Rahu Ketu Transit 2016 for Thula Rashi – Rahu Ketu 2016 for Libra Moon Sign

Rahu Ketu Transit 2016 for Thula Rashi

(Chitra 3 and 4, Swati and Vishakha 1,2,3)

  • Jupiter is in the 11th house in Leo till the 11th August 2016. it enters Virgo the 12th house.
  • Saturn is in the 2nd house throughout the year. Last leg of sade sati till 2017.
  • Rahu is in the 11th and Ketu is in the 5th house through the year.

Rahu Ketu Transit 2016 for Thula Rashi

General Characteristics:

People born in this rashi are fond of music, poetry and arts. They are gentle-hearted and graceful by nature. Justice is their motto, they will weigh the pros and cons and then act.


Misunderstandings may happen in the family. The natives need not be upset, as it will get resolved soon. Saturn in the 2nd house will give responsibilites and issues may crop up in family regarding finance and speech. Separation or divorce is likely. Unhappiness may prevail. Procastination of family affairs is not recommended. Rahu transiting the 11th house will bring new friends, newer means of communication and some agency or franchise to the native.

Long-awaited marriage proposal may also meet success. Jupiter’s aspect can also grant a progeny/child to the expectants. Rahu in the 11th may get the natives new jewellery, but passing through last phase of sade sati and mars in the 2nd home, separation from family members is indicated. If the conditions prevail then there can be divorce in the family.

Effect of Rahu in 12 houses


Saturn is in the house of finance. It aspects the 4th house, 8th house and 11th house. Unexpected expenses might crop up. Expenses on the medical side may shoot up. Careful planning in advance and wise spending at proper time will help the natives to overcome financial strain.


Lunar eclipse in Virgo on the 23rd March 2016 may affect the profession and service of the native. Career women will see average growth, so no major promotion or elevation expected. Natives in real estate business will do better. New projects and ventures can be attempted. Authorities and companions would be a source of inspiration and help.


Housewives may suffer nervous breakdown due to increase in family responsibilities. Mental worries and physical strain is indicated. Blood pressure ailments will be most common.

Chitra natives will overcome all hurdles in life and achieve their goals as time is quite favorble till Nov 2016. Swati natives are advised not to venture upon new projects this year. Saturn and Mars in the 2nd house will create problems in the family. But Rahu in 11th will give gains. Visakha natives need to keep a check on their words and speech. However you will make new friends and win over your opponents.

Rahu ketu transit 2016 Homa and Pooja
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Vedic Remedies:
Lal Kitaab Remedies:
  • Use silver glass and tumbler to drink water from.
  • Do not keep fire-arms at home.
  • Feed elephants with sugarcane and bananas.
  • Go to temple barefoot and  seek forgiveness for sins committed in this or previous births.
  • Stuff a flute made of bamboo with sugar or jaggery and bury it in a secluded place during nights.

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