Sade Sati and Saturn Transit Remedies

Saturn Transit Remedies at a glance

If you are undergoing any Shani dhaiyya, shani panoti, choti dhaiyya like kantaka shani, ashtama shani, Shani Mahadasha, Sade Sati etc, these remedies should be done by you to overcome the immediate difficulties associated with the saturn transit.

Are you undergoing the ill-effects of the Saturn Transit in 2017.

Find out based on your moon sign/rashi

For Donation and Charity
  • Clothes colored black / aqua, whole Urad pulse, leather shoes, cereals, salt, mustard oil, iron, agricultural land, utensils etc.
  • Black cow.
  • Gemstones related to Saturn.

Whom to give 

  • On Saturday evening to a poor or handicapped person.
  • Saturday whole day and break fast in the evening by having curd rice or sesame(til) rice.
  • Beggars or crows with salty rice with curd preferably kept in iron plate.
  • Crows with “namkeen roti” (salty bread) with mustard oil applied on it, in pieces.
  • Bramhan or poor people with rice cooked with powder of sesame seeds, popularly called “Ellu Saadam” in Tamil.
  • Feed crows with part of your own meal.


Prayer and MantraPanchadeepam oil
  • Be kind and render service to the poor, servants and old people.
  • Wearing a peacock feather or mor pankh.
  • Put a Horse shoe at the altar of your home or office.
    Wear Horse shoe ring in right middle finger on Saturday.
  • Put up Nazar Dosha kavach like Nazar Battu at your office and house location. Read more here
    Nazar Battu - Avoid Evil Eye
  • Light lamps made of  black sesame tied in black cloth dipped in mustard or til oil in Shani Remedy for sade satitemple or outside home (only if you are out of India or do not have access to Shani temple) on Saturdays.
  • Light the special Navagraha Lamp, especially the Saturday/Shanivaar wick which is made of iron for 89 days. Wick should be facing South-West. This lamp is not available with any other vendor and is specially made on our demand. Click image to see larger view of lamp.


  • Misbehaving poor, old, servants.
  • Alcohol, liquor, immoral acts etc.
  • Shaving head / part of forehead.
  • Wearing blue and black colored clothes etc
  • Sleeping on a hard bed (with no foams) or on floor etc.

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