Homa – A Cleansing process to remove negativity


The creation of the world is an eternal cycle of birth and death. One’s death opens a door to the birth of another and vice versa, which is nothing but a sacrifice. Something to arise, something else gets sacrificed and its a continuous chain. It is the preview of the creation, according to the Vedas, scriptures of Hinduism.
Homa or the ancient Fire ritual is also based on the same concept of the universal sacrifice but for the self transformation. We perform various fire rituals namely Jupiter Transit 2016, Rahu Ketu Transit 2016 and the upcoming Saturn Transit 2017
The ritual starts with chanting the appropriate positive vibrational mantras in Sanskrit, the things like grains, fruits, herbs, ghee and twigs are offered into the fire as a sacrifice, which means death. Then the energy which arises with this, helps the consciousness of the participants to tune with the Supreme consciousness. At the end the dust of the ashes is applied as the sindhoor on the forehead.
‘Homam’ is a spiritual practice of healing with the fire, performed by the Hindus in all important events and spiritual practices. It means sacrifice or an offering in the Sanskrit literature.
Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire are the five elements of the nature. To maintain balance on this mother earth, a mystic and an invisible program always runs between these elements.
Imbalance in any one of the five, leads to chaos. These 5 elements of the nature exist in our body too. So fire or agni, one of the essential elements, which represents the absorption and digestion, is taken as deity for this practice.
We feel an unexplained inner calmness and bliss. Because the process of cleansing of chakras and nadis happens with a flow of prana vayu or cosmic energy in the subtle body.
It tunes the consciousness of the performers to the Supreme consciousness, as our levels of consciousness get nourished and enlightened in the presence of fire.
In order to empower this, Homam or Havan, an energetic ritual had been performed and taught by the Sages, who were the masters in the Vedas, since 5000 years.
This is performed to heal body and mind, by the removal of the negative energies. It leads to get out of the negative thinking and always be positive. Positive thoughts attract the positive things, positive people and the positive life, as our predominant thoughts always manifests. It also helps to be successful in life.
Purpose of Homam

The fire god is being invoked in a special pit.  Special woods are being used in the pit.  After summoning the fire god a vow (Sankalpam) is made by the doer or through the priests as proxy and whatever we need such as  WEALTH, HEALTH, COURAGE, SUCCESS ETC. are requested to the deity through Agni the fire god.

People who perform homam regularly can experience the inner transformation and clarity in their life. They also experience the peaceful and calm mind even in the worst situations. After reaching to the certain level of the consciousness, doing meditation at the end of the homam raises the consciousness even more.  It has been said that performing 30 minutes homam helps to gain the cosmic energy and burn the blockages even more than the cosmic energy gained by doing 2 hours of meditation.

Therefore regular practice of homam to burn the negativity and karmic backlog , by seeing divinity in the fire is one of the purifying processes to reach the ultimate truth gradually, since fire has the nature to purify whatever touches to it. Regularity is the key for any practice to observe significant transformation.

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