Rahu Ketu Transit 2016 for Simha Rashi – Rahu Ketu 2016 for Leo Moon Sign

Rahu Ketu Transit 2016 for Simha Rashi

(Magha, Poorvaphalguni and Uttaraphalguni)

  • Jupiter is in the 1st house in Leo till the 11th August 2016. it enters Virgo the 2nd house the Dhana sthana.
  • Saturn is in the 4th house throughout the year. This is called Choti Panoti or Ardha Ashtama shani.
  • Rahu is in the 1st and Ketu is in the 7th house through the year.

Rahu Ketu Transit 2016 for Simha Rashi

General Characteristics:

The Simha rashi natives are courageous, bold and inspirational, possessive and outspoken. The traits of the planet Sun (ability to manage), Jupiter (desire for expansion and fulfilment of desires), and Mars (bold and adventurous) are found in the natives. The karmic planet Saturn is in the 4th house and aspects the rashi and hence they will  have moderate effects this year.


There will be separation in the family. Jupiter aspects the 5th house of progeny, 7th house of partnership and 9th house of prosperity and growth. Hence the natives need not worry themselves about Jupiter’s stay in this Janma rashi. There would be frequent upheavals in their life. Family feuds will be settled.

Effect of Rahu in 12 houses


This year may bring fresh financial troubles. Ketu in the 7th can be dangerous or disparative for partnerships as well as married life. Ketu can cut short business relationships, especially around eclipse dates. Odds and diversions may come your way during journeys. So beware!

As Rahu and Jupiter aspect the 5th house. Hence the natives should be cautious in their speculative activities, such as share business, property dealings and gambling. The natives should not expect a windfall.


As the 6th house is aspected by Saturn, troubles at work-place may shoot up. This is a period  when they would like to change their job or quit their service. Quick and cautious action is necessary. You will exert yourself at your workplace. Property investments should be handled deftly.


The natives will be low in spirit and troubles related to digestive system will create havoc. Wind and bile will also trouble the natives. Married women who are expecting should be careful during their pregnancy. Blood pressure should be maintained. Rahu in the 1st aspected by Saturn will give rise to acute and chronic problems.

Makha nakshatra natives will suffer from poor health. Poorvaphalguni natives will experience difficulties in terms of conveyances and comfort. Uttaraphalguni natives could have health issues. 

Rahu ketu transit 2016 Homa and Pooja
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Vedic Remedies:
Lal Kitaab Remedies:
  • He humble and down-to-earth. Do not argue unnecessarily with anyone.
  • Donate 1 kg wheat to temple on Sunday
  • Donate black and white checkered texture blanket to homeless people.

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