wearing them on fingers as rings can give best  results, though they can be worn in lockets as well. Those preferring to have them in ear-rings or nose screws may have to go in for gems of increased carats or weights. Generally, carats of 2 to 10 are recommended.


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