Crucial Transits 2017 Comparison – Saturn Transit 2017 – Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 – Jupiter Transit 2017

Planetary Transits 2017

I promised you a consolidated reading as per moon sign or your Rashi with respect to all the 3 major transits 2017 this year. Read the individual moon signs for a better understanding and do your remedies as suggested for a smooth transit.

All in all, the moon-sign that is best going to be benefited by all the 3 transits is Aquarius Moon sign or Kumbha rashi. With Rahu in the 6th/Ketu in the 12th, Jupiter in the Bhagya Sthana/Destiny House of 9th and Saturn in Labha Sthana/house of gains in the 11th. Kumbha Rashi people will be a big hit in all aspects of their life. Enjoy this 6th Rahu 11th Shani and 9th Guru.

As you are well aware;

Moon Sign -Rashi Rahu- Ketu
Jupiter Jupiter Transit 2017-2018 saturnSaturn Transit 2017-2020
Aries/ Mesha  Renovation at home needed? Need new car, vacation? Do it now. Jupiter supports too. Jupiter aspects and supports your efforts. Big relief from Asthama Shani. Good Transit results
Taurus/ Vrishabha Rahu Transit is favorable for new ventures, but Ketu will put fear of the unknown in your mind.  Jupiter in the 6th exposes you to rift within family and health issues Ashtama Shani can give disastrous results.
(Ask the Mesha natives who are out of it now!)
Gemini/Mithuna  Rahu in the 2nd will open up new avenues of income and make you vocal at home.  Jupiter aspects your sign and promises you wonderful things to come this whole year. Shani Panoti/Saturn in the 7th will show its ugly head on relationships and partnerships.
Cancer/Karka Rahu in your 1st H shows personality transformation, new image and new phase of life. Ketu promises vacations and much needed rest and leisure. This is a stagnant and slow period!  A time for learning, relaxing and preparing for next glorious transit of 2018. 6th house Shani will expand your circle, your political connect, mass base and the sphere of influence.
Leo/Simha Increase in expenditure and conflict at work place. Bold initiatives will be encouraged. Remeber – “Darr ke aagey jeet hai” Attention needed to honing skill-set, kids and set the pace for new work.
Virgo/kanya 11th Rahu is a great news for Kanya rashi means increased income & gains  and Ketu gives recognition. New home, renovations, shubha expenses, will come forth. Leave home more for additional work, seek job outside home-town, country etc. It is choti panoti/ ardha-asthama shani period for you
Libra/Thula  Wanted that Job change or place change, this transit will make it happen. Jupiter in the 1st will expand your personality and End of Sade sati and wonderful time for expansion and progress.
Scorpio/Vrischika Rahu moving to the 9th house is a blessing resulting in a good position for you.  12th H transit means increase in expenditure.  Last leg of sade sati in progress. Earnings vs Expenditure need to be streamlined.
Sagittarius/Dhanur  Multiple sources of income may open up. Health needs attention.  11th H transit promises more money and sources of income Current 2nd leg of sade sati may affect health and well-being.
Capricorn/Makara  Rahu in the 7th and Ketu in the 1st will affect your home and family life including partnerships/business. Jupiter Transit in the 4th house will be stressful on comforts and resources. Sade sati begin. Time to be careful on all aspects
Aquarius/Kumbha Enjoy this 6th Rahu 11th Shani and 9th Guru. Best Transit ever in all the 12 signs. Wonderful 2.5 yrs
Pisces/Meena The 5th house Rahu and 11th Ketu is quite good Guru is in the shadow zone of the 8th house, all blessings will go into FD and will fructify by next transit. Shani in the career house, it shows meeting with evolved people getting evolved mass base. Income will increase but stress will too




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