Jupiter Transit 2017 – Vrischika Rashi Palangal – Scorpio Moon sign Predictions

Jupiter Transit 2017

Scorpio (Vrishchika) Vishaka(4), Anuradha, Jyestha

As Jupiter transits to your 12th house, the social activity you had earlier might now get reduced. You might want to withdraw into solitude. This could be because, the life of your spouse may have got a major change due to which he or she may have to be away from you physically or mentally. As 12th house is the house of losses, this signifies a loss of spouse or loss of happiness from spouse.
Preceptors or gurus might now be away from you too. Due to this, learning becomes very difficult. Students might find a lot of difficulty in continuing education. Gurus may turn unfavorable. If you were the favorite of the teachers, you may not quite be the same now. There will be a change.
Purchase/Investment in property is there on cards since both Saturn transit 2017 + Jupiter aspect 4th house. Their aspect on 8th house can be bad in terms of injuries/surgeries or accidents whenever the lagna lord Mars transits through Dhanur rashi, Meena or Mithuna rashi. The transit mars entering Mithuna rashi next week has direct aspect of retrograde Saturn on it and it in turn aspects Saturn. The entry of mars in your 8th house is in aspect of retrograde Saturn can be cause of accidents or injuries through weapons, fights.
This is a materially tough transit. Financial losses, diseases, heavy expenses all these are seen. For some there could be a divorce or a forced separation from the spouse. Some relationships may see termination due to differences in values. ENT troubles may bother you often now.

Saturn in the 2nd and Jupiter in the 12th will not make the home atmosphere calm and peaceful. There will be disputes and disagreement between couples. Worries about the siblings will be there. Health of children will keep occupying the mind.


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Generally, Saturn in the 2nd is not good for finances. Financial security and business responsibilities are the key notes of this transit. but financial losses and draining of assets depend on mental makeup. The native will acquire wealth through hard work and economizing his financial matters. It will be a lesson to learn how to handle financial affairs in the future. Jupiter Sextile aspect to the 2nd house will help overcome financial difficulties. Handle matters related to finance with utmost care. Avoid speculation oriented activities strictly.

Career wise it is not as good as it should be. Rahu in 10th will give some problems at work field. They must stand up for what they feel right, though impediments startle them. They will show others the importance of Team Spirit and teamwork. They will develop positive attitude to life. Sometimes they will feel their job to be difficult or boring. They have to overcome the obstacles with a will. They will have chances to get transfer or visit a foreign land on business. The last leg of Sade Sati will definitely do them some good.

There will be eye problems for some. There will be deterioration in health. Some will be affected by mucus and sleshma (Kapha) Rogas. The health of the children will also be affected. Fear of danger to life will haunt the minds of the natives. A few will suffer from food poisoning. They should guard themselves against chronic diseases. Health will be a major problem to the natives of this Rashi.

Women of this Rashi must take extra care of the health of the life partners. Their children’s health and education will get affected. Working women will have difficulties at workplace. They have to be very careful when they work with fuels. Married women in the family way should be careful. A few married women will have uterus problem and difficulty in conceiving. Abortion and malfunctioning of ovaries will affect their health. Skin eruptions and stomach will become a cause of worry.

Students will get positive results after hard work. Students of business studies will shine. Those seeking admission to higher courses have to face some difficulty. Sincere and hard work alone will get them the desired result. A few will get admission to courses in modern Sciences. students may not be able to remain focused owing to distractions around. In turn, students may not take the desired progress.

Birth star Predictions:

Visakha (4):
Expenses will go out of control. Money expected might not reached at the right time. Jupiter while transiting Janma Nakshatra will affect their health. Some will stand to lose honour, respect and popularity. Religious and spiritual activities will preoccupy the minds of the natives. Adviced to be careful when they stand surety to others.

Saturn transit in Anuradha star will give mental worries, which will be acutely felt this year. Siblings will not be helpful. Children will be slow in their studies. Prospects will be delayed. Saturn in the Moola star will create problems in family, finance, speech and eyesight.

Difficulties at the career front wheel dampen the spirits of the natives. Health will become a major problem. Intestine, nerves and stomach will be seats of worry. Diet regulations must be strictly followed. Untimely food and no exercise will make the body rigid. Some will have enlargement of glands, which, if not attended to properly at the right time will lead to chronic ailments.

Vedic Remedies:Jupiter Transit 2017

  • Worship of Lord Kartikeya and doing Shatru Samhara Homa will bring some relief to the natives.
  • Prayers to Shiva Linga will ward off all evils and protect the natives.
  • Hanuman may also be worshipped, with Hanuman Chalisa for protection from Enemies and diseases.
  • Worship of Lord Narasimha and Sudarshana homa can also nullify the bad effects.
  • Offer masoor daal/ red lentil and red clothes to the poor on Tuesdays.
  • Throw peanuts or bananas to monkeys.
  • Participate in the Jupiter Transit 2017 Homa.

Lal kitab Remedies:


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