Saturn Transit 2017 Karka Rashi – Cancer Moon Sign

Karka Rashi – Cancer Moon Sign

Saturn Transit 2017 Karka Rashi

The Nakshatras are Punarvasu (4), Pushya and Aslesha
 Other Major Transits in the year 2017 are:
  • Rahu moves to 1st house and Ketu moves to 7th house.
  • Jupiter moves to 4th house Libra / Thula Rashi thereon.
  • Saturn enters 6th house for Karka rashi.

Aspects of the Saturn Transit 2017 Karka Rashi

From 6th house, Saturn aspects your 8th, 12th and 3rd house. Saturn, who has been in your 5th House will now transit to your 6th House which represents Victory/Money/Health/Enemies.  Till now, your life would have been full of hardships and problems. Now is the time of realizing victory for you. Obstacles hindering the progress of many a good thing will vanish, leading to success.


In spite of loss and trouble from your siblings and neighbors, you will enjoy family happiness to a great extent. Deteriorating health condition of mother and frequent journeys may prevent you from enjoying domestic bliss. A portion of property or vehicle may be sold or lost. A new member may be added to your family, giving joy. You may be deprived of marital happiness, because of your rudeness and rigid mentality. Compromising on issues and pampering your spouse will bring conjugal felicity back.

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Shani ShingnapurSaturn Transit 2017 – Special Tel Abhisheka for Shani Dev at Shani Shingnapur

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Though your earning power looks promising, unexpected expenditure or investment may create a worrisome situation. Domestic needs and purchase of vehicle, house or property may demand more money. You will have have income from your avocation or business and individual efforts. Business activities will require further investments. Profit margin will be disappointing. Speculation will yield marginal returns, which will lure you to increase your shares. Stock market investors should manage their affairs cautiously.
There will be occasional troubles from your colleges and boss at the work-place. You will be promoted to the next higher rank, after much struggle and delay. You may be transferred to a place, which you do not want. Pending dues or arrears will be partially realized. Pinpricks and workload will make you feel disappointed. Those who have court cases may see positive results, in the last quarter of the year. Some may face official inquiry initiated against them.
You need to take care of your health. indigestion, gastric problem, chest pain, ear problems and illness of mysterious nature are some of the health hazards that you may encounter. However, you will be in a position to take all precautions to to keep your health fit. Visits to hospital and regular health checkups will ensure sound health. Chronic patients suffering from B.P, diabetes and cancer will have to adhere to prescribed diet, medicine and physical activities.
In spite of your best efforts for peace at home; you may not avoid domestic disturbances, such as petty quarrels and unnecessary arguments. Trouble may come from mother-in-law or brother-in-law. patience, calmness and and faithfulness will ensure marital happiness. Those who are seeking divorce will be separated. You may not regulate your expenditures. spending on ornaments and garments will drain your purse. Spinsters will find it difficult to hear wedding bells. Working women will experience mixed results. They have to do everything, to avoid wordy clashes and dishonor.
Saturn Transit 2017 Karka Rashi Birth Star Predictions:
Punarvasu (4):
Income inflow looks positive. family happiness is assured. Efforts to succeed in endeavours beyond your capacity may fail. Health problems may crop up, which need immediate attention. The prospect of getting a government job or position. There will be gain of land, house and defeat of enemies. delicious food, wealth and comfort can be expected.
There will be frequent troubles in family affairs. Financial position looks troublesome. Expenditure will be imminent and incoming of money will be delayed. However, many health maladies will be cured. A health diary will be followed. Trouble may come from the government or officials. There may be trouble in securing a job or position. Promotion may remain at a distance. Trouble may come from a child. It would be better to avoid sensual pleasures and speculative activities.
Financial prospects are looking better. Regular income and reduced expenditures may lead to savings. Condition of family members will improve. Family bliss is on cards. Regular health check ups and prescribed medication are essential to maintain good health. Government favors are indicated. Some may be selected or elected to lucrative posts. hurdles and delay will result in all endeavours. Progress in affairs of children will be marked. Pleasure seeking tours or excursions will refresh them.
Vedic remedies:
Lal Kitab remedies:
  • Treat your guests respectfully.
  • Not to buy new leather items (shoes, belts, chappals, etc.)

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