Rahu Ketu Transit 2016 for Makara Rashi – Rahu Ketu 2016 for Capricorn Moon Sign

Rahu Ketu Transit 2016 for Makara Rashi

(Uttarashada 1, 2 and 3 and Sravana and Dhanishta 1,2)

  • Jupiter is in the 08th house in Leo till the 11th August 2016. It enters Virgo the 9th house.
  • Saturn is in the 11th house throughout the year. Good Saturn transit, unfortunately Rahu and Jupiter in the 8th are causing headache.
  • Rahu is in the 08th and Ketu is in the 2nd house through the year.

Rahu Ketu Transit 2016 for Makara Rashi

General Characteristics:

Person born in this rashi are ambitious.They aspire for higher and higher positiosn. They can adopt any means, good and evil to achive their aim. They are active and practical. They would take any risk to achieve their end.


It is time for the natives of this rashi to concentrate on their family and its well-being. Though Jupiter aspects the 2nd and 12th houses in the 1st half of the year, they cannot expect much  good from its aspect. The natives must be cautious in their approach and dealings with friends and relatives who will use the natives as scapegoat to further their goals. Differences with family members will increase and relationships with sibling and others will also be strained. Family life does not look promising.  It will drag the native to vices and wrong food habits. It can separate the native from own family. Learning a foreign language is possible.


As moon sign lord Saturn is transiting in Baadhak (blocking, obstacle) house, longevity will be affected particularly to the old and the handicapped, bedridden. Heart patients will have to take extra care. Theft or losing ornaments is possible. Ketu in Aqurius, being in the 2nd to Capricorn moon, can damage finance. Beware of thieves snatching chains and pures during this Rahu tarnsit to Leo.


As Rahu transits to the 8th, this is one of the most negative of transits. It will directly affect the natives family and finance adversely. Those who are in the banking, insurance or loan-sanctioning agency, will have to be careful in their dealings. Businessmen will have to struggle hard for maintaining funds to run the business smoothly. Loss or penalty in the form of tax from the govt is expected. Those who are in the Insurance, PF sectors, will face difficulties in their profession. Expenditures will rise.


Accident or surgery is possible if Mars is transiting in Leo-Aquarius polarity or squaring Rahu if transiting in Taurus or Scorpio. Those who do not have a child for a long period of time, will now think of adopting one. Backache and spinal-cord related pain are likely.

Uttarashada 2,3 natives will face severe health issues and financial blockages. Sravana natives will face family and financial worries, are not advised to take any hasty decisions. Dhanishta 1, 2 will face fear and anxiety issues. Unfruitful travels will drain your energy. 

Rahu ketu transit 2016 Homa and Pooja
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Vedic Remedies:
Lal Kitaab Remedies:
  • Control you temper.
  • Apply turmeric or sandalwood paste on forehead.
  • Donate bananas or sweets to old persons and orphans.
  • Do not accept electrical appliances as gift from anyone.
  • Always buy gifts for female siblings on their anniversaries or festivals.


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